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  1. The old man loved black powder pistols. The 2 I brought from her were 2 other much nicer Old Army. This one may have been his first, there is a bit of pitting under the trigger. I already know if I rebuild it the trigger is getting replaced. I am already getting ideas.
  2. kind of what I was thinking, this is the only gun in my control that I don't know any real back ground on. I have a good connection with our Community our reach police office though neighborhood watch. I can ask him easy enough.
  3. Question. Back story, I have been helping a lady that lost her Husband a years ago clean and sell some of their guns. She is no dummy concerning guns as her and her late husband jointly owned them and both entered and won some contests. Before he died, they had sold most of them. She had a few left and she ask me to help her clean them and prepare them for sale. She and her late husband had already priced them and i felt for the most part the prices were fair. I cleaned several guns for her and i did it more to help and maybe to have a first look at them. I did not charge her 1 penny. I picked them up at her house 1 by 1 took them home cleaned and returned them to her. All that is good. She has sold a few, I purchased 2. Still all very good. She for now is keeping some and she is going to give me first dibs when she is ready to pass any others on. I admit there is one rifle i have my eye on and probably going to give her top dollar on, not going to low ball her. She got to the point she decided she doesn't want to go though all the other non gun related items. She boxed up some holsters, cases parts and ask me to just come get them she wanted them out of her house. Here is the where i am, In the parts, I found sturm ruger & co southport conn Old Army barrel, Rec with serial number and cylinder. I showed it to her and she has no interest in it. I feel it is mine, given to me. I am considering tracking down the parts and fixing it up to a complete gun. Anyone every ask the police to check a serial number? However I have no reason to suspect it may be stolen or anything, but wondering if I should ask to have the serial number checked before i put any time and money into it. If nothing more then peace of mind. Would police check it and if it turned out to be stolen not try to get me for it, but just consider i found it.
  4. I had one and cancelled it when i decided to stay closer to home. I am narrowing down my list of places, but still on the hunt for the perfect place (east to Middle TN).
  5. at least i am not going to KY that plan did change. However i am still trying to decide where i am going. Going to try to get as close to the center line as I can. it will be a mad house for sure.
  6. Here is a very good one. It tells you times and duration and percentages of coverage. http://xjubier.free.fr/en/site_pages/solar_eclipses/TSE_2017_GoogleMapFull.html?Lat=36.01869&Lng=-84.24109&Elv=-1.0&Zoom=14&LC=1
  7. We doing a group on with this? All TGO?
  8. yes. when I was 10 years old, dad got me my .270 Remington model 7400 semi. Still have it. replaced the scope 2 years ago after all these years. Killed many deer with it. *actually still own every gun that was considered mine*
  9. talk about the certified eclipse keeps coming up. here is the link i used from Nasa. Nasa page https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/safety It lead me to https://eclipse.aas.org/resources/solar-filters At the time i ordered it looked like the ones by Lunt Solar Systems had the best change to get to me on time. I get them This Friday ordered last Friday. FYI, before i got the info on the certified, i brought what i thought and still think is a very very good pair. They claimed to be certified by no certified markings or paper work. I will say i used them for the sun and it really did cut out anything that felt harmful. However that being said with out certification I could not be certain they were UV safe so I had no choice but to request a return from Amazon and Amazon accepted the return. per the second link "Eclipse Glasses" & Handheld Viewers The following well-known telescope and solar-filter companies manufacture and/or sell eclipse glasses (sometimes called eclipse shades) and/or handheld solar viewers that have been verified by an accredited testing laboratory to meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard for such products. They are listed in alphabetical order; those with an asterisk (*) are based outside the United States. Solar Viewer Brands American Paper Optics (Eclipser) / EclipseGlasses.com / 3dglassesonline.com APM Telescopes (Sunfilter Glasses)* Baader Planetarium (AstroSolar Silver/Gold Film)* [see note] Celestron (EclipSmart Glasses & Viewers) DayStar (Solar Glasses) Explore Scientific (Solar Eclipse Sun Catcher Glasses) Lunt Solar Systems (SUNsafe SUNglasses) [see their unique kid-size eclipse glasses] Meade Instruments (EclipseView Glasses & Viewers) Rainbow Symphony (Eclipse Shades) Seymour Solar (Helios Glasses) Thousand Oaks Optical (Silver-Black Polymer & SolarLite) TSE 17 (Solar Filter Foil)*
  10. I admit i am one of the fever pitched locals, reason i have been waiting on this one since the 1980's. I really have. I remember a car commercial and i looked it up to confirm. it was from 1989. My original plan was go to to West KY, but now that I know there will be nearly 2:30 seconds though major areas of TN I will stay in TN. I have my USA certified eclipse glasses from one of the 5 companies NASA listed. They are from Lunt Solar Systems . As for the weather, even if Cloudy i am not worried, there are weather events along with eclipses and clouds normally part in time for the show due to the sudden cooling effect. I learned of that from Arthur C. Clark from 1980. However Wife and I am looking for a good place on the center line to go. This could be considered a hint. i am wanting to get on the center blue line some place. http://xjubier.free.fr/en/site_pages/solar_eclipses/TSE_2017_GoogleMapFull.html?Lat=35.98589&Lng=-84.28055&Elv=-1.0&Zoom=9&LC=1
  11. See, they are brought with tax payer money, they should not be allowed to destroy them unless they are offered for sale to the public first.


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