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  1. I've gotten one the last 4 or 5 years and will get one again next month. Yes it's a crap shoot on the strain but the effects of the flu can be more severe as we get older (and the very young). Biggest issue I've had with them is a sore arm the next day.
  2. Imagine someone pulling this stunt in the 'boro? The kid (and the uncle) are lucky they weren't taken out by a "concerned citizen". Darn near a Darwin Award winner. http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/09/27/14122116-film-of-arizona-teen-dressed-in-sheet-with-fake-grenade-launcher-leads-to-arrest?lite
  3. I think this was it's self defense mechanism, this was not just a groggy or sleeping snake. Long (about 4+ ft) and straight as a walking stick. As I said, both my dogs walked right over it and I looked at it (very closely) for 2 min. or so and it did not budge. Took me about 3 min. to take the dogs back home but when I got back to the location it was gone. I'm pretty familiar with snakes as I lived in Fla. for 35 yrs., saw and caught many but never saw one do this.
  4. Emailed TennSnakes.org to see if they knew what it might be. Can't seem to find the video I found before, it looked exactly like the snake I saw.
  5. Late last year I was walking my dogs in the undeveloped area behind my house when I saw a snake that had made itself look like a walking stick. Both of my dogs had walked over it (and not noticed it) but the snake had not moved. I looked it over closely and knew it was a snake. Took the dogs back home so I could go back for the snake but it was gone. I've searched trying to find out more about the snake but not having any luck finding it. A couple of weeks ago I found a video on a woman's blog that showed the exact snake but she didn't have any info on the snake itself. Does anyone know what snake I'm talking about? It's name? I'll try and find that video and post the link here. I think my neighbors think I had one too many beers but I know what I saw. I don't kill snakes unless they're poisonious (I know it's against the law in TN), snakes don't bother me. I would like to know what it is though.
  6. I have a PPQ in 9mm, fine gun. And yes the Walther mags are expensive. The Magnum Research mags work just fine and I paid $65 for (2) from CMC Government Supply (I think that price included shipping).The ProMag P99 mags also work (somewhat) but leave the last round in the mag for some strange reason. All-in-all I really like the PPQ, it's a nice firearm.
  7. motonut

    M&P 15-22?

    Had mine for about 3 years, fantastic/fun gun.
  8. motonut

    The Wife...

    How about a brunette??
  9. A few questions... And who's word are you taking that this sub went undetected? More than likely we were tracking it to get it's accoustic profile. You do realize the G of M is International waters? By International Maritime Law 12 NM is the limit of Territorial Waters. We do it to them (big time) and they do it to us (although I don't think they have near the capability we do). My ship was about to pull into Hong Kong when the Russians shot down KAL007 and we were tasked to go to the Sea of Japan to look for survivors (we knew there wouldn't be any, water too cold). We spent 7 - 10 days playing chicken with the Russian Navy right up to that 12NM limit. Even if this were 100% true it's a complete non-event.
  10. Nikon has a $30 rebate on these scopes in addition Optics Planet has a 10% discount running (I'm assuming the 10% is good with the Nikon's). Edit: Yes, the 10% worked on the Nikon.
  11. I've had my permit for 4 years and carried probably 6 times. Not because I've been told not to but because I wasn't going somewhere I felt I needed it. I've managed to make it 50+ years w/out being shot at yet, hope to make a few more.Got the permit in case I ever felt threatened and didn't want to wait until it's too late to go through the application process.
  12. While I don't disagree it would be extremly difficult for a mfgr., any mfgr. to do all the testing 10,000 customers will do to a product. Very few products would ever make it out the door. However, my objections are with mfgrs. that practice the "fix it in the field" mentality, that is they ship known faulty products to customers knowing they'll have to either send them back or require down time/service calls to fix what was known problem before it left the factory.This is where service after the sale is so critical and goes a long way in determining whether I buy that cos. products in the future. For the record I've got a few Smiths/Walthers and the only one that needed to go back was the M&P 15 and they repaired that very quickly with very little hassle for me. (gas block/tube problem per service record).
  13. My Sigs (SP2022, SP2340, P6, P220 & P229) all have decockers and I love them for it. During each range session that I'm shooting one of the Sigs I test the function of the decocker (gun ponted downrange naturally). I've never had a problem with one of them. I do like the Sigs......
  14. I was just at the WM in Mt. Juliet on Thurs., picked up a WWB (100 rnd) of .38 and 9mm, I got the last box of each. Had plenty of the Fed 50 rnd 9mm and .45 still in the case. I went there for 357Sig but they only had (1) 50 rnd box, funny, lately when I've gone they've had plenty of 357Sig up until the day I wanted it. Lots of .380 in the case (I don't shoot .380). I've found MJ WM's supply runs hot and cold, sometimes they have lots of supply, other times not so much. Seemed to be well stocked on hunting rounds. I asked the clerk about the Fed 556 in 420rnd cans, he said they got 3 in earlier but said they go very fast. Pretty sure they had a few 20/50 rnd boxes in the case though. (don't quote me on that) I placed an order w/ SGAmmo.com and AmmotoGo.com, I'll be well stocked for a while.
  15. I would also consider Williams Sights "Ace in the Hole". You have to really look for info on it, I don't understand why Williams doesn't feature it on their web site (it's on lthe cover of their 2012 Catalog).I put it on my 336CS (30-30) but haven't shot it since.
  16. I have a Sig 2340 in 357sig (CPO) on the way from Buds now. I have a Sig SP2022 in 9mm and really like that gun (and it's a great value too IMHO). I've resisted the 357sig for a while because I didn't want to add another caliber to the ammo collection but the 2340 overcame that resistance.
  17. Thanks for the info. Very interested to see/feel one of these.
  18. Thanks OS. The editor of Shooting Times magazine reviewed the Shield in an issue and liked it so much he bought one himself (per the review).
  19. I've found Best Buy to be far worse than WalMart. Best Buy checkers see you quite clearly come from the cash register lanes and still ask to see it. I walk right by them. Most of what I buy from WalMart is ammo which they have to ring up in the sporting goods dept., I have no issue showing them the receipt as I'm walking out the door. I agree, shoplifting costs everyone, not just the store.

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