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  1. Looks like great plinking targets for a 22. See if you can make their heads pop off.Little expensive though.
  2. I think the Charge 1%, that sound right? Is it very hard to get hooked up with Fidelity? I know very little about investing ( except for guns) and would be afraid I’d lose my butt. Although o was doing got with my 401k at work until Biden.What few choices we had to put our money in , I’d just look at their 1 , 5 , and 10 yr track records and pick from that.
  3. Anybody deal wit the Paul Winkler firm? I’ve heard Their ads on 99.7 . I went in for appointment to to talk to the lady to see how they would handle things,sounded pretty knowledgeable about everything, which I’m not . I know a little , but no expert by no means. Everything sounded pretty good until the end when she told me if I was interested in moving my stuff over it would be a $500 coaching/planning fixed fee. I have my stuff at Edward Jones now which I’m sick of because they change advisors TOO MUCH.
  4. Nothing but bad news anymore. That’s the only thing they promote!Ratings Ratings! And guns are baaaad! Remember the Don Henley song Dirty Laundry. “We got the bubble headed bleach blonde comes on at five she can tell you bout the plane crash with a gleam in her eyes “
  5. Anybody got 20 gauge 14” Mossberg Shockwave they’re wanting to sell?
  6. What’s the penalty for carrying on a gun free zone at a business? I DO NOT open carry in the first place. So what they don’t know won’t hurt them, unless metal detectors are present. Then your gonna have to empty your pockets anyway.My wife is in the hospital in Murfreesboro and if you have to go in the ER , they have security guards there asking if you have any guns or knives on you.Nobody in the main entrance checking, just a sign.I kind of understand it at the ER entrance. My opinion is the gun free zone signs are just screaming for trouble!
  7. New Magpul MVG forward grip black in color $20 or trade for ???
  8. I need a synthetic forend for mossy 500 410 shotgun
  9. I thought Biden said he got rid of COVID.
  10. Looks like on of those pumps that shot corks.
  11. Yeah, I got a couple of single sixes with adjustable sights I love to shoot.
  12. How does yours group? Does shoot dead on? I bought one exactly like yours, I love the looks of the birds head. Mine group ok at first then it started drifting about 2” to the left.Grouping was still good( about silver dollar at 10-15 yards),but to the left.I called Ruger about it, and the lady told me to send pics of my targets , ammo used , distance.I did and they said that was within their standards for a budget gun.So I sold it, told the guy that bought it how it shot. He didn’t care to much about it.I put about 500 + rounds through it while I had it. Fun little guns to shoot.
  13. We didn’t get much , but every little bit helps.Hoping we’ll get more today.
  14. Finally getting some much needed rain on my sunflowers, millet,watermelons, and pumpkins which I just got through planting whe the rain started.
  15. Bump one more time.I thought more people would be interested in this.
  16. Looking for a 18.5” 410 shotgun barrel for a Mossberg 500
  17. Yeah , a gun shop I deal with quoted me about 300 OTD.Just gonna see if anybody here had one they were tired of. Not really sure that I want one,they are just cool looking and we’ll built.
  18. Any idea on the prices? Never mind, I looked them up. Thanks
  19. Anybody out there got one they want to sell reasonable?


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