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  1. I want in on this. It's been awhile since you've put something out! Sweet!!!!
  2. I still have it. I never got anyone to actually show up for a sale. It was a bit annoying. I forgot the ad was still up.
  3. Who is going? Ever been? I'm planning on it. My first one.
  4. No, it's just the 19x that's weird. Gen 5 mags work just fine in everything else.
  5. Here in Chattanooga, I got my picture taken at the title and registration office. They have a kiosk there. No waiting or anything. Then I mailed them a a check. No DMV visit required.
  6. Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen. I mean, if you own a bakery with certain religious beliefs ...
  7. One review I read said.it does NOT take gen 5 magazines. The baseplate hits the extended grip. Can you verify?
  8. Sig 1911 Ultra 9mm with the traditional slide I only saw one on gunbroker and it was listed for $950. This one is NIB. I am the original owner. Not really looking for trades. $825
  9. BNIB Glock 42 done in battlefield green. $400
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