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  1. Is CCW allowed in Nashville parks, particularly the Warner parks? I know the state passed some laws a few years back, but the big cities were challenging it, and I don’t see clear reporting on the outcome of the various legal battles. Has it all shaken out yet?
  2. I am looking forward to the rifle side match! Hopefully there will be more than two of us this time.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Both guns are bolt actions with receivers, so being full guns, they are more of a pain to ship out of state, so I would prefer to remain local.
  4. I have two rifles that I would like re-crowned and threaded. Who in the central Tennessee area would be the best for top quality work? Anyone have any experience with any local smiths who can do this work?
  5. John, that was a fun match, I'm glad I came up. Do you know when they will post scores?
  6. I never understood the reasoning of the flat foot reload, that rule seemed to come out of nowhere. I'm glad it's gone. Hopefully the wording of the section makes good sense once it's gone. At that point, I'm pretty satisfied with the new rule book, I think. As for the CCP, I really don't see much point if it is defined for guns as big as the G19. If that's the case, and they get rid of BUG, then there's no way real BUGs could compete. Meanwhile, the difference between a G17 and a G19 is so small in terms of IDPA performance, I don't see much of a differentiator between CCP and SSP. Sure y
  7. I have a feeling that any attempts to prevent publishing of already disclosed data would run afoul of the first amendment. Good news though.
  8. Did Haslam eventually sign this? All I can find is that it passed out of the legislature.
  9. Not quite your neck of the woods, but I spotted a 6920 for $1099 at the Cool Springs Walmart outside Nashville last weekend. First time I'd seen a Colt there.
  10. I second the recommendations for the .243 and the 6.5 Swede. Both have only slightly more energy than a 30-30, and will reach out past 300 yards, easily. iirc, that Swede will arrive with more energy than a .308 past 300 yards. Get a rifle that's heavier than your old lever, and you're GTG. It probably breaks your budget, but look for a semi in those calibers. If you keep an eye out you may be able to find a Remington 7400 used for around $600 used. I used to have one that shot fairly well. Something like this: Remington 7400, 243 Win, 9X Charles Daly Scope : Pump at GunBroker.com Als


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