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  1. Yo Daniel - IF you didn't lock the aforementioned thread then: Sorry! I made a bad assumption. FYI -=- The Mormons worship Jesus Christ and ONLY Jesus Christ. I'm pretty sure that makes them *Christians*.... After all ======= It is The Church of Jesus Christ. The members are the Latter Day Saints. Pointing out that you are an idiot was just wrong, and certainly not a Christian thing to do --- Please accept my apology.
  2. Am I posting this in the right place? A *Super Moderator* - Daniel - has really cranked me up in this thread. He presents misinformation and pure bull as fact. Attacking a man's religion, even if you don't agree with it, is just flat wrong and, frankly, stupid. Hey - It happens. It's an internet forum and not everyone has enough intelligence to know when to keep their fingers off of the keyboard. Daniel apparently is WAY short on intelligence - That's not my problem BUT When called on it he locked the thread and keeps opening it to add ridiculous, non-factual arguments to support his tot
  3. You've received a lot of good advice and suggestions ^^ Why not this year though? Mastering a compound is NOT HARD - Takes a bit of practice, but you have plenty of time till deer season. The HARD part of bow hunting is that you have to get close to the deer to kill them. Another fun aspect of deer hunting that sort of mimics bow hunting without all the *stuff* is deer hunting with a pistol. You still need to get close but you don't have all that other stuff to lug around and then deal with while dragging a deer through the bushes. I love it
  4. What an idiot! I'll bet he rents that house.
  5. We should have let China occupy Japan at the end of the war. That would have been THE END of the Japanese race. BUT NOOOOOOOOOO - We LET them move the war to an economic front - And they are winning!
  6. No offense - But I think you're going to look silly going to a gun fight with a ribbon on your holster. That might be just me though. I thought it looked great before they glued the ribbon on it!
  7. Or a Milsurp Sherman tank? How about a motor scooter. Hard to take out a building and it's occupants on a Cushman.
  8. HUH?????? Are you saying that you don't believe that there are solar flares? How about oxygen? Radiation? Solar flares are actually real - Al Gore, or even Al Einstein, has zip to do with it. They are what they are.
  9. Could be the alternator... Mine (98 Grand Marquis) was the glove box light staying on. I checked out a noise late one night and noticed that the car looked *weird*. It was that light. I NEVER would have found it otherwise. Like someone said earlier - Check it out in the dark. It only takes a minute.
  10. Welcome from another new guy to this site -- I hope you enjoy your stay in ETN - A truly beautiful part of the state! Strangely enough -- I just spent a week in Paradise Valley and want to move THERE as soon as my wife retires. I loved it there! The lack of humidity was just flat wonderful!!! Different strokes - eh? 112 there felt cooler than 98 here (to me at least) - Go figure...... I could go outside and still be able to breathe - I liked it!
  11. A while back a girlfriend called someone and pointed that neither she nor her roommate had ever been on jury duty. They were both called for Grand Jury duty for 1 year... At the time Larry Parrish (sp?) was the prosecuting attorney. These 2 nice girls were inditing people because they liked Larry's suit way more than the other guy's! I haven't had ANY trust in the judicial system since......
  12. I can't believe that ANYONE that has seen even one of their commercials would trust them to CYA when you really need it. Folks are paid BIG $$$$ to come up with that
  13. My wife and I do DateNight at Range USA fairly frequently - We'll try to make the next Call To Arms - Sounds like fun It's a fair drive from Whiteville to TheBigCity, but we can handle it occasionally..... I spent 18 years of my life as an electrician at Schlitz/Stroh in Memphis - Any others from the brewery?


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