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  1. Saw the above gunownersclub add after I found these other guns.
  2. I have found a shop that actually has two in stock, just trying to come to terms on the price. They are almost non existent. A shop in Cookville had a Browning A-Bolt that sat on the shelf for almost two years before they marked it down $200 to move it. Thanks, for all the leads via pm also.
  3. Has anyone seen any 25-06 bolt action rifles at any mid-TN gun shops? A couple of local (Wilson Co.) gun shops can order one but I was hoping to find one in stock in the next few days. I want it for my son who is in the Air Force and is in for Thanksgiving and will be here for a few more days but will not be here for Christmas. If anyone knows of one I would appreciate the lead. 
  4. I'm no huge Kimber fan,only I believe they can be a bit over priced (all the advertising is expensive). That being said, I have a Kimber Custom II that is amazingly accurate and reliable,  for that price it would make a very fine gun. 
  5. The Tec-9 is probably the only gun I ever regret buying. It was the most unreliable firearm of any type I've ever owned. It would not fire more than three rounds without some sort of jam. As a similar gun I have heard decent reviews of the Master Piece Arms firearms. And if you have any issues, they are still in business to take care of them.
  6. Got mine yesterday. Looks to be a great quality bcg.
  7. I have a Les Baer "Thunder Ranch Special" with the Baer coat. It is a great shooting pistol. My next premium 1911 will be another Leas Baer in 38 Super, not sure of the model yet. [URL=http://s202.photobucket.com/user/lowery100/media/utf-8BSU1BRzAyMzguanBn.jpg.html][/URL]
  8. I'm in, I'm also in for a charging handle in your other add.
  9. Yea, that's what I had thought also. But I'm not up on all the latest and greatest knives. Thanks for the input.
  10. I'm looking to get the ZT 0350ST. Just wondering if I'm overlooking any other knives with comprable features and similar price. I've kind of focused in on the ZT 350 and just want to make sure I haven't missed another great knife I should know about.
  11. Redfield's "Revolution" line of scopes are U.S. made. Owned by Leupold. The Revenge and Battlezone line are foreign made. I have been impressed their quality for their price. I have the Battlezone and like it a lot.
  12. I may be making a road trip soon. Not necessarily that I need any more AR's but sounds like they have a lot of other hard to find items. Thanks for the heads-up. 
  13. I too believe most prices wholesale prices have not gone up. But, you say "many retailers are still selling hot items at or near pre-shooting prices" I so far, unfortunately have found none close by that this is the case. I will have to start taking a drive I suppose. 
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