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  1. I have an old spyderco endura that suffered a similar "durability test" and emerged with a similar broken blade tip to show for it. A few minutes on the bench grinder (light passes to not overheat the blade), and I know have a Spyderco Rescue profie. (Just round it over with a file, no need to spend $25)
  2. You're overthinking it  :)   If you have fired a gun before, ever, you'll be far ahead of several of the people that were in my class.   The husband and wife sitting next to me (nice older couple) both had nice, brand new, Ruger LCR revolvers - but neither had a clue how to open the cylinder on them. And they passed. And some places will let you take it again for free if you fail, which is not an offer they would be able to afford to extend if many people took them up on it.   Just focus on listening during the talking portion, shooting safely and calmly during the fi
  3. Sadly your hopes are in vein. We ate lunch there today b/c we had already planned to meet friends there, and there was a bright shinny new sticker next to the door handle. Because it's really safer for everyone if my gun is in the car all by its lonesome waiting to be stolen by some thug Dining choices in that area of town are getting a bit skinny if you are carrying.
  4. I just searched a couple cities where I have friends that I know have had permits for a long time, and in both places it only returned 2 entries with that last name (these were common last names in big cities). It did not return my friends I was looking for. A long time ago when I found about about the database I searched it to verify accuracy using several of my friends.... after about the 5th search, it told me something along the lines of "you are being nosy and we don't have this posted for people to use it for such purposes". So then exactly for what purpose did they post it ?? :screwy
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