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  1. Asshats like this are the reason more and more businesses are posting.
  2. Ian at Forgotten Weapons gives a very good history of the pistol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xf410MfFqTw Sootch has a fantastic shooting review of one, and he has another review of a differnt model on his channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5b7AFWYX0Co
  3. I'm champing at the bit to get my hands on a TN marked M9A3. I saw the production pictures of that model in the post above, I am really hoping they start shipping soon.
  4. Up for sale is a Mossberg 590A1 (18 inch / 6 shot) that is unfired. It came stock with an Insight Technology L3 forend (made by EoTech). I love the forend on this model, the light has fantastic spill and really lights a room up. I added some traction tape to the forend to make it a bit more grippy. The only other modification I made to the gun was to install a Hogue short length of pull stock on it which measures at a 12 inch LOP. It makes the gun a very manageable home defense gun, and makes it easier to run with armor. Up for sale for $475 in Knoxville. I do have the original stock, but I am not 100% about the box. I will try to find it but don't consider it part of the deal. Not looking for trades.
  5. I don't mind fees up to $35 for the transfer.  The gun shop I frequent most has great prices, seldom on handguns is there much of a markup over what I can get online, so I understand they are trying to recoup some margin which is fine with me.  I almost always try to buy from a small shop, but sometimes I cant get what I need/want locally so I have to go online.   One things for sure though, establishing a good relationship with a local shop can have all kinds of awesome benefits when you need something.
  6. Thanks for posting!  Snagged a few at that price!
  7. I've bought probably 20 Spydercos alone from Amazon, including a PM2.  I collect Spyderco, and know how to spot fakes.  All the ones sold direct by Amazon are the real deal.  Enjoy your PM2!  
  8.   Likewise.  If it was two years ago I would absolutely have a 43, but having carried a shield and invested so much money into it, I would really have to be impressed by the 43.
  9. I ran track in high school and college.  Still run today and often do marathons.  Running is awesome exercise and stress relief.  Congrats on getting back into it!


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