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  1. I want in on this. It's been awhile since you've put something out! Sweet!!!!
  2. Who is going? Ever been? I'm planning on it. My first one.
  3. No, it's just the 19x that's weird. Gen 5 mags work just fine in everything else.
  4. Here in Chattanooga, I got my picture taken at the title and registration office. They have a kiosk there. No waiting or anything. Then I mailed them a a check. No DMV visit required.
  5. Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen. I mean, if you own a bakery with certain religious beliefs ...
  6. One review I read said.it does NOT take gen 5 magazines. The baseplate hits the extended grip. Can you verify?
  7. Tracking received. Should be here tomorrow
  8. Got a response today: They are modifying the trigger assembly as well as the striker channel to ensure it strikes the primer with direct pressure. I am being told that it should be completed by tomorrow. We should be able to get it back to you this week.
  9. Sccy 9mm on the left, p365 on the right
  10. Glock 43 on left, p365 on the right
  11. The p365 is 1.0 inches at the frame. The slide is narrower. It's closer to a 43. I'll see if I can take a picture shortly
  12. I think they like to oil it from the factory. It hasn't come back dry yet. However, wet or dry, it doesn't make a difference. When it light strikes, it barely light strikes. I can't tell a difference with the naked eye between a fired case and a light strike. Most of the rounds fire on the second strike, but I've had a few that took three to ignite. I also forgot to mention that one has to adjust the rear sight as far to the right as possible to get POI and POA to be close.
  13. My Maxim 9 is back at Silencer Co for its third time. They've paid for shipping each and every time. However, they've yet to fix the firearm any time. The firearm has repeated light strikes. They even asked me what ammo I was using. That consisted of Fiocchi, PMC, and Sellior and Bellot I believe. They said they had that same ammo on hand and would test it. Every time the firearm comes back, it works for 50 rounds, then it starts having issues about 30% of the time. I don't know if it's the heat, dirt, or something else. Whenever I ask what they tested with, they tell me they used something else other than what we discussed. The customer service is generally poor. None of the emails through the first two trips back were even signed. I never knew if I was talking to one person or a group of people. I complained and got in co tact with someone higher up. I finally got a name. They've had it since the 24th of January this time. I sent an email on the 12th of February to get an update and no response. It's pretty sad. I'm pretty unhappy at the moment.
  14. Long story short, I ended up with a p365. The first 200 rounds or so, it had the failure to return to battery. It happened with both mags and probably 20% of the time. It also failed to lock the slide back on the final round about half the time. When it did fail to return to battery, the lighest touch slid it home. I cleaned it up, smoothed the extractor out, and oiled it up. Shot it over 200 more times and have had no failure to return to battery. The slide still doesnt lock back every time shooting it one handed, but it does lock back about 90% of the time now two-handed. Everyone that has held it pretty much loves it. I've only had one complaint about it being too small actually. The frame is slightly wider than a Glock 43. Just a sliver. I think it feels great with either supplied mag. I'll try a 12 rounder if I ever see one. The trigger is quite nice with a good reset. The trigger feels even better shooting it. It "surprised" me a few times. My Glocks never do that but better triggers do some times. My front sight was dead as they all seem to be. I've already called Sig; the x-ray sights are supposedly on their way to me. I'll report back when I've put more rounds through it. I don't plan on cleaning it between now and then.
  15. Well, I lucked into one today. It has the bad front sight and failure to return to battery. Cleaned it up well and itseems to be working fine now. I need to shoot it more to see if it's all better now
  16. I'm actually glad to hear this. The current Remington is not the Remington of yesteryear. They make a low quality product and try to ride their previous reputation. Their customer service is atrocious. I'm still waiting on a rebate from two years ago. They received it, said it was good, then cleared it from their system. They said they cleared all the actual records out. Mine just had a note saying it was received after the date. I even had screenshots of showing when they received. They didn't care. After looking online, it seems to be the modus operandi. These huge conglomerates need to be allowed to fail.
  17. If the store is posted legally, didn't he break the law? If he isn't there for duty reasons, isn't he bound by the same laws as the rest of us? I think the fine is $500.
  18. Complete for $170 https://www.midwayusa.com/product/748147/ar-stoner-ar-15-optics-ready-upper-receiver-assembly-556x45mm-16-barrel?utm_source=clearance&utm_medium=email&utm_content=prodblock5_link&utm_campaign=process
  19. That's because it doesn't flare out on a gen 2. It bothers me in a gen 5 19 but not a gen 5 17. Digs right into my pinky.


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