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  1. Guess what!? I know it's been a long time since we talked about this one, but here's what happened: Fed up w/my episode with the Company I took the shotgun over to Predator Custom just to see. They've been back logged w/Black Rifle builds, so it took them a while to look at it, but I got it back from them a couple of weeks ago. After a complete takedown and thorough cleaning they took it took to the range w/some ammo I provided. There were a couple of hiccups, so they brought it back to clean and lube it again. On the next trip to the range it performed flawlessly. I picked it up fr
  2. Excellent question. How do I do that exactly?
  3. Hey, everyone! I finally got my old Auto 5 back from the company unchanged! They sent me a nice, free ball cap for all my disappointment. It was a nice gesture, but now I need to start asking some of those other guys if they can get it up and running w/the 2.5" shells. Wish me luck!
  4. To all my TGO buds... I FINALLY heard back from the manager of shop service at Browning yesterday. He did confirm they can't do anything without changing the configuration to 2 3/4". I was definitely very disappointed in this news, but he did say they would release my Auto-5 from it's captivity without charging me their typical assessment fee. So it looks like when I get it back I'll be able to check with some of the other fellows y'all mentioned. I'll be happy to see it again. Thanks for all the help!
  5. That's "how" much not "hoe" much. Dang auto fill...
  6. Good info. I'm coming up on my second reloads for the Hotshot cases. I'll have to see hoe much they've expanded.
  7. Yep. They'd have to open up the ejection port some. I'm sure the Company would do a nice job of it, but why can't they just get the internals fixed up so I can keep it in 2 1/2? That's my big gripe. Hopefully I can talk to someone else out there soon.
  8. The Lee 7.62 x 39 guide rod is 1.528 I think. That'd be pretty close to get you started. I guess getting the cases trimmed the same length is the only good way to get a consistent roll crimp, but I don't know if my Nagnt cases will last long enough to expand that much. What are y'all experiencing?
  9. Touchez, PJ and a very good point. Don't worry. I haven't put it in 2 3/4 configuration yet.
  10. I wholeheartedly agree. If there's a way to avoid permanently changing it I certainly will. At the same time, I don't want to bequeath a wall hanger to my son when the time is right. The most disappointing thing is calling ahead of time and researching ammo for it to keep it fed before I sent it in only to be told "we can't do that" once I've already paid for shipping and agreeing to their assessment charge. :-(
  11. It's definitely rare. The Historian said it's date of manufacture with a 46,xxxx serial number was 1936 (maybe '38). It was assembled it Belgium by FN just like all the early ones, and it was the last year they used Ogden barrels. After that they used the St Louis ones. Pretty sure it was always an American market model, though, b/c according to my grandfather, that's when my great grandfather (his Father-in-law) got it. If I can ever rescue it, I'll try to post some pix.
  12. I don't know. MNs make a really big boom! Have you shot the 'carbine' models yet? M38 or M44? :-) No matter what you're shooting, Surplus Firearms rock! History, Collectibility and good, clean fun at the range (unless you're shooting corrosive ammo) in a single package! Who could ask for anything more?
  13. Glad you made it over to the Dark side of reloading! Did you check out that Real Guns article and use any of their data? Their recipe is the only one I've had any good luck with. The 'alternative' cartridges (32 Long, etc) have never worked well for me. The 32-20 dies were no good at all. I didn't see any success until I started using the RCBS dies. It's going to take me a long time to make up the cost of that purchase w/boxes of ammo, but I couldn't just give up. :-)


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