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  1. https://publications.tnsosfiles.com/acts/112/pub/pc0108.pdf
  2. Is this bill as great as it should have been? No. Are we better with this bill than without it? Yes. I am still surprised this governor was willing to push this bill at all. Tennessee governors tend to be moderates, regardless of party, and a change of this magnitude is not usually something they will promote. They might acquiesce to it, but usually will not promote it. My read on this situation is that the governor told the leadership “this far and no farther” on this one. He seems to be willing to appear more conservative than the usual Tennessee governor, but he is not going to push for what he sees as “radical” change. One other positive: I think what just passed may ease the ability to adjust the law toward what it should be without as much fanfare in the future. After six months of permitless carry without the ever-predicted carnage in the streets, we may see some “corrections” passed in the next session to address issues like carry in parks and other differences from the enhanced permit. Of course, they could just ignore these issues altogether, but lately it seems they like to tweak the carry laws almost every year.
  3. 10mm is a fun cartridge, and IMO the Glocks are currently the best handgun platforms for it. I think the choice among the 20, 29, and 40 mostly depends on how you intend to use them. The 40 will get the most stock performance out of the cartridge, but it is probably an open carry only option. The 20 and 29 can be concealed without much difficulty, so I think the 20 is probably the best overall option. There are several aftermarket barrel options for all of them, so there are options to expand their usefulness. I can’t provide any advice on using red dots with them, but they sure are fun to shoot.
  4. It’s a shame that this bill is the “best” the supermajority can deliver. While this bill is a disappointment, I am disgusted that my supposedly “100% pro-second amendment” state senator voted against the bill in its entirety. Having seen his votes in other matters, I am not entirely surprised. He is not what he claims to be, but I suppose most politicians are the same.
  5. The bill has passed in the Senate, but the House still has not voted. From what I have read from TFA, this bill is an improvement on the current situation, but it could be so much better. If we have so many “pro-gun Republicans” in the general assembly, why are they so hesitant to pass a real constitutional carry bill? I have not yet reviewed the record, but apparently no amendments were allowed to the senate version of the bill. At this point, it would be helpful to call (rather than email) our state representatives to pressure them to make amendments to improve the bill. Once this bill passes, in whatever final form it may be, the Governor will congratulate himself for getting “constitutional carry” passed, and that will be the end of his efforts on this issue.
  6. 1796

    Savage 7MM 08

    This story made me realize that I have always assumed the bullet from a squib would be far enough down the barrel that it would not interfere with feeding the next round. I have never experienced a squib, so I guess the warnings about squibs created the impression that they are always midway or farther in the barrel. It certainly makes sense that it could be lodged close enough to the chamber to prevent a complete feed. If it is going to happen, it seems better for it to cause a failure to feed such that a new round can’t be chambered and fired into the obstruction.
  7. I agree. I also see many tristar stickers upside-down on vehicles. I think most people just don’t know the correct way to display it.
  8. While it does not use the word “sanctuary” HB0446/SB0557 looks helpful: “Firearms and Ammunition - As introduced, adds a prohibition of the expenditure of state or local funds or employees to implement, regulate, or enforce any federal law or executive order regulating the sale of firearms, ammunition, or firearm accessories if the expenditure of funds or use of employees would violate a state law or the state constitution. - Amends TCA Title 38 and Title 39.”
  9. GMRS radios are another option that might be useful for the local area and a few surrounding counties. The license does not require a test. Also, while it is not a great option, I have been able to get decent distance from single sideband (ssb) CB radio. Based on the responses above, I have started looking into BBS. What boards are good for information?
  10. This new bill by Rep. Griffey looks good, but I don’t have much hope that it will pass as written. https://fox17.com/news/local/tennessee-lawmaker-pushes-for-true-constitutional-carry-law-firearms-nra-concealed-permit-crime-law-enforcement-guns-criminal-self-defense
  11. Not really, but permitless carry is a more accurate name for this bill. There are still too many remaining restrictions not addressed by this bill to consider it constitutional carry.
  12. Exactly right! There was a couple killed here in Knoxville a couple of months ago by a complete stranger who crashed his truck through the front wall of their house and shot both of them. https://www.knoxnews.com/story/news/crime/2020/03/27/west-knox-bizarre-double-homicide-ronnie-johnson-boyd-doris-beets/2917787001/
  13. Even closer to home, our neighboring state of NC, with a similar population distribution, has had permitless open carry for quite a long time. It has not been a catastrophe. I don't think permitless carry in general is going to cause any significant problems here.
  14. I have had a permit in both states, and I can tell you they are not transferable in the sense that one state will issue a permit based solely on having a valid permit from the other. TN will allow six months of carry on an out-of-state permit for those moving into TN, but then you must obtain a TN permit. NC is not so generous (although, as noted, OC is an option). It used to be in NC that you could get a permit from a state that issues non-resident permits and use it to carry in NC, even as an NC resident. The local sheriffs did not like that rule, so it may have changed in the past few years.
  15. Will there be any actual enhancements to the “enhanced” carry permit?
  16. This is exactly right! Lights and cameras would be helpful additions to the measures you have already taken.
  17. I think many of us share your point of view. I still don’t know who thought we really needed a dual system, but I think it is a result of state government officials being afraid to go for constitutional carry.
  18. Sounds like a good use of some decent weather! I sure would like to have my own range. Good for you getting out and enjoying it!
  19. Stopped by my local Walmart tonight and, to my surprise, they had restocked some handgun ammo. They had about 4 boxes of Winchester .32 ACP that had not been there before and 6 boxes of Federal HST 150gr 9mm that also were new. I didn’t check the price of the .32, but the HST was $11/box of 20. Maybe they are still shipping some ammo from the warehouses?
  20. “many bars and most nightclubs are populated by younger people. Take an emotionally charged atmosphere, stir in a generous dose of alcohol and/ or drugs, and you’ve got a good recipe for conflict and violence. Young males tend to have a long list of things to prove, whether they are conscious of them or not. Often their motives are unconscious because they are based on biological patterns of the human species. You probably don’t realize how much of what you think and feel is based on these patterns—and this especially applies to territoriality and status. Young men typically do not truly understand or fully appreciate the physical, psychological, and legal costs of violence. They often feel immortal, never considering the possibility of becoming maimed, crippled, or even killed in a confrontation. Consequently, young men will fight for any number of reasons—affiliations, self esteem, social status, not to be considered a wimp, the clothes they wear, revenge for some perceived slight, to impress a cute girlfriend, or just to blow off a little steam, to name a few.” This statement from The Little Black Book of Violence by Lawrence A. Kane and Kris Wilder has become my standard way of viewing bars/clubs at night.
  21. I did not realize Lyft had made such a stupid move. I’m not much of a user of this kind of service, but I certainly will not use Lyft. Thanks for posting!
  22. This issue was my biggest challenge when I lived far from town. Everything else was great, but slow DSL was all we could get. I used to enjoy the sound of gunfire from surrounding properties because it sounded like freedom!


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