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  1. Mugster and everyone, sorry if I am asking something you have already told me. Please forgive me. Mike.357 - are they going to give me handouts or something in class? someone sent me pm with some recommended books - will I get anything in class?
  2. oh really? I had no idea. Numerically, mathematically they looked the same to me. thanks, Sarah
  3. First of all - I really really appreciate all the helpful posts there are a lot of good helpful guys here. Thanks for all your help. I just wanted to ask a couple other things to clarify some things that have been said - Ok - I'm a little confused about a few things - 3 things, sorry if these sound stupid, but I wanted to make sure I understand the numbering system so I know what you guys are saying "minimum xx size" : 1. tell me if this is in the correct order of size from smallest to largest (I'm not sure where the 9 mm goes): .22 .38 .357 9 mm .45 ?? Are those in the right order going from smallest to largest? (But the .38,.357 and 9 are all the same size?) 2. - mike.357-can you check below - do I understand correctly? .22 gun = .22 bullets only .38 gun = .38 bullets only .357 gun = .357 bullets OR .38 bullets 9 mm gun = 9 mm bullets only .45 gun = .45 bullets only so you are just saying if I got a 357 I could shoot both, but that is the only gun like that. 3. Towerclimber said he would shoot glazer - what is a glazer? Also - Tungsten - you said... "I would strongly encourage you to rent or borrow and shoot a .38 Special revolver of some sort at this point. I would also strongly encourage you to not give much consideration to the idea of carrying a .22, .25, .32 or even .380 for self defense." - - you listed 38 twice - as I should shoot and as it should not be considered for self-defense." Why would you say to look at it (38) and then that it wasn't good for self defense? is that a typo? Once again, I appreciate your help. I've learned so much in just one week. God Bless, Sarah
  4. smturner99

    SIG P6, P225?

    I'm a girl that knows how to shop! LOL! Sarah
  5. smturner99

    SIG P6, P225?

    I don't know about the second part of your question... But yesterday I was shopping at Gander Mountain and they told me there was no difference between the P225 Sig Sauer and the P6. He said that the 225 is the American Model number and the P6 is the German model number. The German Police used the P6 and they had bought a bunch back and they were on sale for around $400. He showed me on the side where it said "West Germany" where it was made before the wall came down. That is what Jay, the guy at Gander Mountain told me and I wrote it down. Sarah
  6. Yes - the negligent discharge was NOT good. It was very bad. It scared me even more than the first shot. It felt like the gun went off by itself. I know it didn't, I know I had to pull the trigger but I don't remember doing it or I wasn't trying to do it. It really just seemed like the gun went off by itself. Yes, it was pointed at the ground, but it wasn't pointed at the target when I pulled the trigger. It was just in one hand because it jumped out of my other hand. It just happened so fast - I don't know how to describe it. I'm glad he was standing right behind me. Yes - I'm going to ask many questions in class. Yes - you are right, I'm NOT doing this for pleasure or enjoyment like you guys. That's why it made me think of the gym. SAO - I forgot to ask about that - so the 1911 is SAO - I do NOT want that. I'm glad you reminded me about that. I'm still kind of excited from the day. SAO are very fast. One thing I am very convinced of - I learned so much actually shooting a gun. I can read and read and it is nothing like doing it. I know that definitely size matters. But I still don't quite see - if they are all the same size then why can't I put them in the same gun? I mean he took one out of each box and sat them on the counter next to each other - they looked the same size. Mike 357 - you said you can shoot 357 and 38 in the same gun? I really think he showed me 9mm .357 SIG (red box) and .40 But IM Nero said I can blow up a gun - I do NOT want to do that. I didn't know a gun could do that? That's scary. I learned SO MUCH shooting. It is so different from what I thought it would be. What do you mean "bullet placement"? You mean shoot them in the heart, right? Why is the target thing have the circle drawn with the center in his stomach and not his chest? Is that where you shoot for?
  7. Canynracer - You are very Pro-9mm. I rented and shot some guns today. I learned many things today. I liked the 22 ones the best. I did a 9 mm one that was ok I guess, but I liked the 22 better. Then he gave me a .45 1911 and I did NOT like it at all. He said it was bigger than the others but that it was a 1911 and that I needed to try it. It was so hard and it scared me and I almost dropped it because it "jumped" out of my hands and I was trying to set it back down when I somehow pulled the trigger again and shot down at the ground. He took the gun away from me and said that it was a negligent discharge and that I needed to take the safety class. I was scared and he was unhappy and my range time ended. I do not want a 1911. I was told the heavy guns were easier to shoot. I thought that if I bought a heavy gun that I wouldn't have "recoil" but the 1911 was heavy and it was awful. I'm very glad I tried shooting guns first. The guy at the store yesterday took out 3 bullets from the boxes and told me they were the same physical size and sat them all out. I think ("think" - I'm not sure) they were 9 mm .357 SIG .40 ?? (I forget) He said that I needed to get 357 or .40 for protection? Obviously you don't agree with him. I don't understand why he was saying one was better when they all looked the same to me except the end - one of them the end wasn't "pointy". I don't understand the difference. And I don't understand why they all 3 look the same size, so wouldn't they fit in the same gun ? If they are all the same physical size, then why is he saying to get .357? And if they are all the same physical size, why do I have to buy a gun with one particular number rating? I will say that I am VERY VERY glad I went and tried some guns. I've decided I'm not going to buy a gun unless I can shoot it first so I know what I am getting into. I won't say I liked it, but when I left today I felt good even though I was a little rattled. I thought to myself "it's just going to be like the gym, I hate the treadmill but I have to do it and when I'm done it feels good". It was time well spent and it made me feel strong. Sarah BTW - have you looked at 9mm in wiki? All it gives you is charts of numbers that are meaningless to me
  8. P.S. I also found out that Tuesday is Ladies Day at Coal Creek Armory - so we don't have to pay $15.00 for the "range fee" on Tuesdays all day.
  9. I've learned all kinds of things... I called the Knox County Sheriffs and talked to Sgt. Larry Herron, actually I talked to him and then ended up calling him back twice with more questions. They have a class THIS Saturday that he said he could get me into, otherwise the next class is January 5. He also said that he didn't have all women's classes but their classes are 2/3 women. Also, he said I could have a gun at home and he explained the laws on shooting someone that enters your home and fearing for your life or extreme bodily danger (I asked and he said rape would fall into that category and that they get a lot of rape victims that take his class) - we talked a long time. And I did talk to him about everything! It was really good. And yes, you guys are right, anyone can give me a gun or sale me a gun and he told me about the pros and cons (including cautions about the gun history). He said I could buy a gun at a flea market, etc. I asked about a someone giving me a gun. Actually, he said that he wasn't concerned about a friend giving me a gun that had been used in a crime, but rather the quality of the gun my friend would give me. He said it was important to have a good, QUALITY firearm. He also said that his wife and daughter carry guns and he was a really nice guy. And his daughter has had so many speeding tickets she has also received a letter from the state - lol - it was just funny when he told me that. I don't have experience with guns and he said they prefer that, so they don't have to break any of my bad habits He was nice. It's 85.00 for the class and then $115.00 for the permit. Someone posted about a dog...my apartment will only let me have dogs that weigh 25 lbs or less. I also went gun shopping and I have a bullet/gun question - this guy was telling me today that 22 was too small for protection and that I should get 357. He took the bullets out and showed me and said showed me 9 mm 357 40 He said that 40 was too big but that the 357 is the same size as the 9 but somehow ?? stronger. So what do I need to get? So which gun? a 357 gun? Is that what you would recommend like the guy at the store? There is a S&W one that is pretty nice but it uses 38P, not too big and not too small and he said it is the one most women get. It is a model 642 and you can get it with or without a laser on the handle. (It is almost $200 more with the laser handle). I'm still not sure about getting a laser or not. Someone sent me a pm about it and it is the first one they guy showed me when I walked up to the counter. He also kept showing me GLOCK. (the sgt. I talked to said his daughter carries GLOCK) Thank you, Sarah
  10. I'm not sure what to say, as I have many things I would like to say so, including that I'm sorry this post has gotten so fussy. I didn't mean for that to happen and I'm not a reporter - I promise. First - thank you all very much for the information. I certainly have a lot of information, much more than I thought I would get from a forum. I do appreciate all of the posts and private messages and I enjoyed the chat room. I'm not really sure what is meant by "troll"? I don't think I'm a troll, as it was used in a negative way and it just doesn't sound like something a girl wants to be called. But from the follow up posts I think it means someone that is anti-gun. I'm not anti-gun (unless it is the bad guy with the gun using it against me). I'm not sure what I said in the chat room that made you think I was a reporter, I just know that I don't want to get guns from people like that. I just think I should go buy a gun legally after I take the class and get the permit and I'm legal. I was originally concerned I wouldn't pass a background check because I have gotten so many speeding tickets that I got a letter from the state about my points but I have NOT been arrested. Anyway, that is why I asked about what the laws were, not because I'm a reporter but because I have gotten so many speeding tickets. I just wanted to post a thank you and to tell you I wasn't a reporter. And I'm sorry the chat room guys were offended, I actually enjoyed the chat. I have a much better understanding of the numbering system with the bullets now (which has been very confusing to me, so that was helpful to have it explained). And thank you for offering to give me guns, but I just don't feel comfortable with that. I'm sorry you were offended, I meant no ill will toward you. Tomorrow I'm not working so I'm going to call the Sheriff's office (someone send a pm with the info) and see about the class and tell them about the guy. I'm also going to look at guns, I was sent some names of places to look that has good prices so I'm going to do that also. You probably think I'm stupid because we didn't call the police or anything before...I was thinking about that today...it just really never occurred to us to do that. You just think that the only time you call 911 is if someone is in an accident or someone cuts their finger off or something - something "urgent" or "immediate" - that's when you call 911. Thank you again. God Bless, Sarah
  11. First of all, I want to thank you all very much. I mean that sincerely. I know you have mentioned a few times about meeting in person, but I think maybe I shouldn't do that. I really don't mean to offend you, I'm sure you are honorable, all of you, I just don't feel comfortable with that. I think it is better if you don't know my last name or where I live or other personal information. A girl can never be to sure, you know? Please don't be offended. But I do appreciate all your help and information. I've already learned a lot. Especially about the laws, I didn't know about getting a gun or anything. Also, I never even thought about getting a shotgun, which now I think that I will. But I need to learn about them. I really like the advice about closing your eyes and pointing your finger at a clock or something. I already did it and IT WORKS! I was surprised. That was really good instruction. I did it in my living room and my bedroom with several things, shelves on the wall, basket on the dresser, dvd player and tv, vase of flowers and other things and I ended up pointed at it every time! Do you have anything like that with the shotgun? About the police report - can I still do that? Do Nicole and I just go to the police station and tell them everything even though nothing has happened this week? Can they do anything now?
  12. Dear Steelharp, Twice you have said to get a shotgun...at first I thought you were kidding because I can't carry a shotgun walking the puppies, but since you've said it twice I guess you mean it. So I should seriously look for a shotgun? Why are those good? Are those pretty easy to use? They are so big.
  13. so single action only ones are for "gun experienced" people is what you are saying? Are there any dual action that don't have the exposed hammer - I really don't want that hammer there - what if I wanted to pull the trigger with it still in my pocket or what if I tried to pull it out of my pocket fast (which is most likely I think?)
  14. I cannot tell a lie...I want a gun for protection. I think I have a shady character hanging around. This is a really safe apartment complex in a nice area but I think there is someone that is less than trustworthy. I've heard him outside my window a few times and the next day I would find things that showed someone was there in the flower bed under my window (I'm on the first floor). Anyway, one of my girlfriend's, Nicole, came over and pulled in one day after dark and turned her car off and the lights off but she stayed sitting in the car because she was on the phone. She was finishing her phone conversation before getting out but her lights were off and the car was off. Anyway, as she was sitting there in the dark and this guy walked right down the walkway and stepped up next to my living room window and "watched" for a few minutes. She said he was moving his head kind of back and forth and side to side like he was trying to see in through blinds. When Nicole saw what was going on she turned her car lights back on and he ran off real fast and then Nicole came right in and told me what happened. I wish we had called 911 but we didn't. Anyway, I've heard him (or them??) outside my bedroom window (when it cooled off enough to sleep with the window up) really late at night, like 12:30 or 1:30 - or later - times when I was asleep but woke up. I don't know if he was on his cell phone or what?? I'm not sure. I think it was a 'conversation'. I think there was more than one but my landlord says it was just someone walking by my window on their cell phone. Obviously I stopped sleeping with my window open. Also, I have some flowers I bought and a watering can that I put outside in the flower garden and it has been moved (by someone other than me). I KNOW, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, SOMEONE HAS BEEN IN MY GARDEN which is right under my windows. I just don't know if it is the same person or different people or what. I went to Gander Mountain a few weeks ago and bought some Pepper Spray for my key chain but I still think maybe I should get a gun to put in my coat pocket when I walk dogs after dark. My landlord INSISTS there has NEVER EVER been any problems in this complex and that no one else has ever said anything else about this or anything even close to this. EVER - very insistent. Which may be true. She said I probably just heard someone late at night walking their dog and they were on their cell phone and that is what I heard. But she has no comment or explanation for what Nicole saw. And of course she thinks that I am just being paranoid about the watering can and flower pots that are moved. Now it is 6:00 in the evening and it is already completely dark out. So I load up the dog leash, pepper spray and I have a flashlight (maybe I can throw it at them - I bought a really heavy duty one at Walmart). Last Thursday the light mounted on the building to light the way between my building and the building next to me was out. I did call and report it and they fixed it THAT VERY DAY. I think I need a good reliable gun that is easy to use for a non-gun person like me. I think those with the "hammer" on the outside might get stuck in my pocket or something. I think I should stay away from the "hammers". But I don't think it matters about it being small - at Gander Mountain the guy kept saying things about if I get one that is too big I won't be able to conceal it - but does that really matter? Do I have to 'conceal it'? Maybe if they know I have it then they won't bother me, you know? Besides, my pockets are nice size. I think I could put it in my pocket and not wear gloves and keep the gun kind of in my hand and ready. Because when it is cold out I wear gloves and I think it would be harder to try to use a gun with gloves. Should I be looking at "single action only" versus "dual action" or do you think that matters? I think it is more important that I get one that has no hammer on the outside and that is big with lots of bullets. But I want one that has a big handle and easy to keep my hand on. I hate those little ones. And do you think I should get one with a laser pointer on it? The guy at the store made the point that if I was in a hurry and not able to point the gun and look through the sights I could just fire the gun from where it is and look at the laser light even if the gun is down next to my side or I'm laying on my side or some other strange position. So, what do you think of those? Thanks for all your opinions, I know you guys aren't trying to sale me something like the guys at the store. I think the laser thing sounds good, but I don't know a lot about them. Do you guys have them? Do you think they are good for a non-professional shooter like me? thank you, Sarah

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