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  1. In an article in the NYTimes, she said she went out for a short hike. That's why she didn't take her phone or water bottle. She went off the trail to rest and got turned around trying to get back to the trail. (I'm guessing she just had to potty and didn't want to say that.) Once she realized she was lost, she decided to "follow her intuition because her intuition was so good." (Not joking. That's pretty much what she said.) Then, on the third day, she fell off a cliff and fractured her leg and lost her shoes in a flash flood. (I'm not sure of the order of these events.) By then, she had wandered about 4 miles outside the initial 1.5 mile radius search area. In short, she did almost everything wrong.
  2. If an EMP hits, you won't need maps. Your world will shrink to a 10 mile or so radius. Old cars will quickly be worthless because gasoline won't be available. Everyone will be on foot, except for bicycles. Old yard-sale bicycles will be worth their weight in gold if the grid shutdown continues for more than a week.
  3. Hmm. I have three lights with the button on the side. They're Xanes cheapo18650 LED lights for about $7. They have one side button that is clicked once to turn on to bright, again to switch to low, again to change to strobe, and again to turn off. They're floodies with a sliding lens to zoom from spot to flood. They're adequate for indoors, but weak compared to the other lights I mentioned. I hate them. I can never find the side button when I want to turn them on or change the brightness. The BLF Q8 has a side button, too, but it glows green in the dark so it's not as bad. To each his own, I guess...
  4. I'm not sure what you mean by a tail cap switch with a separate switch mode. The Convoy, Astrolux, and BLF A6 have a tail cap switch. There is no separate switch for modes. You just keep clicking the tail cap to switch from one mode to the other. The BLF A6 is programmable to start in your preferred mode. The default is to start in firefly. From there, you can half click to low, half click to med, and half click to high, and so on. Or, you can skip straight from firefly to turbo with a click to turn it on and a quick full click to go to turbo. You can program it to bypass the blinking modes entirely. That's what I do.
  5. I have the older Convoy S2. I think it's been replaced by the S2+. The difference between the S2 and the S3 is the LED. I think everything else is the same. The Convoy S2, S3, Astrolux (something), and (Astrolux) BLF A6 share the same frames. I've had the Convoy S2 for six years... good, dependable light, but it has only three non-blinking modes: high, med, and low. The BLF A6 has 5 non-blinking modes: turbo, high, med, low, and firefly. The Convoy, Astroxlux, and BLF all have tail standing, clicky tail caps. As hughd pointed out, budgetlightforum.com is the place to go to get inexpensive flashlight reviews.
  6. The BLF A6 is a group-buy flashlight designed by gurus on BudgetLightForum about 4 years ago. It's currently on sale for $17.99 in black (~$21 in the non-anodized aluminum look). I have four of these lights. They are the brightest one 18650 LED light you can buy. I much prefer the 6500K 1A bulb, but the neutral is okay. The yellow is too yellow for my taste. A year ago, I posted on BudgetLightForum to ask what I could buy that was brighter than the BFL A6 in one 18650. Multiple replies said, "Nothing. It's the brightest and most variable you can find." It has a turbo mode that lights up the night and even a firefly mode that's great for walking around the bedroom without disturbing your spouse. The Chinese company is a major vendor at BudgetLightForum and this is a quality LED light. I've had one failure out of my four lights in four years. It was the tailcap. I replaced it for $2. Shipping will take about two weeks if you pay the extra ~$1.50 for faster shipping. https://www.banggood.com/BLF-A6-XPL-1600Lumens-74modes-EDC-LED-Flashlight-18650-p-991823.html?rmmds=search&ID=518106&cur_warehouse=CN PS. While on bangood's website, check out the BLF Q8 powered by four 18650 batteries. This thing is bright... as in car headlights on high beam bright. It's currently only $49. PPS I have the Convoy version of the BLF A6. It's not as bright or as programmable. Since the BLF A6 can occasionally be bought on sale for $17.99, you might as well get it over the Convoy.
  7. This is a very rural area. Two hundred yards would typically only be a shot from one hillside to the other. This is also a very hilly area. I'd set up so the shot would have a hill 100-200 feet high as a barrier and so that any homes would be behind me. Maximum sight range would probably be 200 yards. A safe shot would be less in the summer due to more vegetation. Plus, I'm not a great shot. I'd want a much closer shot, but I'm just giving the maximum range for information purposes. I'm thinking set up would be relatively easy. Prevailing winds are typically from the west. The coyotes live to the west and north. There are several thousand acres of hilly forest to the west. "Shots fired" made me laugh. Shots are fired nearly every day and sometimes at night by neighbors doing target practice or whatever. The only thing that might bring a police response out here would be return fire!
  8. Coyotes have taken a few pets in my area and recently gave us a real scare with our cat. I'm not a hunter nor do I like to hunt, but I've been told by local animal control that I can shoot them on my land. I've only seen them at dusk or just after dark. My question is how can I see them at 100-200 yards in low light? We occasionally have loose dogs that wander around so I have to see clearly enough to distinguish between a dog and a coyote. I just looked into night scopes and was shocked to see prices in the $2,500 range. That's way outside my budget. My questions are 1) how can I see them 2) where can I learn the basics of coyote hunting 3) how do I ensure I don't break any TN laws. (All my neighbors support this, by the way.)
  9. This is a Gen 3, not 4, right? I need the replaceable back grip to fit my hand.
  10. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the old Hi Point C9 rated a 1 on my 1 to 10 scale. This new C9 is a solid 3... maybe 3.5. It now falls into the "I wouldn't be embarrassed to show it someone" category. Okay, maybe I'd be a little embarrassed, but for less than $200, I could deal with it.
  11. Is it just me or is that a really ugly grip on the ZEV?
  12. I laughed when I read the survey. Do you carry a gun in your car? If so, is it loaded? If so, is it locked? Do you wear a Fitbit... etc. I suggest a follow-up question. 5. If you don't carry in your car loaded and unlocked, does your Fitbit, Nike Sports Watch, or Apple Watch indicate that you can run faster than 1,000 feet per second?
  13. I bought two Coast FL74 LED headlamps for $19.95 at Home Depot over the holidays. They use 3 AAA batteries and go from flood to zoom tight beam. Outstanding headlamps for the money. The low mode is great for working under a dash or sink where a bright light would blind you. Medium is good for hiking. High is good for night running or even night cycling. I don't know if you can still order them on the Home Depot website, but I'd highly recommend them if you like headlamps. I tested five headlamps for our Hood to Coast running relay team last summer with two models costing $45. These Coast lights wing hands down and they are easier to operate. I previously posted about how much I like the 18650 battery BLF A6 flashlight. I have 4 BLF A6 that I ordered from Banggood for about $19.95 each on sale. I posted over at BudgetLightForum and asked if there was anything better that the BLF A6 at its price point (normally $25-$30). They said no... and these guys are total flashlight geeks. What I like most is that it has a firefly mode... a very low output that's great for moving around in the bedroom without waking up my wife. The turbo mode is amazingly bright. I bought four A6 over the years. I've had one tailcap failure, but otherwise they all are still working. Caveat: I don't drop flashlights or mount them on firearms so I can't comment on their reliability in those circumstances. My keychain lights are the Astrolux 01 and the ThruNite Ti3, both are 1 AAA but both will take rechargeable 10440 3.7v batteries. That roughly doubles the brightness. EDITED The BLF A6 is currently $21.95 and that includes a Samsung 18650 battery. Do not buy the 5A tint. It is yellow and noticeably weaker. I prefer the 1A tint. https://www.banggood.com/BLF-A6-XPL-1600LM-74modes-EDC-LED-Flashlight-INR18650-30Q-Battery-p-1088818.html?rmmds=search&ID=518106&cur_warehouse=CN
  14. I never set New Year Resolutions, but every year in December, I do a "How Goes It" review of the year. It's mostly a review of my running. I list successes, failures, injuries and current status of injuries, lessons learned, and goals for the New Year. The Lessons Learned is always the longest. I never set resolutions, per se... just goals.
  15. I hope they're still in stock at your Home Depots. By the way, Home Depot also had a display for what appears to be an identical light, but it's only 1 for $19.95. Home Depot also had a display for Copper Fit socks. I'm leery of the copper doing anything beneficial, but they were 3 pairs for $9.95 so I bought them. They are surprisingly warm, especially for a no-show anklet sock. I'm a runner so I wear these no-show socks in the winter and my feet often get cold. These socks help. Maybe there is something to this "copper" thing. EDITED: Besides, what is Christmas without getting a pair of socks?
  16. Home Depot has a 2-pack of Coast FL74 tri-color headlamps for $19.95. These are awesome headlamps, especially for the price. I ran a 199-mile team relay in August and I was in charge of recommending headlamps for the team for running at night. I tested 7 different headlamps, but these Coast headlamps are better and cheaper than anything I tested, including two $40 headlamps. They are very bright with a low, medium, and high mode. The beam is a full flood that can be twisted down to a spot. It has a red and green LED on each side that put out barely enough light to walk at night once your eyes adjust. The red mode is good for walking around the house at night without turning on the lights and waking everyone up. It uses three AAA batteries. It has a claimed 435 lumens, but I disregard lumens since they can be so wildly exaggerated. Instead, I use my "dog or deer" test. At what distance does the light put out enough illumination to tell the difference between a dog and a deer? My best LED flashlight is good for about 140 yards. The Coast in spot beam is good for about 100 yards. My other headlamps are in the 50 to 70-yard range. I bought them at the Bellevue Home Depot in West Nashville out of one of those Christmas Special bins.
  17. I don't care for Bulleit, but then, others like it. I think there are better choices in that price range.
  18. jgradyc

    Rural King

    I went to RK in Clarksville on a Saturday and the gun counter was super busy. I had to wait a while to pick up my order, but the staff was polite and professional. That was about a year ago so personnel may have turned over.
  19. It looks to be nearly identical to my Taurus Millenium G2. I'm wondering if there is enough difference to warrant an upgrade to the G2C.
  20. My cat is probably smart enough to avoid a confrontation with a big cat, but my little dog is too dumb. I'll have to keep a closer eye on her when we go for our morning and evening walks.
  21. I live on Old Hickory Blvd between Ashland City and Joelton. Last night, my wife saw the shadow of something big moving behind our house. Big in this case means the size of a medium to large dog. She said it didn't move like a deer or a dog. This morning, when I walked the dog, our old cat went outside and sniffed the bushes along the woods a long time and then marked them himself. He doesn't normally mark bushes that far away from the house. When coyotes have been around, the cat usually smells them and won't even leave the deck the next morning... smart cat! Have there been any sightings of big cats in this area?
  22. Based on reading this thread, I checked The Final Day in audiobook today. I'm in Chapter 2 and so far, it's boring and moving pretty slow.
  23. I just did some research. A 1/2" steel ball weighs 129gr and can be shot at 240fps. That's 17ft-lbs of force. Not much compared to a 22LR at 40gr at 900fps for 72ft-lbs of force, but the slingshot would be a pretty serious deterrent. Imagine stepping into a classroom and getting hit with 15-20 steel hex nuts moving at 240fps. One headshot would probably incapacitate the shooter. As a kid, I could shoot a slingshot 3-4 times in a few seconds. Schools could keep the slingshots in a lockbox to only be used in a shooter event. Kids could attend a training session once a semester. I'll admit this isn't a great idea, but it is lightyears better than hockey pucks. Heck, half the kids today can't even throw a baseball.
  24. When I first heard about the hockey puck defense, I thought it was a hoax. After reading about it, I wondered if they were going to advocate an active opposition, why not use something inexpensive and easier to deliver to target. My first thought was a slingshot with steel or lead balls. Then, I realized why a school board would NEVER vote to use slingshots... you could actually hurt someone with a slingshot!

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