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  1. I received the below email from a long time collector associate of mine. I thought some of you may have an interest in participating. Ed Tinker is presently in Saudi Arabia on assignment. He's been a forum moderator at Lugerforum.com for a number of years. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ed Gentlemen, As many of you know from past years, we occasionally have charitable raffles . A longtime member, George Anderson and Catherine Armstrong, Tom's widow, have generously donated a fascinating C-96 pistol for this one. It is to benefit the newly established endowment in Tom's name at The University of Florida. The endowment will provide financial support to military veteran students. We are hoping to raise some money for this endowment in Tom's name. It is a noble cause I am sure all of you would support. The raffle will start Jan 1 and end on Jan 30. Tickets will be $25.00 each or 5 for $100. PAYPAL BELOW https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=72CUGXUCT8GV4 Mail MO, Checks or Cash to Ed Tinker. Checks made out to the Law Center Association Ed Tinker po box 521 Harleysville, pa 19438 RAFFLE NUMBERS ARE HERE >>>>> http://luger.gunboards.com/showthread.php?p=161528#post161528 1. C96 in excellent shape (donated by C. Armstrong) 2. 1918 /21 police rig (donation anonymous) 3. a hand-drawn sketch of German Soldier (donated by Ron Smith) 4. a repro Luger lanyard by (Jerry Burney) 5. a Eagle 63 luger magazine (donated by Ed Tinker) 6. a $100 gift certificate (donated by Tom) 7. a copy of the new parabellum book (donated by Vlim) 8. GT Spec. up-graded, custom MEG-GAR mag (donated by GT) 9. 2 Audley holsters very good condition. One marked A132 PS 38 4". Other marked A138 OP4 (donated by Bill Lyon) 10. Signed P38 Spreewerk book by Jan Balcar and Ron Clarin (donated by Bill Lyon) 11. Trommel .32 round loader for Artillery drum (donated by Ed Roane) 12. Walnut handled Artillery sight adjuster (donated by Craig Creswell) 13. Luger stand made out of beautiful black walnut including set wooden magazines for Luger, P 38, HSC Mauser, PP, and a High Power. (donated by Kristoff Antczak) 14. M-2 Portugese Luger holster (donated by Russ Withem) 15. Wood Rifle vise & Pistol stand (donated by Tom Beasley) 16. top quality custom made deer antler knife & sheath (donated by Jack Oliver) 17. Russian 1895 Nagant Revolver, in 7.62 Nagant caliber with holster (Donated by Clark Rickman) 18. WWII Walther PP holster, unmarked with vets name written inside flap (Donated by Clark Rickman) 19. Mint Police Magazine marked 2/1001 #3395 (2) (Donated by Clark Rickman) 20. Post WWII Luger Magazine w/ unmarked plastic base marked "Made in Holland. (Donated by Clark Rickman) 21. Cutdown Artillery holster (donated by Dave Molchen) 22. P-38 book (donated by Earl) 23. Reid's book of German Belt Buckles (donated by George Anderson) 24. signed Deluxe copy of History Writ in Steel. (Donated by the Author, Don Maus) 25. Inglis Stock hanger and WW1 German Belt buckle (donated by Chip Smith Austrailia) 26. The Mauser Parabellum 1930-1946 signed Deluxe copy (Joop van de Kant & Don Hallock) 27. NCO Kaiserliche Marine III Sea Battalion shoulder straps. (donated by Dick McEvoy) 28. pair of rare enlisted man/NCO Kaiserliche Marine III.Seebattalion ( Tsingtao, China) shoulder straps (Donated by Dick McEvoy) 29. Lahti L 35 Finnish Grips (donated by Mike Bohannon) 30. Beautiful photo of NY skyline signed by the photographer (George C. Von Kantor)
  2. gcrookston


    Meanwhile, in Colorado, Denver is getting it's first big snow of the season... It started yesterday and is supposed to go all day. Currently, as of 6 am I am waiting for a phone interview to a job in warmer climbs...
  3. What I found out this morning is it was a customer's order gun, built to their specifications in .50 caliber. Browning signed most of his guns between the barrel tang and the rear sight. The area on this gun where his signature appears is obscured by rust, but gentle cleaning should reveal "J Browning". He also marked the barrels he made with a "B" underneath, as well as other parts of his making (on this rifle it's the stock and patch box, though the lock was ordered). The gun was mostly likely built during his stay in Quincy ILL (1834-42), but may have also been made in Nauvoo, ILL (1842-46) where his old gun shop is now a museum. The gun is in the Pennsylvania/Ohio style, but is also influenced by the Plains style, due to it's large calibre, half stock and twin barrel keys. Because of this, it quite likely was made in Nauvoo for a fellow Mormon heading to Utah. The gun was expensive for it's time with a high quality Back Action, engraving and Silver accents, probably costing around $25.00 (trade rifles of the same period sold for $5.00 - $10.00). An earlier full stock, .43 caliber musket made by J. Browning sold last October for $5,500. But it was not the more desirable "Mountain Gun", which this one is. No J. Browning Mountain guns have come to auction in years, but it is rumored the Browning family paid $10,000 for the one that resides in the Nauvoo Museum.
  4. Just back from visiting an advanced collector in this area. Heck... Here are some hints that I overlooked: Inside patch door: rear of trigger guard, not an "R" but a "B" under barrel: The gun was made sometime between 1835 and 1845. Here's a reproduction: https://www.checkpointcharlies.com/showproduct.aspx?Productid=7074&categoryid=20 It was built by John Moses Browning's father, Jonathan.
  5. The lock is "Henry Parker Warranted". I understand Mr. Parker was a maker of locks in NJ and died in 1860. Set Triggers, ornately engraved patch box, half stocked with silver buttons for the keys and rod. Missing rod. a small letter "R" is carved into the stock just behind the trigger guard tang. Nipple is crushed. Approximately .50 calibre. Missing rear sight, ram rod, rod retainer loop, one screw for the trigger guard. Gun is uncleaned. The works function perfectly. It was acquired by a family member in Utah sometime between 1890-1910. This appears to be "in the Pennsylvania style", but other than what I googled, I know nothing.
  6. Cosco has a pretty good price on a decent safe. It's a Winchester (I believe they are made by Cannon), for about $600
  7. So do Smart Cars, but I wouldn't own one. (the black 226 on the left in the above picture has 25,000 rounds)
  8. I bought the gun new in 1989. I think the factor in my favor are the warranty cards they have on file for (3) P226, (2) P220, (1) 230, (1) 232, (2) 556, and (2) GSR XO's.... Of which I still have 2 other 226s, a 556, a 230 and a GSR...Bubba, I appreciate the offer, but..
  9. They offered their new E2, but I'd rather have one of the old school, no rail P226 pistols. The dilemma I have is they want to deliver through their nearest Sig Dealer. I'm in Denver right now, but a Tennessee resident. If it were a repair they could ship it direct to me. But as it's a replacement a 4473 is required, so it can't legally be done at the moment.
  10. Joe -- I already did. Money, Business and Gun expertise, so what if I can't sing?
  11. I've been laid off twice in the last 20 months. I've been needing a legitimate reason to start going into gun stores again...
  12. I put about 150-200 rounds through it yesterday. It stove piped one round out of each of the last 2 mags. I figured it was getting dirty. Kesava -- $100 would almost buy the two factory nickel plated mags it came with . Sig didn't mention them...
  13. I've always used a high quality synthetic grease. For many years I used Slick Fifty, but for about the last 10 I've been using Tetra's.
  14. Ya, you'd think you could get more than 25,000 rounds out of one! I just got off the phone with Sig. Because this is an old style, mud rail frame, it's not interchangeable with the 'new style' they've been making for the last 20 years. They are only offering to replace the entire gun, not repair this one - for which I've become quite fond. I'll bet if this had been a Glock they would have at least asserted I wasn't using appropriate ammo, or that I had in someway abused and misused it or at the very least sent me a tube of superglue to fix it. But noooooooo! Sig just flatly states they aren't going to fix it,using the lame excuse that they don't make this frame anymore and have none on hand. Bastids! At least Walther/S&W would send me a shipping label, keep the gun for a month and then send it back telling me nothing was wrong. What's wrong with these people at Sig! You'd think they'd stand behind their product and not just swap it out. I don't expect them to stay in business with these kinds of business practices.


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