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  1. I have a growing interest in one of these to replace (or backup) my pre-Grylls Gerber folder since in TN it's legal to carry about any sort of knife now.   I was looking at the Benchmade Infidel line but that stuff is pricey and it looks like the mechanism could be inadvertently tripped in my pocket.  Has anyone heard of this happening?  I also saw that they had H&K-licensed auto knives for less than their Infidel line and the tripping mechanism looks harder to accidentally trip.  But, again, is worrying about that even an issue?   [URL=http://www.bladeplay.com/item--HK-Epidemic-Automatic-OTF-Knife--9931]Here's a link to the H&K OTF[/URL]   Are there any other brands I should be looking at that still have attractive prices?  I'm pretty excited about getting my first OTF knife.   ETA: And if anyone knows of a brand that has an easy-to-use safety that would be cool
  2. Sometimes I just want to say screw it and get an A2 on there.  If I'm pinning/welding a muzzle device and then I'm not happy with my choice, then it would cost some money to replace it.
  3. Has anyone heard of the Manticore Nightbrake Muzzle compensator?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Io2wilwieY0&src_vid=XHgtv2X9RvQ&feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_877655
  4. I have a personal range so I won't need to worry about other shooters, unless it's a self-defense situation (I can't think of such an extreme scenario where I'd need to grab my long-arm, but I've never shut out the possibility)
  5. Haha, the beer trick!  That's good fun.  Thanks for the suggestions, guys.  So many options to choose from, making my head spin.
  6. (Sorry for the doubletap) Actually, after watching these videos:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_004H7tVgg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHPpPcyiGgs   I'll be going with the PWS FSC556... Now I have to see If I can get it for below $95.
  7. Thanks all for your suggestions.  Right now the KA-1222A (linked above) is in the front, followed by the Griffin M4SD-II--although I'll probably never buy a suppressor for it.   Anyone else?
  8. So I'm putting together this new AR and wanted some input from others on muzzle brakes--preferably integrated with a flash-hider. I was looking at the Rainier Arms XTC but I'm lost here. Everyone keeps saying to get a Battlecomp but $150 is out of my price range (I'm feeling under $70--is that unreasonable?). Something I do have to say is that I'll be running a 14.5" middy so it will need to be 1.5"+ so I can get the legal length.
  9. I'm not too concerned with that because I'm planning to get a .45 ACP conversion from Special Interest Arms and I didn't want to deface it if it was collectible.
  10. My brother got a Mosin Carbine so I had to out-do him, naturally. Here's the album: http://imageshack.us/g/1/10274580/
  11. Ugh. was in the market for a stripped lower...

      Wow, that's big.
  12. Ugh. was in the market for a stripped lower...

      Not good.  I can't get out of work except on weekends.  I'm sure it will be bad crazy then.  Thanks for the answer.
  13. Ugh. was in the market for a stripped lower...

    This weekend I think I'm going to check out Frontier Firearms and Coal Creek Armory Outpost, both on Gallahar Rd.   Does anyone know, maybe save me a trip?  I know Frontier does layaways so I might put some cash down on something.
  14. All right! This is cool, I actually have a gunsmith-specific question about this build and it would be nice to get his opinion on it in the "Ask the Smith" section. Okay, so they need an email from my ISP to register there, which I don't have through my apartment building (they set it up and include it with the rent, so I don't even know who the carrier is), so there goes that.
  15. I'm thinking inside the areas of Chattanoga, Nashville, and Knoxville? Coal Creek Armory just quoted me $250, but I'm sure there are other places out there. I would think about doing it myself but I'd need to buy the tools, and have the time to do it (which I don't). Thanks for any info.

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