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  1. I try not to buy anything from Mahoney's. I turn invisible when I walk in there because I am not a buddy of any of the sales personnel.
  2. I use the One Shot Case Lube, not the One Shot Dry Lube and Cleaner.
  3. https://www.wideners.com/rimfire/22-wrf-ammo
  4. Not missed anything. I went to the one here in Kingsport and it was so noisy I felt like I had been assaulted by the time I left. Worst dining experience I have ever had. Won't be going back.
  5. 7mmvol

    hcp? for my wife

    My daughter (hcp holder) is getting married in March. I called the permit office, they said apply for a duplicate license with your new name and address. They sent her a form...but here is the state law telling you what to do. See pages 16 and 17 of this document: http://www.tn.gov/sos/rules/1340/1340-02/1340-02-04.pdf name changes must be made in person...Frequently Asked Questions - Question 2
  6. My new Taurus TCP 738 is a little hesitant on initial chambering of the Hornady Critical Defense, but shoots and cycles them find. I just have to 'help' it a little to get the first one in. I really like this little fellow, I am a slender guy who has a hard time concealing anything because I am so thin, but this one I can hide...
  7. Looks like a lot of of us doing the same thing. Petstore lizard walnut bedding, flitz and used dryer sheets.I cut the sheets in 1" squares.
  8. 7mmvol

    223 Remington reloading

    25.6 gr Win 748 under Hornady 55 gr Vmax in my 14" Contender, or the same under 55 gr Hornady SP.
  9. 7mmvol

    A question for TWRA guys...

    That was my opinion too, that allowing handgun carry during archery season, or muzzleloader, was for 2 legged varmits...but the wording on the website could lead to misinterpretation for sure...Thanks for your prompt replies guys.
  10. I load for 223, 9mm, 38, 357, 44 mag, 257 Roberts, 270, 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Weatherby, and 45 long colt, and plan to add 25-06, 243, and 30-06. Maybe one other when I decide what barrell to add to my Contender. I just do it so I won't spend so much time in front of the tv. I use the Hornady single stage lock 'n load press, and go really slow compared to a lot of the guys on here since I'm not trying to load big quantities. I'm striving for accuracy on the long guns and the 223 Contender. I spend much time checking, measuring headspaces etc...nitpicking...
  11. 7mmvol

    A question for TWRA guys...

    Remember guys, I'm asking about using the pistol to shoot a coyote from my treestand during ARCHERY season...while bowhunting...
  12. Handguns Recent legislative changes provide that individuals who possess a carry permit may possess their handgun while on TWRA wildlife management areas, public hunting areas or refuges open to hunter access. The handgun may not be used for taking game unless specifically permitted by TWRA regulation. This change will now allow those with carry permits to possess their handgun at times when previously it would not have been permissible such as during archery hunting. TWRA will apply this same interpretation to those possessing carry permits while hunting on private lands. This is a cut and paste from Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency - WMA Regulations. My question is, does this mean that I can carry my handgun on the private property that I hunt on, and would it be legal to take a coyote with it during archery season? Looks like it says one can because coyote killing is permitted by TWRA regulation during daylight hours. What say the officers?
  13. Wideners in Johnson City when they have what I need.
  14. Hi all.. I'm 55, permit holder and have a daughter who couldn't wait to turn 21 and get her permit..she took the class 2 weeks after she turned 21 and immediately applied for & got (after couple months as normal) her permit. Has to be one of the youngest females to get one. I like hunting, fishing, reloading (metallic). I load 7mm mag, 300 Weatherby, 9mm, 38, 223, 257 Roberts including the Ackley Imp., and 270 Win.

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