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  1. I looking for some Dillion primer pick up tubes. Really need 1or 2 for small primers, but would take 1 for large primers also.I know I can order them, but they kill you on shipping.Let me know if anybody has a couple for sale or any other Dillion stuff. Thanks Jeff
  2. Still looking, found some up at a pawn shop in Cookville for $100 for 20 rounds
  3. I think they had some at the Outpost Armory today in Murfreesboro
  4. This . Just unscrew the windage screw (counter clockwise) all the way out and lift the sight blade out.should be a spring behind it.Best I remember they can be a little harder to get back in, I’ve took out and replaced several in MKII’s which is about the same sight.Shop Ruger has them and probably Brownells
  5. Williams/Lisk 22 Rimfire Submachine Gun Specifications/History Name: Williams/Lisk 22 Rim-Fire Submachine Gun Caliber: .22 Long Rifle Operation: Gas-operated; belt-fed; open bolt Cyclic Rate: 1,500 to 2,700 rounds per minute (adjustable with a knob at the rear of the gun) Weight: 12 Pounds Unloaded / 22 Pounds with 1,000-round belt (presumably 40-grain round nose) Length: 26-inches Stock: None (some mockups featured a wire stock similar to the M3 Grease gun)
  6. Now that would be fun!! Looks like a space gun.
  7. I carry my Glock 26 mostly because you can use a10 round up to a 33 round mag in it if needed, but do carry my 19’s also. Love my 642 and 638 Smiths also. And don’t forget about the Keltec 3AT (380) with a belt clip,light and thin!
  8. Looking for some 35 Remington factory ammo PM me if you have any with the price. Thanks
  9. I had a Taurus model 66 357 mag 4” a few years back that I wish I’d kept. Had a good trigger and was super accurate! I have some Ruger 357’s now, I seem to like those better than the Smiths. Although I do have some 38 special snubby Smiths.Also had a Taurus 605 357 snubby I really liked and wish I’d kept. It grouped really good.
  10. Thanks, yeah I thought they were cool looking.Has that psychedelic look.Surly somebody here needs this?
  11. I live in McMinnville, work in Murfreesboro, can travel down to Murfreesboro different ways to meet
  12. Anybody got 1 or 2 laying around they want to sell? PM me with your phone number . McMinnville, Manchester, Murfreesboro area Thanks Jeff
  13. That’s what I do too, but I’m running a little low on room and ammo cans have got way to expensive too. I got a bunch of 30 and 50 cal. I gave $3 and$5 for years back
  14. Ok, thanks to all of you. I was just looking for another option other than the ammo cans.
  15. Can you get or make bags to fit say 500 to 1000 rounds of 7.62x39 at a time ? In there factory boxes?
  16. Anybody here do this or tried it. I’m looking for a more compact way to store ammo . I’ve got GI ammo cans with ammo , powder , primers running or my eyeballs. Just running out of room for them.And they are getting more expensive !Would using a vacuum sealer to on factory ammo in their boxes be a good idea or not?
  17. Probably those 300 round packs of the Winchester Super X yellow boxes. They are $40 or $41
  18. Your a Damn tough man! Glad you made it through it alive and got your gun back.You really got to watch out for shady people you deal with on selling or buying anything and always be armed! I’ve been lucky I guess, most of the people dealt with have been good people.


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