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  1. I don't watch the NFL, but it doesn't surprise me.  Like most other large entities, they are incredibly PC.  We can't have a common sense commercial promoting traditional American values, but if it was some transgender minority who was farting Ave Maria while drinking Bud Light and eating a bag of Doritos, then that would be totally acceptable.

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  2. Range results on the new Shield I purchased yesterday:


    I had just 2 failures out of 100 rounds.  Both failures were not locking back on empty.  I am not overly concerned with that because the recoil spring is a bit tight, and I am using cheap and underpowered Blazer and PMC Bronze ammo.  After a hundred or so more rounds, that problem should be eliminated.  The gun is good enough that I will offer it as an option to my girlfriend. :)

  3. I keep checking periodically to see if they have them again.  That was one heck of a deal.  So far, nothing yet.  I was gonna get two of them for my TGO builds.


    For those that did get them, what did you think?  Good enough for building a top notch AR?

  4. Well...To continue the Shield saga... 


    I got rid of the other Shield I had, and think that may have been a mistake.  While my girlfriend likes the G19, I think she likes the Shield a little better.  I got really lucky that a new one popped up on the classifieds, and I bought it.  I will take it to the range tomorrow and see how it goes.  If everything goes well, I will take my girlfriend to the range with both the G19 and Shield.  I will let her make the determination as to which one she likes best.  :)

  5. Maybe I'm weird, but none of the stores have anything I really want in-the-store.


    One nice thang at home depot for about 6 months now, is that if you want metal toolchests and you can suffice on "real good home-shop-quality" rather than "pro quality", they've drastically cut the price on em, and still good prices on black friday ads. But I don't need any toolchests at the moment. Wish the price had been this low when I was buying some.


    None of the stores, best buy included, have even remotely high-performance PC's in stock, regardless of price. Spensive or cheap, they are all "ho-hum" gadgets. Been kinda sorta thinking about getting a new PC sometime or t'other, and nobody local stocks anything significantly faster than my 4 year old 3.33 GHz i7 975. Well, I was also thinking about maybe buying one or more SSD drives, but Best Buy or nobody else has SSD drives in the store. Best Buy had some old-dusty-stock of 60 GB SSD drives, priced too high, but that's all.


    I been kinda wanting to get a wood jointer. But Harbor Freight quit selling their cheap jointer about a year ago, and neither sears, best buy, or lowes has had ANY jointers in stock, not even cheapie models I probably wouldn't want.


    Same here Lester.  I have everything I need, and what I want you can't buy.


    In regards to a new computer, I would go to Microcenter.  I love Newegg, but I prefer to have it now, so I drive down to Marietta and go to Microcenter.  They have the best prices, and they will price match as well.  I bought a 500 GB SSD as my primary drive on this new build.  They are fast.

  6. Got a few more results today.  I took two hundred rounds with me to the range (100 rds Blazer & 100 rds PMC Bronze).  I do realize that none of that ammo is not top-notch quality, but I have shot a ton of both with very little issues.  Here are the results:


    First 50 rounds Bronze:

    7 light primer strikes

    1 failure to lock back on empty


    Second 50 rounds Bronze:

    5 light primer strikes

    no failures to lock back on empty


    Third 50 rounds (Blazer):

    3 light primer strikes

    1 failure to lock back on empty


    Fourth 50 rounds (Blazer):

    1 light primer strike

    no failures to lock back on empty


    The results have improved, but they are still terrible.  Out of 280 rounds, I have had 38 failures (13.57%).  Abysmal.


    (edit)  -  On a positive note, the gun, when it does shoot, is fantastic and surprisingly accurate.

  7. We had a bunch of people over at my house yesterday, and it turned out to be a good Thanksgiving.  A few people decided to start shopping early because a lot of shops were open and running specials.  I absolutely hate frenzied crowds, and never go out on Black Friday (now Thursday).  However, I decided that I would go and experience what all the excitement is about.  That was a mistake.


    Our first stop was at a local Walmart.  I could not believe the number of people in that store, and I got to watch what I had only previously seen on the news.  There were people who were camped out in chairs waiting for an I-Pad, and the biggest crowd were screaming and clamoring over LED TVs and Sony sound bars.  A fight almost broke out between a man and woman over a Samsung TV.  Thankfully, there were plenty of officers on hand who managed to quell the ensuing chaos.


    We then went over to Hamilton Place.  It was around 30 degrees outside, and the mall was packed.  I did manage to get a few items for my girlfriend at Bath & Bodyworks.  I made another mistake while I was in that store.  I told the two women who were with me that I am setting a limit of $150.  Well...they managed to get enough stuff to hit that limit.  Actually, they exceeded it by $1.31.  Lesson learned. :)


    We continued to walk around the mall until 1:30 AM before we decided to call it an evening and head back to my house.  I was cold, tired, and my hands hurt from carrying around 30 pounds of perfumed soaps and such for several hours.  When I got home, I ate a few leftovers and then passed out.


    While I really didn't enjoy enjoy the experience, I was glad that I went through with it.  There were many things I picked up during this entire ordeal that were very informative.  The most important thing I learned was the behavior of people in large groups.  When I thought about it, I was quite troubled.  There were so many people screaming, pushing, and fighting over crap they don't even need.  It was like the animal instinct had taken over.  Manners, courtesy, and compassion were nowhere to be found.  If we ever get into a true SHTF situation, we will have total anarchy.  It will literally be every person for themselves, and people will be killing each other just to get what they need if you consider how people react over trying to save $20-50 on some Chinese-made piece of crap.


    Anyway, this was my first Black Friday experience, and thankfully, it will be my last.  I would rather pay slightly more online and have it shipped to me than deal with all those materialistic and self-absorbed savages I encountered last night.

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  8. I would start with the assumption that it is a problem with your video card driver.  Have you recently updated it?


    I would agree.  I recently built a new computer, and I has having intermittent freezing that might last 5 - 10 seconds.  Every now and then it would freeze completely, and at times I would get the Blue Screen.  After trying a bunch of stuff and searching numerous forums, I found out that if you have an older video Nvidia card, such as a GTX 400 - 500 series , the last couple of Nvidia updates have bugs in them.  I uninstalled the latest driver and rolled it back to 314.22, and I have had zero problems since then.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


    This is what I posted on my FB page.


    What is Thanksgiving?  To many, it is a time to gather amongst friends and family, share a meal, and tell stories of what is going on in each of their lives.  To others, it is just the day before Black Friday. :)  While both groups are correct, they are both wrong.  To me Thanksgiving is simply giving thanks for what each of us has, earned,  or have been given.  It could be: a job, finances, love, friendship, family, good looks, personality, intelligence, education, and even the very cliche, your health, etc...

    While we all should enjoy our time today with friends and loved ones, let's not forget to do a little self-reflection on everything that is positive in our life and give thanks.

    I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving.  For those nuts that are gonna go out shopping in the wee small hours (was listening to a little Sinatra last night) tomorrow, be careful cause I guarantee you that there are people out their even nuttier than you. :)

  10. Anyone here do this?  I am seriously thinking about starting.  I am not any kind of dancer, but it looks like so much fun.  Plus, it forces me to get off this idiot box and interact with more people face to face. :)

  11. My wife sent me a link to a couple of concealed carry purses this morning. I thought, I really need to get her something that will fit well in it. Then, here was this thread.

    Apparently it is a psa Christmas today.


    Well, based on another thread, I traded my girlfriend's Shield for a G19.  The Glock is better anyway, but I really didn't want to spend the extra money for it.

  12. Bummer. Did you clean it first?


    While it might not be the best practice, I have never cleaned a firearm before using it, and I have never experienced any problem that is even remotely close to this.  In regards to a break-in period, if a gun is going to perform so abysmally during the first hundred or so rounds, then it is not a gun that I want.


    Anyway, I emailed S&W, and let them know of my frustration with their product.  I am pretty sure they will take care of the problem.


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