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  1. Woodlands is quite good. Bombay Bistro in Cool Springs is also quite good. I haven't been in a few years since I lived down that way, but I remember good food at somewhat elevated Franklin style prices.
  2. It was good doing business with you. It's nice to be able to stop off at the neighborhood grocery for the essentials: milk, bread, eggs, 30.06. :-)
  3. Southern Ohio Gun carries C&R items as well. I've had favorable dealings with them as well as those listed by Garufa.
  4. My brother bought a lemon once. It was a BMW motorcycle. The shop had it more than he did. The shop also treated him like you've been treated, very rudely. When he did have the bike, he wrote lemon in yellow duct tape all over it for all to see around town. It was removed during every trip to the shop so he'd put it right back on as soon as he got home. Eventually the bike crossed the line on TN lemon laws so he hired a lawyer. My brother got his money back less an allowance based on how many miles he put on it. BMW paid my brother's lawyer per TN lemon law. If the deal goes lemony sour, TN law gives you a tool to make lemonade.
  5. I got my letter in the mail from Aim last weekend. I signed up for their freebie monitoring. My driver's license was uploaded at the time for ammo purchases so that's been hauled away by baddies. My FFL was there too, buy I don't think there's much danger on that. What are the bad guys going to do? Buy guns and have them shipped to me?
  6. After using the Magpul block, I tossed my other blocks. +1 for Magpul.
  7. I picked up one during the last round and like it. Just remember you're going to spend some more money. You'll need some lead sacks to add on. You'll also need a replacement front bag that fits the fatty AR hand guard. The one that comes with it is quite narrow. The replacements come in both filled and unfilled varieties.
  8. I bought a couple power tools and a couple hand tools from HF. 100% failure rates on first try. Took it back for replacement. It all immediately failed again. Haven't been back. Not worth my time. Fortunately I was only out all of $50 ... which should have been my first clue.
  9. I put a Seekins ATC on my TGO-15's. They're available in a variety of finishes and sizes. Recoil and muzzle rise are extremely well controlled by this comp. However, your immediate neighbors at the range get blasted by both noise and high winds. You'll need a drop of blue loktite to keep it held on there. The instructions say otherwise, but they're mistaken. http://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Seekins_Precision_Muzzle_Brake_p/skn-%20sp-ar-atc-12-ss.htm Pictures as mounted: http://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/92873-finally-assembled-my-tgo-15s/
  10. I've got eight inches in my yard in Inglewood last time I measured. It started about 6am. I measured three inches by 8am.
  11. I met up with KahrMan at Royal Range today. We had a good time talking and snooping. Neither of us tried the range this time, but we did partake of the observation hallway. It's a nice setup. The store was slammed with customers. A couple employees told me they weren't expecting such a crowd today, but the range was attracting lots of shooters. That's a good problem to have. One set of employees worked feverishly to clear the line while another set showed guns and gear from behind the counter. I bought a little ammo. The fellow who checked me out was handing out paperwork for those wanting to try the range while ringing me up. They were working as efficient as possible considering the gob of people in the store. With a little patience, we all got where we were going.
  12. I have used NCA for years on both my previous and current houses. Good response times when the system has been tripped in the past (typically by me, once by a break-in). $15/mo with cell monitoring. No contract. The upfront cost is greater because you buy the system outright but the system. Good customer support. I had a low battery once that was causing odd behavior. They put me on the phone with a tech who walked me through figuring out it was a battery. He walked me through changing a setting so it will be more apparent next time. I have been very happy with them. However, I'm not sure NCA operates in your area since they have a small territory.
  13. I emailed a couple with some land I know about adopting. Last time I talked with them they had a blue tick and a couple other hounds. They've had strong interest in other rescues I've sent their way. They're located outside of Murfreesboro. I'll report back when I hear from them. Update: I haven't talked with them in a while. Too long apparently. They're selling the farm and moving to Florida! So no new doggies for them. :-(

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