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  1. I have the IPad Air and I use it all the time now. Put all my equipment manuals on it and can carry it with me everyday. Also found that a $15.00 pistol case makes a dandy carrier. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. 97 wrangler (250k + miles and still going strong) and the wife drives an 08 Liberty. The Wrangler has already been through 1 teenage son, now my 16 year old daughter has laid claim to it. Maybe I'll get it back in a couple of years. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. I will not be surprised to find out that the Republican leadership is behind the leak. It appears to me that the GOP establishment is more afraid of Mr. Cain than the dems are.
  4. I've got a 17 yo son and a 13 yo daughter who love to shoot the Charger. I bought it about 4 years ago when the first came out. My son had never shown any interest in shooting until I brought home the Charger. We have a 100 yd range in the back yard with spinners set up at 25 & 50 yds and a 12" steel plate at 100. Both kids can make them dance, but my daughter can play a tune on that 100 yd plate. I don't really know the point of the Charger,(or many of my other toys) but it sure is a lot of fun to get out and see if the kids can outshoot dad. (they usually do!!!)
  5. Talk to the local TWRA officer. They usually get very interested in illegal dumping, especially if it involves a creek or waterway.
  6. It's a nice thought but it will never go anywhere because the state would lose all the $$$$ from the background checks.
  7. The way I see it, if the people want to vote someone OUT of office, there has to be someone to vote IN to office. Part of the problem on all levels of politics for too long is the lack of choices to vote for. I have felt for a long time that anyone who was smart enough and of good enough character to hold office and be an effective representative of the people who elected them was also smart enough to stay out of politics. Eventually someone is going to have to step up and be willing to go into office to do the things that are right for the people. Maybe the the best thing would be to do away with elections altogether, fill public offices like jury duty, just draw names out of a pool of eligible people. If people had to try and come up with excuses to try and get out of serving instead of spending 1000 times what the job pays to try to get the job they might do a better job. Yes, sometimes you would get folks that weren't as smart or as honest as other times, but it probably wouldn't be much worse than it is now. JMHO
  8. I did not see the need for the 17 HMR when they first came out. I always thought the .22 Mag could do most things better. A friend of mine bought one thinking it was the "be all-end all" yote gun, he believes everything he reads in magazine ads, the first morning I called in a yote in for him he shot it 4 times before I finally put it down for good with my .223. It is a nice gun and very accurate( I bought it from him), but I usually use it for picking off crows that are smart enough to stay out of shotgun range. The ammo is starting to get expensive(but what ammo is not?).
  9. I think a lot of these politicians are feeling the guilt of having their hands on the stick that poked and awoke the sleeping giant of the American people. They KNOW that they SHOULD be afraid for what they have done to our country. Just remember, anyone who dares to question what our leaders have determined is best for us is either racist, stupid, or a terrorist. Be very careful of what you say. and extremely careful of what you do. All will be used against us in the future.
  10. Now THAT'S FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Burn Notice Swamp Loggers Beck and O'Rielly
  12. 10:30 the ground is covered and coming down hard in Lawrence Co.
  13. 66-3 was produced from 1986-1994/ I have several 66's and 19's, I actually use a 66-2 2.5" as my daily carry gun. It's a little heavy but it goes BANG every time you pull the trigger.
  14. An agressive cat can be helpful for situations like this, if possible.

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