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  1. Weather permitting I might be doing a shoot at a friends farm for my birthday the weekend before. If we get rained out I will definitely try to make this.
  2. I have a friend that is KPD that told me they were going to sigs back over the summer, but he wasn't sure which model. He was thinking it was going to be 226 in .40, but apparently they were looking at 45s.
  3. Only help I can suggest would be to write your congressman, unfortunately. The only thing that will turn this scare away is from the top down.
  4. It depends on the parts, but 1-2 hours for a full build is pretty easy on an ar15. I'd be happy to help you just for the fun of putting together another AR. I have most of the tools you might need, but some parts require something out of the norm - so it just depends.   I would check to see if you can find a stripped lower somewhere before bothering buying the rest of the parts if that is your plan, as it will be one of the hardest items to find right now. Luckily I have a stripped lower sitting around for a rainy day that I got a couple of months ago, and no it isn't for sale. ;)
  5. I'd have to ask what is your current trigger pull like now, and what don't you like about it.   Then what would you like your trigger to be like ideally.   There are some small little things you can do on your own to make the stock trigger better, but depending on the type of trigger pull you want your only choice might be to get a new drop in trigger. Answer those questions and that will be easiest way to guide you, as I am sure others will chime in as well.
  6. Let us know what you conclude with the extractor springs, Mike. As long as my brass is reloadable I am not too concerned, but if you find a good solution I would want to change mine up.
  7.     I was up at harbor freight at the end of last week and got one of the 2" cut off saws. They had 3 more still there, came out to be like $38 with tax.
  8. [quote name='mikegideon' timestamp='1355203680' post='858280'] I would probably stick an Omega on it. [/quote] You and your expensive taste in DD rails again....... I kid, I would probably have a DD lite on my pistol build if I could afford it....maybe down the road, but my yhm will do just fine for now.
  9. Yep, factory ammo my brother bought. We got some reloads done tonight, 110grain hornady vmax on 19.5 grains of h110. Will try those out sometime in the coming week. You got any free days coming up? You are more than welcome to join us up at ORSA.
  10. Made it out to the range on Saturday and got to put some rounds on paper. I only had 1 malfunction and that was ammo related, the 2nd round did not go into battery and upon extracting it - the bullet fell out of the case, so something was not to spec. All other rounds fired and cycled the next round into chamber without issue. First few shots were just to make sure gun was operating fine, then started trying to get my red dot sited in. It took some ghetto bore siting to get it on paper, but towards the last few rounds it seemed to be pretty close. I only had 20 rounds to work with, so it might need some more fine tuning next range trip. As a whole recoil wasn't bad at all, the gun performed as expected too. For the type of ammo, my gun may be a little over gassed as the rim of the rounds were getting a decent dint in them - although nothing too bad to where they couldn't be reloaded. I will be interested to see if I can get subs to cycle without having to switch out my gas block to an adjustable (which I plan to do in the future regardless). Below is the last 5 shot group at 50 yards from a bench, optic is a vortex strike fire red dot with no magnification. [img]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b128/-zippy-/range.jpg[/img]
  11. Wrong flash hider, forearm, and gas block to be the 7810. It just looks like an upper someone put together on their own with yankee hill parts, it doesn't look like it matches anything they have on their complete uppers. The closest thing it looks like is their 7830, but there are still some differences. It is also possible that it is an upper that they no longer make, so it wouldn't be listed on their site.
  12. Going to be getting mine to the range soon to do a function test.


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