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  1. Thanks for the info. I'll be adding to my collection.
  2. DaveTN, what is your opinion of the metal quality of the K-Bars? I'm feeling an itch.
  3. That is the most awesome Bowie I've ever seen. Great craftsmanship.
  4. Added TFX Pro sights to my CZ P01. Very pleased.
  5. Glad you were able to git-r-done. Congrats.
  6. TNWNGR, thank you for the video. Very helpful.
  7. Make sure you are not kinking the recoil spring during slide re-assembly. Speaking from experience. I am stuck at installing main spring/grip safety. Hope you have good luck with slide.
  8. Kahrman, you may already know this, but just throwing out a word of warning. These guns won't pass the"drop test". Also, if you disassemble down to the bare frame, they are extremely difficult to reassemble, even with detailed instructions. YMMV.
  9. Nashville/Davidson County will be expensive, both tax-wise, and real estate-wise.
  10. Awesome collection. My only Gretsch:
  11. We had a motorcycle thread, too. I can't find that, either.
  12. Fender Mustang amp is good. you got a great deal on the guitar. There are some good videos on youtube on how to set up your guitar. I am self taught, and that is very obvious, but I only have to please myself. Dr. Groovy, on youtube, gives helpful tips, as well as many others. Good luck.
  13. Bigiron

    New Toy.

    I am very impressed with the M8. It has much more power than my 2010 103 with Stage 1 mods, and doesn't have the Twin Cam "rattle". A Stage 1 M8 dyno'd at 90.6 horse power at Fuel Moto. Add a cam and tune, and you're probably looking at over 100HP. Absolutely love the comfort and ride of the Trike.
  14. Bigiron

    New Toy.

    This followed me home recently. 2017 Triglide.
  15. Randall, I do not have the eloquence to properly express my heartfelt sympathy for your loss. I am a retired RN from the VA. I have seen first hand the results of a bloated bureaucracy serving their own agendas and refusing/ignoring the reason for the existence of the VA. There are many good and professional healthcare employees at the VA, but if you speak out about the inadequacies, you will become the enemy of a system that will never change, like most all government agencies. I retired earlier than I intended, because I spoke out about those gaming the system, thereby depriving those truly in need of immediate care, and was harassed to the point that I could no longer tolerate the abuses. I pray for your son, that he is now in peace. And I pray for you and your family to find peace.
  16. Bigiron

    Cz and sig?

    I had lusted for a CZ for decades.  And a Ruger LC9s.  Wife bought me both as a Christmas present, At Royal Range. The CZ P01 fits my hand very well.  It has a decocker, which decreases trigger travel in DA mode.  CZ and Sig both make a durable and reliable handgun, but the CZ feels much better in my hand.
  17. ReeferMac, welcome to TGO, and the gun world.  Glad you and your wife found handguns you like. I predict that by next year you'll be researching guns safes..............for your growing collection of guns. Such is life in the gun world. :pleased:
  18. Heaven forbid if you ride your motorcycle to a gun store.


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