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  1. Ok so back at the Lebanon gun shop and here is what the policy says "When you purchase any new in stock gun we guarantee your satisfaction. Use it for up to 30 days and if for any reason you are unhappy return it and receive a store credit for the Full purchase price. Must me in still as new condition no damage or modified or misused and have all boxes and paperwork as well as accessories." The sales man said the will sell the returned guns as used guns not new.
  2. I will stop back by and get more details and post them as soon as I get a chance
  3. I was out shopping for a new gun today and happend to walk into the lebanon gun shop.  They have a no regrets policy on buying a gun.  I wanted to know if anyone else has heard of this.  Basically what the salesman said is that if you buy a gun and dont like it you can take it back and get store credit.  Anyone else heard of this?
  4. I had one and traded it off. Nice gun fun to shoot. I still have a crossbreed iwb holster if anyone is interested.
  5. Very Nice what kind of price did it set you back ball park figure
  6. No Doubt thats an impressive shooter.
  7. Nice looking firearm
  8. Very Nice grey. Also looking for a reputable gunsmith in the Nashville area that can do a decently priced trigger job on both my new purchases. Not wanting anything fancy just smooth it up a bit.
  9. I know I am new to the whole revolver movement but I just love the simplicity of it. No worries about jams or stovepipes. You pull the trigger it goes bang. Dont get me wrong I have always had semi autos be it a Glock, Springfield xD and even a Sig. But with a wheel gun my thought is if I cant stop them with 5-6 rounds what makes me think that I can stop them with 8-15. More is not always better lol.
  10. I recently purchased a Charter Arms 327 Patriot on Friday. It felt so good in my hands that today I went back to The Gun Room and picked up a Smith and Wesson 637 in 38 Special. Why didnt I find wheel guns earlier.
  11. Patton I will have to see if I cant get out and shoot it without ears on and I will give you a better feedback on that.
  12. As far as the noise, I would say similar to a 38 or maybe a 380. not very loud but then again I had ears on. Daddy O I have always been one that any gun is better then no gun. I work in the OR at vandy and have seen people come in with 7 45 slugs and walk out in a week but on the other hand I have seen people come in with a 22 cal gunshot and they end up in the morgue. So as far as I am concerned its the shooter not the caliber.
  13. Barrel length is 2.2 recoil is very light compared to my glock 23. Its gonna be a back up for me when I have to drive to the shady parts of TN
  14. Went out to the Gun Room in Lebanon TN yesterday just to poke around and talk to the guys and maybe do some shooting. I have been looking at getting a wheelgun for some time now. I noticed they had the Charter arms patriot in 327 mag. The price was right and the guys at the Gun Room were a pleasure to work with again. I decided to pick it up and take it home. I just wanted to find out what you guys and gals thought of the 327 mag round.
  15. Jvanhoosen

    XD guys

    I have both the crossbreed and the galco king tuk both are good holsters in my opinion. The King tuk is very comfortable to wear on a daily basis, the crossbreed is ugly but also very comfortable. I would be willing to part with my crossbreed for a small fee if you are interested.
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