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  1. The wasting issue seems to be a hot toppic on sevral forums, one guy on a fish'n forum has made a few post about bow fisherman tossing ther dead carp next to trails that lead to fish'n holes, another post but different forum was simalar, bow fisherman were discarding the carp next to a boat ramp (I used to bow fish & still have my gear so dont think I'm bash'n). even tho carp breed like house cats & thers plenty of them just remember ther used to be so many passenger pigeons that they could block out the sun & not forget the buffalo herds, anything left unregulated gets ran into teh ground. All this said I really like my coyote hunt'n, but I aint gonna eat one, not unless its a have to case.
  2. Thers sevral gents that mite can help ya out onTNPredators.Com >> Tennessee Coyote fox Bobcat Hunting › › Forums Centre Block , pred hunt'n is what they do on here & try Contact TnDeer.com. Tennessee's #1 Deer Hunting Web Site :: The Best Campfire On The Internet :: < they have a pred hunt'n thread so you can dig out some info anyway. I've talked with farmers & they're kinda unpredictable, last week on told me that he liked his coyotes because they eat deer & ground hogs, so I took that as a NO.
  3. I'll just about take coyote hunt'n over deer hunt'n anyday, I guess its tmie to get a new reg booklet.
  4. I ate some years ago when I was a kid, our next door neighbor would catch sevral turtles & keep them(alive) in barrels of water untill he had enuff for a mess or let'm them clean out(I really dont know but thats my guess). One day he calls me over & tells me to try some of his cook'n & holds out a plate filled with a stack of golden fried something on it, I grab a piece & give it a go, it wasnt bad at all, he asked me "ya know what that is Albert ?" (short for fat Albert) I told him " I dont know" so he sez IT'S BULL PECKERS !!! I exclaimed IT AINT EITHER !!!!, he's like oh yeah it is to. So later I went to check his barrles just to make sure they were empty & they were so it was turtle meat...I hope. Second time I had tutle it was in a soup, nasty stuff it was, dont want no more of that, I' take the "bull peckers" over turtle soup anyday.
  5. Fat guys & hot weather dont mix, so the fall is may fave time of year( but spring runs a close race), the leaves change colors,temps drop & the smell of that time of year gets stuck in your mind, first its squirrel season then deer season rolls around...dont get me started already.
  6. I had a hand me down daisy bb gun gave to me by my uncle when I was about 7 or 8 years old (what I wouldnt give to have that gun back) so I guess it's all his fault.
  7. We have a coupe gray foxes that come into our back yard on a regular basis, they have the ability to appear out of nowher, when they lave they can take 3 steps into the woods & entirely disapear.
  8. I've been mean'n to polish up on my fly rod skills (skills is a exageration) all summer but aint got around to it yet, it would be nce to be ready for some trout fish'n next spring, but blue gills would be just great because they never let ya down when a man wants to catch fish.
  9. As far as eat'n the hog , I've always heard that if a hog gets excited/mad/panics before its killed the meat aint fit to eat because it smells & taste so bad.
  10. I've been want'n to do some float'n this summer but so far have'nt made time, a guy at work has conoe for sale but it needs some repairs done but for the ask'n price who cares, mite just take it off his hands this week. OH YEAH !! crawdads...I seen a post some wher a guy put up about how to cook crawdads, man they had about 5 or 6 big sacks of mud bugs they put into sevral big pots to wash them off, then dumped them into a huge pot with all kinds of seasonings, whole red taters & corn on the cob, when they were done cook'n they poored'em out on a big table for everyone to get what they wanted. Have to say it looked real good & have had thoughts on try something like that myself but on a smaller scale.
  11. I bought a 870 sps from young man last winter & finally got around to shoot'n it yeaterday, I placed a target at about 25 paces then grabbed up a Winchester(lead) #6 long brass from the box, pull the gun(factory mod choke in it) up long enuff for both of the beads to line up and let'er eat, it suprised me ho wgood it shot, i know it was at close range but it just tore my target all to pieces. So I got ponder'n on the challenge of call'n one in close enuff to unload some #6s on him, maybe I've forgot the fun factor with my hevi shot and indian creek choke and all the other "necesities", not to mention the money. Think I'll start polish'n my call'n skills and mite just shoot lead shot(#6s of course), just for the challenge.
  12. I'm not even gonna tell what my "record" small mouth was, just a...yeah she caught a very nice small mouth didnt she. (%@#!*)
  13. I'm look'n forward to it, the grass is get'n greener and the trees are work'n up sap, its spring time in Tennessee, aint nothin better...untill fall anyway. been play'n with my turkey calls,try'n out my trusty ol my shotgun, poke'n around in teh woods...start'n to get the bug myself.
  14. You done that dog a favor, from what I've heard mange can spread like wild fire amongst yotes and can wipe out a pack, not that I have any solid proof of this bit of info but have always heard that thru the years. OH YEAH...love the gun, been debate'n on build'n me a AR for a while now, hope it turns out as sharp as yours.

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