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  1. They are nice.  I used and abused my feather Kestral, and RMJ made it look brand new again.
  2. Very old thread, but I just wanted to mention that I sold the Ibanez just recently.
  3. That is my kind of knife.  I think there must be some sorta Freudian-thing going on with me and large items.  Perhaps it is merely a case of wishful thing.
  4. Most of my gear is Hayabusa.  However, I have Venum gloves, which I like a lot.   http://www.mmawarehouse.com/venum_skintex_sparring_mma_gloves/ven-0293.html?start=23&cgid=mma-gloves http://www.mmawarehouse.com/venum_absolute_2.0_boxing_gloves/ven-0375.html?start=32&cgid=standup-gloves   Working with 16oz gloves for a while can be tiring.
  5. I was spraying around the perimeter of the house and around windows for creepy crawlies this evening. As I started to spray around the garage doors, I noticed something move around my feet. When I looked down, I saw this guy staring at me. I think it was a wolf spider. I see them from time to time around the house, but I have never seen one that big (the picture isn't really to scale). I hated to kill it, but I would have absolutely freaked if it ever got in the house and got on me.
  6. I find it amusing how some who often complain about the size and overreach of government want to use that behemoth to intervene on their behalf and put a stop to speech they find offensive.    I know I certainly feel better that my tax dollars are being used to employee bureaucrats who will police such functions to make sure nobody is offended by any religious speech.  ;)
  7. I would like it the same as the first AR-15 set as well.
  8.   That was my question.  I was just wondering who he was outsourcing the work to.  For example, me and Capbryd have Graham mid-techs, which are Graham knives, but they are made by Chad Nichols.
  9. Nice.  Who is doing the work on the mid tech?
  10. I carry two knives everyday.  One is my new custom, and the other is my large Starbenza (Wilson Combat version).  The Starbenza is pretty much my all time favorite knife, and I think it is the best of the production Sebenzas.  However, I do lament selling Fred my extra no lock bar stabilizer Startac. 
  11. If I am not mistaken, I think this little machine was used to do my scales.  It think it worked pretty good.   http://www.circuitspecialists.com/benchtop-power-supply-csi12001x.html   Acid washing of the blade was done with ferric chloride and vinegar solution.
  12. I become sad whenever I read threads such as these. It seems like Obama is people's sole focus when it comes to addressing their grievances against our government. Ya do realize that he and Holder are not our entire federal government? By always focusing your disgust at Obama you are pretty much giving a pass to all the other s.o.b.s in Congress, and they are equally complicit. Just a question here... What the heck did Bush and the Republicans do about illegal immigration and the border when they controlled it all? Not much. If we have an attack, and the intelligence shows that the perpetrators entered our country through the southern border, don't just blame Obama. Yes, he is certainly worthy of it, but so are the rest of the jackasses in Congress, a few state governors, the media, certain large corporations, and lastly, but most importantly, the voters who voted the jackasses in office (this includes me).
  13. Congratulations sir. Best of luck on your future endeavors.
  14. mav

    It's Hot

    Heck yeah it is hot.  I took my GF and her kids to Lake Winnie yesterday.  Walking around in the hot sun on an empty stomach and two dramamines in my system took its toll on me.  I sat on a park bench while they rode the bumper cars, and I went to sleep. :lol:
  15.   Yes sir.  In the case of autos, you really do get what you pay for.  Is a Combat Troodon really worth $400?  That depends.  If you are looking for a quality auto that has good resale value, yes, I would say it is worth it.  My personal preference, however, says it is not worth it.  I would much rather have a nice XM-18 or Sebenza instead of the automatic.  To be fair, automatics are not really my thing, so I am sort of biased.
  16.   I am not all that wild about automatic knives, but my double edge Combat Troodon will be a knife that I will not part with.
  17. If I was looking for an OTF auto, I wouldn't be looking at anything other than Microtechs (Just a personal preference).  Pricey?  Sure, but you probably wouldn't have a lot of trouble selling it after you have had it a while, and you would get back a decent amount of money.
  18. mav

    watch thread

      While I love Omega, the Breitling I have is by far the best automatic time keeping watch I have seen.
  19. mav

    watch thread

    Seamaster Auto, X-33 Speedmaster, 40th Anniversary 007 Seamaster Most of the time I wear my Breitling.
  20. mav

    watch thread

    Very nice sir. Congrats, I hope you enjoy it. I wish I saw this thread a little earlier as I have been contemplating on selling/trading one or two of my Omega Seamasters.
  21. My girlfriend told me about this earlier.  It was quite a shock.  We have lost a true comedic talent.
  22. Sold.  I hope your son enjoys it.

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