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  1. Looks like a decent Day/Night scope may finally be at a affordable price point for me. Would love to hear any feed back from anyone who has one. I can get this model shipped to the door with a illuminator for $605. Mostly will be used for backyard pests within 100 yards. https://www.atncorp.com/x-sight4k-pro-day-night-rifle-scope-3-14x
  2. Yes...Waterdogs will fill. And they sometime have used scba tanks for sale. I fill my own so IDK what they charge. But I did meet a guy that works there while shooting at LBL range last year. Seemed like good nice guys to deal with.
  3. I have a diabetic dog. First you need to get on grain free food. Yes always twice a day for shots, vetsilun runs me $43 a bottle. I have a 36lb schnauzer. So with special food, insulin,needles. It cost me about $100 a month total. Of course bigger dog will cost more. And as stated above she is now blind but gets around good.
  4. That is one sexy rifle!!!!! My current favorite single shot .22 BSA International MKI with Unertl 20x.
  5. My good buddy Graycrait on TGO has been petty curious about the cricket precision rifle. Have you sat down and tried to shoot any groups with it yet?
  6. Maybe this will get you there. https://www.gunbroker.com/All/search?Sort=13&IncludeSellers=1006271&PageSize=25
  7. Here http://robertsontradingpost.com/home.html But look them up on Gun Broker. That is where they post all their inventory.
  8. You have to call ahead and tell them the gun/gun’s you want to see and they will have them out for when you show up, there is no store front it is pretty much a warehouse setup. No random walk-in.
  9. Let me get Graycrait to chime in. I shot his with grip safety and it functioned flawless and very minimal recoil.
  10. Ol' graycrait can shoot pretty good. And can man handle a ultralight S&W .357 snubbie like a BOSS.
  11. I am also familiar with PCP air rifles. You may have to go with a Fireman style SCBA tank setup as they will fill to 4500psi. The Sumatra air gun you have chosen will need to be filled to 3000-3300 psi. I dont Know if there are any SCUBA tanks rated for at least 3500psi? I believe the fill pressure on the crosman target gun is around 2000psi and that is why you can use a standard SCUBA tank to fill with.
  12. Killer deal guys ! Those savage's are a lot of gun for the money in today's market. I miss the days when you could buy a pencil barreled model 10 in Wally world for $209.
  13. Only down side to .177 , it does not buck the wind as well as larger calibers. But does shoot much flatter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Check eBay for used scba 60min 4500psi tanks..... just remember if they are greater than 15 years old they are no longer able to be filled and require hydro testing every 5 years. You can find a good used tank for around $150 and a good fill setup is about $160 from expert HPA, this will get you about 60 full fills. The air Venturi tank for $300 new will only net you about 14 refills. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


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