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  1. I removed my mag extensions when I realized they were causing 'misfeeds.' ~archi
  2. Glock, of course... I have a 36 and it fits very nicely in the front pocket...of my slightly baggy, large-pocketed jeans in an uncle mike's. I would highly recommend night sights for any personal defense pistol for obvious reasons. Try to budget it at purchase and you might be able to cut a deal, but it's also something you can do later, certainly. ~archi
  3. Very sexeh....and the girl's not bad either. ~archi
  4. I'd love to go...unfortunately, I don't own a motorcycle. If you plan to stop in Cookeville, I'll be happy to join you for a meal or something. ~archi
  5. I own an M&P15 and I LOOOOOOVE it. <3 to my Glock, too, though.... ~archi
  6. I would probably just carry, man.... "Better tried by twelve than carried by six." ~archi
  7. First off...My sincere condolences, Mitch, for your loss. You and yours will be in my prayers. Wow, what an epic thread.... I can't even remember all the points I wanted to make, so here goes nothing... I've had good and bad experiences with LEO's. Mostly the bad was when I was not actually being directly confronted or detained for any reason. I also know several LEOs on all levels...THP, County, City... THP guys are usually top-notch. I actually can't remember a bad experience with THP and I even know a couple personally and they are great guys who treat people with the utmost respect and professionalism. I know one county deputy who, at least at the beginning of her career, was an avid drug user and my ex-father-in-law is a high-ranking veteran who is very well-known and generally considered to be a prick and a terrible LEO....how he continues to be in law enforcement is beyond me as he's one of the biggest morons I've ever met...and I assure you that opinion has NOTHING to do with his daughter. The city here is a mixed bag....I went to school with a couple guys and they are pretty cool, but one decided that he just didn't want the job anymore and the other still works as far as I know and he always just tried to do the best job he could. Another guy is one of the best guys I've ever met in law enforcement, but he was recently suspended for...not sure what exactly, but he tended to hang around with unscroupulous types for reasons unknown to me...I figured it was to kinda say 'Hey, we're not all bad guys and I can be cool with anyone.' Never would have thought he would have done anything illegal or wrong. I used to be a pizza delivery driver and my current job keeps me on the streets quite a bit....several city LEOs simply directing traffic have been outright d**ks to me for simply trying to do MY job. I've always wanted to be in law enforcement and I even tried with the city a few years ago. I scored third highest on the test and beat EVERYONE in the obstacle course, but there were a couple guys with military experience and I guess that trumps pretty much anything else...Rightfully so, I suppose. I pretty much knew that I wouldn't make it when it came down to the eye exam anyway since one of my eyes is less than 20/40 and uncorrectable with lens or surgery. Pretty sure (as stated by several others here) that I could still out-shoot most LEOs since I've dedicated quite a bit of time to my shooting skills....I've seen lots of the 'World's Wildest' genre of TV and I've seen several videos where the LEO and BG where less than ten feet from each other and both missed with every shot...lol Anyhow... I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this before, but would it be a good idea for anyone who wanted to OC to get one of those lanyards with a clear plastic ID holder like the ones frequent flyers use to keep their passports in? It would certainly keep you from reaching anywhere you shouldn't on those 'man with a gun' calls and might even deter the call for backup in the first place. Can't be as bad as one of those stupid badges. ~archi
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb_HdYQooc4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXFCIjk01xA Pay close attention to the conversation at the very end of part one after the brother comes out....LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOEH4gJnqtM
  9. I've seen a walther that had some sort of built-in lock... Maybe a plain lock or small gun safe for storing it at home? Those kids are pretty young, but it's not too soon to start educating them about the difference between toy guns and the tool that could save all their lives one day. ~archi
  10. I've been using UBUNTU linux for months now.... I can even play ETQW using a native linux client. It's possible that your programs could work using WINE on linux. The good thing there is you can download a liveCD and try it out before actually installing it. (Or only use it when you want....like dual-booting...only...not ) One of my favorite live distros is SLAX.... http://www.slax.org/get_slax.php There used to be a 'Kill Bill' edition that was set up much like XP and ready to run windows programs....you're supposed to be able to click on the 'ACTIVATE' link once you're running SLAX from the page below to activate the WINE module. http://www.slax.org/modules.php?search=wine&category= Also, you could click the 'ADD TO BUILD' button and then click on the big swiss army knife at the top and make a custom ISO to burn. ~archi
  11. Yeah, seems to just be a lack of driver support under XP. I'm sure the drivers you need are already out there, but may not be easily found. I've seen Companies offer drivers for XP OR Vista....even Linux. You have checked the laptop manufacturer's support site for this option, right? ~archi
  12. I've seen peeps come off of street corners with their cardboard signs and get into a brand-new Benz or the like. ~archi
  13. This exact torture test has been posted on these forums at least five times... ~archi
  14. Ok, I may have had one beer too many at this point, so forgive me if this seems....insane. I sorta get a "Terminator" vibe from stuff like this...particularly since a recent conversation with my dear mother. I mean, you have all this 'Right to info' BS and Internet databases of nearly everything now... We've all heard of DVRs and widescreens....xbox360(not to mention webTV, which seems to have sorta died). It's reasonable to assume that the near future will combine all these these technologies into one convenient package so that all these things are one appliance that one day may be as common as a home phone (or cell phone for that matter).Also, some of you may be aware of some microchip technologies and the capabilities/intent of them... Soon we could all be paying for our groceries with a swipe of our wrist. Perhaps a fingerprint? Imagine the new crimes things like this could produce. I see it now... "Go Green without Green" As for the conversation I had with my mother, it concerned the Bible and the 'Mark of the Beast' and how you wouldn't be able to 'trade without a number.' SS#/bank account associated with your fingerprint or embedded in a microchip...I think we all know this is coming. They'll call it an attempt to cease common cash robberies and eliminate the cost of engineering and producing new security schemes for currency. Every journey has a first step. Not all of them good ones. ~archi p.s. -- I'm an avid user of ellipses(...) and postscripts (p.s.)

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