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  1. The "Govt" can't "Buyback" what it never owned in the first place. Tyrant Bitch.
  2. Those spineless, vermin statist, politicians truly sicken me. The SAME rules should apply to their security details. Imagine the look on king nothing's face if his secret service was limited to a shotgun and 10 round mags.
  3. This clown is to lead the state senate in Ca. You can't make this up! http://www.sacbee.com/2014/01/14/6072805/darrell-steinberg-says-kevin-de.html
  4. I thought it was a Sat Night Live Skit. What a travesty. Like watching a train wreck. Unbelievable.
  5. I really just don't get it with the Hollywood types. It's as if they are from another planet. I could rant here, but instead I'll take a nap.
  6. The officer was a true Saint to be commended. A real gentleman and Patriot that other cops should emulate.
  7. Then he should have known better than to make it is mission in life to strip us of the rights he fought of us to keep.
  8. Why would slaves choose to live there? Why have Patriots not boycotted the statist pig judge in the video? How you ask? Dental appt? No. Car wash? No. Wanna drink in my bar? No. Your kid wants to play baseball? Oh, your kid got his ass kicked at school.....wow sorry? It took two hours for your table at Chilis? wow sorry? You called 911. wow sorry.Ad nauseum. Just getting hamburger helper should be like winning the lottery for that communist, greedy, gun grabbing, cowardice, puss filled vermin leech that happens to reign over that sewage filled section of socialist swamp of NJ. Pathetic people. Pathetic.
  9. He is a typical spineless, self serving, statist, sellout living off the backs of taxpayers, pig.
  10. He means well. However, he is gun stupid. 2nd amendment and Bill of Rights stupid. I just wish he would grow balls and call obama exactly what he is and not sugar coat it.


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