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  1. Let me start, by saying I have read some information about loading your magazine with alternating ammo. My question being do you all alternate?(Meaning, JHP, Glasier, Cor-bon, Pow-r-ball....) What are your thoughts? Personally, I didn't know better and just use the same ammo in the magazine. Is this something that you would suggest? Thank you
  2. Thank you all. You all have brought up some great points. This is why I wished to rely on the experts. I am greatful.
  3. Looking for advice here, How do you all carry your pistol? Do you carry with one in the chamber, or full mag. and empty chamber? Thanks
  4. Well put all. You all have shed light on things that I did not find in my research.. Thanks for the info.
  5. I must say, after watching this awesome piece, I find myself looking around dumpsters for a "tossed" dish. ie... dumpster diving. LOL I have got to make me one of these.
  6. Come on..... are you telling me that I am the only one who thought of this? If I am, I will give it up.
  7. Oh shoot is right! If you are comfortable working with your hands and able to understand "less is more" when dealing with metal. you can fix it your self! Rugers are great firearms! when dealing with a .22 they are hard to beat. I am sure the other members will agree.
  8. If you all really look, there are better ways to store water... You don't need a pre-manufactured container. for that .
  9. Let me also ask you all this? Why is that not a "headline" ? Did the people in Nevada know something that we all did not? (Just asking) I know he is the "ear mark" King...... Well, what are your thoughts?
  10. I know how I personally feel, Yet with doin some research, I was perplexed.... I will speak for myself, "I wanted Harry Reid" tossed out... Ok, so I started to research it alittle more.... Harry Reid is a "stark" 2nd ammendment supporter, yet he is willing to do "alot" of things that the "American" people don't agree with. Ok. I cringed when he was re-elected, I could not understand why? So, like I said, started to "look" into it. Well, (I think we all know that Nevada is a pro- 2nd ammend state.), well, ironicly so is their senator.? Yet he wishes to impliment things that the rest of the ammerican people don't agree with. Now, yes he has been re-elected, Would it have been better that he was not? Would it have been better that Feinstein was Sen. Maj. leader? (Who is anti 2nd ammend.?) I don't know? What are the boards thoughts? Just trying to get us all thinking......
  11. Buttonhook, Good, Bad, Ugly or indiffent.... The walther pps is set up with the Glock stricker system. I have always explained to them that it is nothing more then a "glock" with "sig" full rails. Not to mention, that you have the "extra" safety of the removeable back strap which "shuts" the pistol down. I just completed some training and like you said, about your shirt tail getting in the holster, I have been taught to let the pistol drop. Does not matter what the make or model is, they are designed to ensure that they do not go off when dropped. I am greatful for you sharing your "real life" happenings. I know that my eyes have been opened as per the "little" things that can happen to us. Greatfully, no one was hurt. Leave and learn. Daddy always said, "It's ok to make a mistake, Don't make the sameone twice"
  12. 6.8ar, I hope so also. Isn't that what they were trying to do in N.O.? I don't know? I am just asking. Weren't the people there trying to do the same?
  13. wow. Never thought of that CK1. It does make sense. Porche, ferrari.... Thanks So what about slick 50?
  14. Most of the one's on the market seem to be top self now. I personally sway towards Larue. I have a stealth upper, man that thing is a tack driver! The free floating forearm is rigid and solid as a rock. I have spoken with the gunsmithes there, asked them how they take care of there rifles,ie. lube and cleaning. They both relplied that we are aweful at taking care of our rifles. We just shoot them, unless they are going into long term storage, then they clean and "overlube" them.
  15. I have never used motor oil, that is new to me. What are the benefits of that over the other lubes?

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