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  1. Hope I didn't ruffle too many feathers (from previous posts). Share your story. Why did you or what motivated you to get your permit. Why do you or don't you carry?
  2. As you can see by my number of posts, I am more of the quiet type. I enjoy reading the discussions, especially when they stray from topic then get back on. At any rate, I must admit that I am a bit disappointed in our (TGO) community. I thought for sure that within four pages of forum use, at least one person would tout that they got their permit and carry on a regular basis, not only for their own personal self protection, but for the protection of other around them. Especially in the "bad areas". IMO (don't blast me) Being a responsible gun carrier, not only affords you the convenienc
  3. Just got done with his NRA courses. Excellent guy, excellent instructor, excellent training, very poor coke machines. (if you go you will know what I am talking about)
  4. Recently came up in discussion... Adding a fore-grip with spring loaded bi-pod, to a semi auto pistol. Attached to the rail. Old illegal law, or still illegal?
  5. Gee, did not think I would get this many welcomes. To answer the questions, I am in Blount Co, my primary is my XDm 40. I will see if I can't come out to the fall shoot. I will have to check a few things first. I am a father of 3.95 children, all boys. Why a not so whole number you may be wondering... My wife is due next monday. I served, Army, got out after OIF 1. Did the cop thing in Savannah GA until my wife wanted to move back to TN. So now here we are, the wife and I are both in school trying to get papers that say that we are smart enough to make some "smart" money. Anybody
  6. It is a cake walk if you have any common sense and have ever shot a pistol. Be sure to get your fingerprints done electronically, it REALLY speeds up the process. After thirty days or so, call (615) 741-6382. After the prompt, select the option for "protective services" (I believe it is option 3). Ask the person on the other end what the status is of your application. The last time I did mine it was a turnaround of about 42 days. Hope this helps, good luck to ya!
  7. I guess this will officially be my second post. I joined this forum on hopes of making a few buddies, along with the plethora of information on this site. I do not know where to start, so just ask away...
  8. S7A2G6


    Tactical - The act of being tickled by a tac. (ouch)
  9. Kind of silly, but it was right up my lane!
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