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  1. So, how is everyone liking their free 7 month subscription of the NWO? This attempt looks like it may stick? None of us are prepared for what is planned. It is time to recognize this is not a left/right thing. This is top down FUD. The richest folks in the world (most are not found in Forbes) are friends and family, meet regularly, and do business in whatever country they want. The leaders of our country know of the "Fourth Turning" subtitled "What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America's Next Rendezvous with Destiny". Because it aint by chance. We are watching long term plans come to fruition. The plebs will not decide what burns or when. They will be led by the corporate media/social media when the fruit is ripe and the carcass has been cleaned. History does not repeat itself, but it damn sure does rhyme. America has become too expensive and resource intensive to support. They intend to take us down to 3rd world country status in time for agenda 21.
  2. Is due process even a thing anymore? It would appear everyone is tried in the court of public opinion these days with the media leading the prosecutions.
  3. The problem with due process around mental health is that everyone is crazy, so who is going to be the judge? "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society".
  4. To "Republic" correctly requires a fair amount of homogeneity with regard to beliefs. The Founding Fathers knew this. We passed that point quite awhile ago and continue to dilute(and delude) our society. We are close to the precipice, where the slippery slope meets the whirlpool.
  5. Matters not at who's direction. The "clarification" is really a distraction tactic.
  6. So, no new law while the item in question does not fit the strict law. Law is not updated to improve definition. Bureaucrats decide it's illegal and enter it into register and turn many folks into criminals overnight. Tyranny
  7. Geographic dispersity is a problem on this board. Who wants to spend a day and fuel to save some bucks? Not sure what folks opinions are on my pricing is, though OP seems to imply I'm fairly priced which I intended. I put minimal time into researching each items resale admittedly. If someone wants something or wants to make an offer cool, if not I'll wait till someone does. We are looking to make a life change which would require me to find someplace to store my weapons and frankly I don't trust anyone with my ####. (says Francis) so I figure I'll sell and pick up again later if God permits. The bumping is ridiculous. I've tried to minimize mine but if someone believes I've been gratuitous, please adjust my reality. As far as the market, it is cyclical like everything in life. Ride the wave...
  8. If my folks had known what I saw at 9yo. They had no idea how to use the computer and had no idea what was out there. From there onto Agent and news servers.
  9. ascii porn over 600 bps baud. Those were the days...
  10.   Would you rather the .gov tell you you can't do something or a private business tell you they don't want your business if you choose to do something?
  11. Ohshoot, I know you mean well, but I'd suggest taking gunlobbyist's advice from the knife thread:         We don't want pistol's to be made illegal while trying to legalize SBRs.
  12.   What is wrong with you fellers? : )  Preserves are for biscuits
  13.   Sweet grits?  I don't understand.
  14.   You're an AC/DC fan too huh?
  15.   So, is it a choice or genetic?  : )
  16.   You know.  I never understood instant grits.  I mean.  Really?  Like a person can't spare the extra 3 minutes?
  17.   Doesn't count unless you vote for it.  : )
  18. External extractor!  The horror!   You could always go for this:   http://www.damascusgunshop.com/shop/dan-wesson-ss-custom.html
  19. Do you want snot or chunky snot?  : )
  20. Wiffle ball bat is cheating.    Be a man and get a 1/2" dowel.
  21.   I've found that if you get the yellow grits, your brain will think you are eating cheese grits but you don't have the richness to deal with.  The heartburn is still there, though that could be due to all the bacon...


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