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  1. So I finally decided it was time to replace my $300.00 gun safe with a more substantial safe. After a couple visits to The Safe House i purchased the Superior Master Series SM 40 gun safe. Thanks to Nancy for her patience in answering all my questions. Although not my first choice I will be placing the safe in my attached garage which is cover by my alarm system. The garage door opens to the back yard so it will not be too visible when the door is up. I have read that placing the safe on concrete will require the use of some type of vapor barrier. My question is what would be the best barrier. I have thought about this and am thinking about sealing the floor were safe will sit with drylok and then laying a 20 mil vapor barrier down before they install the safe. I know they will drill through this when they bolt the safe down but I think it will be ok. I just wondered if anyone else had dealt with this issue and how did y'all solve it. Also do y'all think drylok and barrier would work. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. You might included a home warranty with the sale. You can get them for around 600 hundred dollars. They can cover seller and buyer. Get one and have the warranty repair before sale
  3. Glock is located in Atlanta. I have found the techs that come out to get the guns are helpful and willing to answer any questions you have. Worth the trip if for no other reason than to see the mother ship.
  4. If night sights will work you can get the Glock steel factory night sights for $57.00 from Glock. I have switched from tru Glock to these largely due to cost. Easy to install and work great.
  5. I have an Ergo trirail on my Mossberg 590a1. The fit and finish are great. I checked their web sight and they make them for the Remington also. Ergogrips.net
  6. Tried to pm you. Not sure if I did it correctly or not. I will take this gun if still available. I'm off tomorrow so could meet then.
  7. No! It would not have made the appropriate ( radical ) political statement.
  8. I have a fluke 117 at work and highly recommend it. Some of the other guys have craftsman and they seem to do a good job. With the number of computers on trucks now a days I just feel more comfortable with fluke.
  9. You don't say what type of gun you are carrying but I have a Galco m6 x for my Glock 19. Is auto retention with a thumb release. I don't open carry very often but find this holster very good
  10. Thanks to everyone for all the responses and information. Although it sounds as if this gun has a few quirks I think it's just what I'm looking for. The only thing that really concerns me is the magazine disconnect as I am not a fan of these. Can anybody recommend as gunsmith they trust to remove the disconnect and upgrade the trigger. As I tell my friends at work if you spend ten minutes on TGO your going to learn something new. Once again y'all haven't disappointed. Thanks for the help and Merry Christmas to all.
  11. I plan on adding a High-Power to my gun collection after the first of the year. I feel I have a good variety of guns to meet my self defense needs so that will not be the reason for this purchase. I am buying this gun with the intention of passing it down to my sons when the time comes. This will be the reason for most of my gun purchases in the future. I would like to pass on guns that have some significance in firearms history. Having spent most of my focus on Glock pistols I am not familiar with the High-Power at all. I fact I don't recall ever having laid eyes on one. I have researched the pistol and it does seem to stand out as an interesting firearm. I would appreciate any input on this gun as far as the following is concerned: 1) is this a reliable firearm 2) are there any common issues with I should know about 3) is my research correct is this an important firearm from historical perspective I appreciate any help y'all can give and any recommendations on other firearms that would be interesting pieces to pass down would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. I have the stainless steel comander sr1911. I have 500 rounds of Winchester white box through it without any issues. That is with chip McCormick and ruger mags. You might give a different ammo a try. I'm thinking about picking up a 5" barrel version in the near future. Hope you get things worked out
  13. The 23 sights will work on the 43 but they will hang over each side of the slide.
  14. The front sight on all Glocks are the same. The difference is in the rear sights. The 42/43 rear sight is 6.1 mm high were as the standard height on the glock 23 is 6.5 mm high. Glock sells a 6.1 mm high rear sight part number nr17g25 that fits the glock23. This is the standard height rear sight for the Glock 17 long slide. You would have to adjust your hold as needed. If the TFX sights measure according to this they will work. I have run truglo tfo on all my guns but the last three Glocks I bought I put Glock factory night sights on. The set costs $57.00 and I install. I feel they glow as well as any for half the price.
  15. are the sights factory or after market  i can't tell by the pictures

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