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  1. I just thought I would share this news story from Detroit.  It looks like the cops may have been racially profiling them and looking for a fight.  They were arrested and charged with assualt on a police officer obviously, but the camera footage help them get the charges dropped when they went to court.  It didn't look like they had any reasonable suspicion or probable cause that they were involved in criminal activity either.  I think I would have defended myself with my fists as well regardless if they were wearing a badge or not.  Tell me your opinions on this story, and what would you guys have done if you were in that situation?    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MQ5aFijghU
  2. http://www.newschannel5.com/story/22867631/woman-stabbed-in-opry-mills-mall-parking-lot   All the times I've been there, I've always had my handgun on me.  Always be vigilant.  I'm glad the woman is okay.
  3. The tailgaters are a huge pet peeve of mine because of all of the reasons already stated.  What gets me the most is on the highways and interstates is the big rigs passing each other slowly as pointed out.  It always annoys the crap out of me when you are approaching two big rigs about to go up a steep grade, and the truck behind the slower one pulls out in front of you  trying to pass the slower truck while you are in the fast lane up the steep grade!  I don't understand why they wouldn't wait 5 to 10 seconds for me to pass both of them, and then he can pass the slower truck.  Don't the truckers know you go slower up hill due to gravity and their heavy loads?  I couldn't understand their thought processes when it comes to this situation, and there's long line of passenger vehicles getting mad like me over this.  As for the tailgaters and road ragers, I generally just slow down gradually until they back off.  It's not my fault they are in a hurry to get somewhere for whatever reason, and I won't be getting a speeding ticket for them just because they want to do 80+ mph on the interstate all the time.  I was given the middle finger one time by some punk after traveling at 55 mph (which is the speed limit) on a two lane, undivied highway after a tailgater passed me just because they wanted to go faster I guess.  Who knows what people are thinking, but I don't let them get to me because I know better.  Plus, like some previous posts say, they better be careful because people are legally packing heat such as myself.  Luckily, I haven't got into any confrontations or altercations because of road rage.  Be calm and stay safe out on the roads!
  4. I just got the final answer on this issue if anybody is interested for future reference.  Here is Ms. Lisa Knight's response to my inquiry:   "Mr. X, if you are now a resident of TN you may simply go into a driver’s license station, complete an application for a duplicate and pay the $5 fee as your current permit has not expired.  The driver’s license station will have to call our office in order for us to set your status from cancelled back to valid."   This is a huge relief for me.  This made my day!  :D
  5. I just emailed her my inquiry.  I am hoping for some good news!  Thanks guys!  :)
  6. I had a valid TN HCP when I moved to MIssouri last year and became a resident and received my HCP there.  My question is does my TN HCP automatically become invalid after I establish residency in Missouri?  I just recently moved back to my old address here in TN and established residency here again.  They used my old driver's license number as my new license that also matches my TN HCP as well per TN statue.    I kept my TN HCP just in case I did have to move back and it doesn't expire for another 3 years.  If it does make it invalid, does it go back valid after I establish residency or do I have to go through the whole process all over again?  Does the TN HCP ever go invalid even if you move and establish residency in another state?  I just like some clarifications if possible.  I cannot seem to get the HCP Dept. on the phone since it's always busy or no one ever answers.  Thank you! 
  7. http://www.nashville.com/news/nashville-community-news/murfreesboro-dui-checkpoint-video-goes-viral   Just thought I would share this story.  The young man exercised his Constitutional rights, but apparently that doesn't matter anymore.
  8. http://fox8.com/2013/07/01/fake-drug-checkpoint-causes-controversy/   I'm pretty sure this is illegal, but I don't know for sure.  I don't like the idea.
  9. Smitty

    Xbox One

    If I had to get a console, it would be a PS4 from what I've seen and read so far.  I haven't bought a gaming console since the ps2 and original xbox.  New PC games have been cheaper compared to console games as well.  I've  been a PC gamer, and will continue to be.  I like the mouse and keyboard better for gaming.  For the games that play better with a controller, you can just buy a xbox 360 controller for Windows (wired or wireless) and sync it up with the PC, map the controls how you want them, and you are good to go (for games that support controllers).  Plus, I just hook up my pc to my big screen HDTV with my wireless keyboard and mouse (sometimes controller) and sit in my recliner while gaming.  Also, PC hardware can always be upgraded as the newer and faster graphics cards, RAM memory, etc. come out unlike the consoles.  Just my $0.02. 
  10. I didn't know this was a crime let alone a felony.....     http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/25/anthony-brasfield-balloons-release_n_2758467.html    
  11. I'm confused like docachna is about this stuff as well.  I must recently moved back to TN (lived in TN all of my life until last year and had a TN HCP for about 5 years  prior to my move) from Missouri, and I have a HCP from Missouri.  Do I have to take the class and get fingerprinted and the whole nine yards again, or can I just fill out the application and pay the fee as if it were a renewal?  Missouri makes you qualify with a revolver and a semi-automatic handguns for the shooting tests plus the traditional lecture class on firearms laws.  I called the Dept. of Safety today but no one picked up the phone.  Thanks for any clarifications!  :) 
  12. Just saw this on youtube.  I thought it was hilarious, and I thought I would share.  Turkey's I've hunted run just the sound or visual of a human being.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vW4_wmJh8aM  
  13. I finally received my first smart phone. I decided to go with the Nokia Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 8! I did a lot of research, asked around, and messed around with many phones in the stores, and I had to give the windows phone a try. the Nokia is bulit pretty solid, and the OS is pretty cool. The number of apps are obviously lacking compared to android and apple, but that will change with time.
  14. http://detroit.cbslo...e-for-visitors/ Detroit has really gone downhill hasn't it?
  15. Maybe I should ask Obama for my new phone.

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