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  1. I don't think a computer check should be the only way a police officer knows if something is valid or revoked. If I have the physical permit in my hand and no order to surrender it then it should be valid, and if they want to prove otherwise they should have to make a physical call to the DOS or something. For example my friend recently had his driver license suspended. He got everything cleared up and had it re issued, with paper work to prove is was not suspended anymore. He was recently pulled over for speeding and when the police officer ran his license it still came up in the computer t
  2. Really nothing has changed yet. I got a letter from the dos saying it was in error and that's about all. I believe I will have to wait until the court date to actually get this resolved. Should I be trying to set up a meeting with the local DA and ask him to drop the charges? I asked my buddy who's in the local PD and he told me they wouldn't be able to dismiss any charges until I actually went to court. And what are court costs going to be? I don't think I should have to pay anything for someone else making a mistake...
  3. I would hope that's how it would be, especially when I walk into court holding a valid permit. Even if they keep the one taken from me I will have another in the mail within a week or so. As far as I can tell I will have to make the court appearance to have the charges dropped and my weapon returned. I had a letter faxed over to me from the handgun carry permit unit stating that this was all a clerical error, it was also sent to the police department, and to the officer who pulled me over. I am having some help from a couple of friends who are in the local police department so I shouldn't
  4. Yes he made me surrender the permit also. I had to sign paper work for that and for the unlawful possession charge. I am going to have another one mailed to me and will see if I can get the actual permit taken away from me today or tomorrow. I think I'm gonna have to wait till the court date to get the gun back though. As for how he disarmed me. He asked me to slowly unbuckle my seat belt and step out of the car. At which point I told him where the lcp was clipped onto my waistband. He removed it, cleared it and set it on my truck, then got my insurance, d/l, and permit and went back to his
  5. So here's an update. Lisa Knight called me just a few minutes ago in response to my email. And it turns there was a HUGE mistake.. something to do with the computer and the background checks that I honestly don't completely understand. She said someone had entered my state background checks into the computer as cleared but did not do the same for my fbi background check, which is also supposed to be clear. So it changed the status of the permit from valid to revoked instantly, and the person who made the mistake forgot to change the status back to valid whenever they corrected the mistake. S
  6. What is this order of protection, I don't think I've ever heard that term before now? A few people have brought that up in this thread. I really can't think of anyone who would want something like that. I've never been in any serious relationships and nothing that ended badly. And what good does something like that do if the person its filed against knows nothing about it?
  7. I have contacted her via email and she said she would check on it Monday morning for me. I guess I'm just gonna be waiting till monday to find out a reason but hopefully it is just a mistake. I mean I guess it could be a pretty common name. I have a kind of confusing name though... My full legal name has three names before my last name, and I've always been called by my second middle name my entire life. I don't know if that would have anything to do with it though. I sign all legal documents with my legal first name, but I sign for my credit card and such with my second middle name. But
  8. Three speeding tickets and one warning for speeding. One when I was 17 which I went to traffic court for to have erased or whatever, one when I was 19 or 20, and one last year. All paid, and I've never been in trouble with the law. This is only the fifth time I've ever been pulled over by a police officer and never had any confrontations with them otherwise. Why would they issue it to me in the first place if there was a legitimate reason to revoke it? Hell the background check they do would tell them everything they need to know about me. I just can't believe this is happening. I still li
  9. Well the officer said it would only be a misdemeanor charge. I don't know anything really about what an leo is supposed to arrest you for, but I voluntarily informed him I had a weapon which I thought was legal and even had the permit for it (which he also had to seize.) and did everything that was asked of me so I don't think I gave him a reason to arrest me. I'm not some crazy person going around open carrying everywhere just waiting for a police officer to question me about it. It was a ruger lcp with a keltec clip installed clipped onto my waistband. I almost forgot it was on me, and he
  10. This happened tonight, I was on my way home tired and not paying attention. I rolled through a stop sign and got pulled over by a local police officer. The city is Dickson if you were wondering.. Well I do what I was told in the carry permit class. Kept my hands on the wheel, told the officer I had a permit, and was armed. He then nicely asked me to step out the vehicle took my firearm (a ruger lcp), and I gave him my license, registration, carry permit etc. He goes to check my license in his car and comes back with we have a situation here. Your carry permit has been revoked! Revoked? I got
  11. I searched through the threads that have posted and non posted restaurants and couldn't find any info there. I'll be going there tomorrow night and want to know if I'll be able to carry there or not before I get to the door. Any info appreciated, thanks.
  12. Check out cdnn sports catalog page 16. CDNN Sports, Inc. 2010-6 Catalog They have them selling for $1399
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