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  1. Keltecs are already way over priced.
  2. Give him the "live long and prosper" sign and move along.
  3. Don't remember where it was but last week a robber gave a clerk a $20 bill and asked for change. While the register was open he got all the cash but left without his $20. The robbery ended up costing him $3 bucks or so. There was $17 or so in the till.  :doh:
  4. Action open always when handing over a firearm.
  5. Traditional rifle sights on a pistol don't work well for me as I get older.    I put XS big Dots on most of my pistols, good now. You don't really line anything up, just tee up the golf ball and shoot.
  6. Story link and pasted. Work safe. I see a lot of careless OC as well. http://bearingarms.com/bob-o/2016/05/01/clueless-open-carrier-robbed-gun-arizona/ Silent Witness is looking to the public for help identifying a man who stole a gun from a man in line at a Phoenix McDonalds, officials said. On April 7, at Southern and Central Avenues the suspect approached a man ordering from behind before taking the pistol from the man’s back pocket and running from the restaurant, according to Silent Witness spokesman Sgt. Jamie Rothschild. The victim then chased the suspect in an attempt to retrieve his stolen gun but the thief turned around and pointed the pistol at the victim before fleeing, according to Rothschild. The suspect is described as a black male between 18 and 25 years of age, 6 feet to 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing approximately 160 pounds. Time and again, were seeing this same scenario playing out. We’re seeing open carriers (or poorly concealing concealed carriers) with little to no formal defensive firearm training, no retention training, and typically poor equipment selection and poor physical shape targeted by criminals. They are almost always successfully robbed. In this instance, the bad guy didn’t even bother to end his phone call or even run as the article claimed; he continued on his phone call and strode out of the store at a fast walk. By the time the clueless open carrier wrapped his brain around the fact that he’d lost possession of his weapon, the suspect was already to the door. As a general rule, criminals are not intimidated by handgun open carriers in the slightest. They see the $300-$800 gun on your hip the same as they would a fat wallet, ripe for taking. The harsh reality is that open carriers are not crime deterrents. They are targets for criminals. Tags: Arizona, Crime, open carry
  7. You can go as high as the tire allows. You'll run into uneven wear at a certain point.   Over inflate and the center of the tire may wear faster, less pressure the outer may wear faster.   Size of tire, brand of tire and wheel size with different tires affect wear too.   Drive it where you have set the pressure. When you rotate look at the wear and adjust accordingly.
  8. Sorry to hear this, God Bless you all.
  9. I've owned Fords my whole life until the last (2013) Fusion. Recall, after recall and finally the trans went bad with 40k on the clock. Apparently Ford is suffering from bad transmissions right now. I replaced the Ford with a Subaru and couldn't be happier. Glad to hear your jeep didn't kill you. Did the nut fall off or did it come out of the rack?
  10. Here's a good story that rattles me up. So I live about 1.5 hours from Johnson City Mtn Home hospital. But they won't send me there because they say I'm an employee there, (I'm not.) So they make my appointments in Nashville, 4 hrs away. While fighting the VA over me not working there. I asked them if I could get a choice card since YOU, the VA are sending me 4 hrs away. Well nope, can't get a choice card because I live 1.5 hours away from a full hospital. WTF is wrong with these people.
  11. What motor and trans do you have? Check your fuses under the hood. Also check the cable on the throttle body to trans, to see if it's unhooked too. Like said before, you have a signal problem. .
  12. Alright fellow Broncoteers. The 50th anniversary is this year. The Super Celebration that is in Townsend every year will be huge.   If you are into classic Broncos don't miss this year. Show and shine but lotsa lotsa parts if you are looking. The majority is always classic 1st gen stuff. But over the years alot of big Bronco stuff has worked its way in.    Here's a link to the events each day http://www.broncodriver.com/index.php/events/bronco-super-celebration/   Bronco shop , James Duff in Knoxville/Clinton  will have an open house thursday the 14th. Get by there and check out their stuff.    Ill see you there !
  13. http://www.grainger.com/category/straight-blade-plugs/plugs-and-connectors/electrical-supplies/electrical/ecatalog/N-qe0?okey=electrical+cord+plug&mkey=electrical+cord+plug&refineSearchString=electrical+cord+plug&NLSCM=14&EndecaKeyword=electrical+cord+plug&searchBar=true&searchRedirect=electrical+cord+plug


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