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  1. I don't think in general it hurts a firearm, but if you're worried about it then get snap caps.
  2. I put a magwell and changed to a 19 pound mainspring. I forgot about those.
  3. I got mine for Christmas. It's a 9mm. Shot too high and Springfield sent me a shorter rear sight. Mine came with the dual recoil assembly. I changed that out with an EGW kit.
  4. I have run close to 3000 rounds of 9mm with not one failure from my XD or 1911.  I've found this to be very good and clean ammo.  Maybe it was just a bad lot.
  5. Very nice looking Smith.  One day I will own a 586.
  6. You could fly into Nashville on Southwest and rent a car through Hotwire.com for $15/day.  It wouldn't cost you thousands, but you would be able to get your things quicker.
  7. You can buy a new Colt Competition series of pistol for that price.  PSA or Colt?  Let me think about that one.  LOL
  8. A consumer is supposed to know the UPC code on an item?  I research model numbers, but not UPC codes. 
  9. The frame of the government (5"), commander (4.25"), and champion (4") are the same.  Those guns have a full size frame.  It's the compact size frames that are smaller.  Like others have stated, some parts require fitting, but many do not.  Grips are interchangeable between the full size frame units
  10. You could always keep it as a backup just in case another phone gets ruined.
  11. We need a range report, and did it come with the made in America tag?  Enjoy!!!
  12. Me to the bad guy--wait until I find my reading glasses!!!
  13. I was all set to order a set of TFX Pros, but I got this image from their customer service department when I asked about sight picture. Now, I'm not quite so sure. My old eyes would get all sorts of confused. I see the top of the sights much better than trying to align the tiny dots. I might be able to do it okay at night.
  14.   XDs are made in Croatia.  The discussion was about their line of 1911s.  The tag was from my Range Officer Champion.  I've read and posted information from other forums.  You can believe what you want. 
  15. This is a quote from another forum on Springfield's country of origin.   I ran into a Springfield rep a few weeks ago and asked the same question.... he said that as of 2014, ALL 1911's are made here in the US. He mentioned that Springfield purchased the old grocery store next to their factory- it's now the 1911 shop. Frames are now forged by a company in TX.
  16. Why are people saying the Ruger is American made and not the same for Springfield? I'm pretty sure the Springers are American made too. My Range Officer Champion came with this tag.
  17. I would recommend checking out Colt's new line of competition pistols. They sell for about the same price as a Loaded. They are getting good reviews, but some people say the finish isn't always great.
  18. Yeah, I've shot close to 2000 rounds without any issues at all.  Lots cleaner than Federal or WWB.
  19. They have a PPQ rental at Nashville Armory.  The trigger is scary good.
  20. I bought the Volquartsen kit for a Mark II pistol (mine's a Mark III).  This turns it into a Mark II eliminating the magazine disconnect.  Shoots like a dream now with a 2.5 pound trigger.  I would highly recommend the kit, but it's a pain to put the blasted pistol back together.


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