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  1. I need to add another hobby to my list, yard work/landscaping.  While it can be back-breaking at times, I really enjoy making something look really nice that previously looked like s***.

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  2. I wish they made the Pacific in a non-serrated blade.  I'd buy one in a heartbeat.


    Look at the CR Neil Robert's Warrior knife. It is my favorite of the series (Warrior, Green Beret, Pacific), and it is non-serrated.  It is discontinued, but they come up for sell every now and then.  I have one which I posted about, but it looks like the post has disappeared.

  3. My hobbies include: mountain biking, going to the gym, golf, martial arts, PC gaming


    I want to get into hiking, camping, and rock climbing.  I really want to learn how to rock climb.

  4. Lying about it is one thing....a totally unacceptable thing.  Dressing the part is an entirely different matter.  I wonder how many free meals this punk has gotten.


    So what.  Someone bought him lunch or dinner.  I wonder how many free meals Major Nidal Hasan had gotten, and he is a terrorist. Personally, I think it is best to judge people on an individual basis, not it groups.  Unless I know someone, I couldn't care less what uniform they are wearing; they aren't getting anything from me.  Believe it or not, not everyone in the military is an Audie Murphy, and the military has its fair share of criminals.  I was reading an article not too long ago about the gang problem in the military.  I would feel just as bad about buying some gang-banger lunch as I would some poser.

  5. We share the same name, and I grew up watching him on tv.  When I was younger, I hated being called Mr. Rogers.  Now that I have gotten older, I have gained more respect for the man's accomplishments, and I realize how genuinely good natured and kind the man was.

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  6. Late last year I was looking to start some martial arts training.  I was initially looking at BJJ, but I decided against it because my stand-up fighting ability was pretty much nonexistent.  My thinking, while possibly incorrect, was realizing that I carry a knife and a gun at all times, and the last place I would want to be in a fight is on the ground.  I certainly don't want to take someone to the ground and run the risk of having one of those items taken from me.  It would suck to be me if that happened.  That scenario happened to my nephew and his boss.  They were fighting a shoplifter and the fight went to the ground.  The shoplifter got my nephew's knife from his pocket and he then stabbed both my nephew and his boss.  It was not pretty for either one of them.  With all that in my mind, I decided to focus on stand-up arts.  I started taking Shotokan and Hapkido.  Hapkido isn't entirely stand-up considering we do some throws and grappling.


    Just out of curiosity, I asked my instructor about the possibility of getting sued and losing in court if I used a technique to break someone's wrist, leg, arm, etc... during an altercation.  He told me that it was a good possibility since I am receiving training, which is one of the reasons to do what you can to avoid an altercation if possible.  This goes back to some of the stuff I learned under Randy.  Be aware of your surroundings, do not escalate a situation, get off the x, and evade if possible.


    I have found it quite ironic that I am more afraid now of getting into a serious altercation than I was before I had any training at all.  I am now more apt to retreat than stand my ground even though I am now more capable of defending myself with lethal and non-lethal force.

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  7. A little over three inches at the house.  Tomorrow will be the third day I have been off work. :(  The first two days were because things were so bad in North GA.  Now they are bad in both places.  I thought we were gonna get lucky because we had very little today.  It started snowing hard this evening and hasn't let up.

  8. I have thought about buying a guitar. I haven’t even handled one in many years and don’t know squat about what’s out there now. Can the guitar aficionado’s tell me; is this an $1100 guitar or is the price inflated as a political collector’s item?


    Ya do realize that there are three very nice guitars listed on the forum right now. ;)


    In regards to the Gibson Government Series LP, I wouldn't buy one thinking it will be a collector's item and will increase in value over the years.  That will more than likely not happen.  This is nothing more than a gimmick to sell more guitars. Even though I am a very limited government guy, I would not buy one of these for that reason.  Please don't take my frankness the wrong way.  I like Gibson guitars, and I have owned several LP Customs over the years.  However, when I see these LPs, the only expression that comes to mind is meh.

  9. I want to make an additional comment on RMJ Tactical.  I have a feather Kestral that I beat the crap out of.  I had literally put notches in the beard where I had mistakenly hit rocks with it.  It was definitely used and abused.  I dropped it off at the shop and asked if they could resharpen it.  Several days later I was told it was ready.  When I picked it up, I was blown away.  The hawk looked brand spankin' new.  Cost?  $0.00!  That is standing behind your product, and it is unbelievable customer service.  If it is in your budget and don't mind the wait, RMJ is the way to go.


    If there was one thing I would add to the hawk, it would be to make the handle a little beefier. If you use it for several hours, you will definitely get some blisters on your hand.


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