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  1. luke9511

    New relic!

    tell me about it, i wish i would have gotten one when they were under 100 but 250 is not bad and a big thanks to G&L for a easy and quick and pleasant purchase!
  2. luke9511

    New relic!

    i no i plan to buy some ammo soon and find some time to take it the range! also it goes very well with my mosin
  3. luke9511

    New relic!

    Picked up this 1932 Tula nagant revolver last night, needs a good clean and some ammo but it’s awesome!
  4. luke9511

    bad gunsmithing service

    They didn’t ask or say if there was a difference, I have an update I talked to the gunsmith who was real nice and everything and he explained what he did and he said the barrel was really dirty and that it took a long time to clean and he asked me what was wrong and I mentioned the gas tube and piston, I didn’t get the chance to say about other areas that were dirty but that’s okay for now, anyway he took it to the back and cleaned it and drilled the smaller port open as apparently in the past the piston some how got bent and was getting stick in the tube, he also didn’t charge me anything for this and before I left I bought a ammo can and a patch and off topic but when I got there and on my way in I think I saw a member of tgo as he had one of those fancy cups with the tgo logo on it
  5. luke9511

    bad gunsmithing service

    If they say it’s going to take longer than a day should I say no?
  6. luke9511

    bad gunsmithing service

    hey everyone, need your advice as i do not know what i should ask or how i should approach this, so about 3-4 weeks ago i dropped off my sks at a gunrange with onsite gunsmithing (wont name them here if you want to know send me a pm) to have my sks cleaned, have the rear sight removed and have a ak style mag catch installed, now there was a 3 and a half week backlog (which should have been a red flag but i just shrugged it off as i was not in a hurry) and so i waited and waited and this past weekend i got the call that my rifle was ready and to come pick it up, so i headed out saturday to get it, i get there, give them my paperwork and at this point the place was getting very busy so i just got my rifle put it in the case and paid my 100 dollars for the work done i got home and was worried that the gas tube and piston was not cleaned as that was the worst part, but before i even took it off i was checking everything else and as you can see in the picture below thats from just the magazine well and the gastube and piston was even worse, basically it seems the rifle was not cleaned at all and i dont think it was even taken out of the stock so my question is, when i go back tonight should i ask for a refund, partial refund, free cleaning etc etc or maybe am i at fault cause i didnt say something like deep cleaning or something, i have never had work done to any of my firearms so i dont know how to handle this, good and bad advice is welcome thanks all
  7. luke9511

    free Free to a good home

    still here and still searching
  8. luke9511

    my first full AR-15

    thanks everyone! and i do plan to build a m16a1 replica, i have the lower but the upper has been out of stock for a while from brownells
  9. luke9511

    my first full AR-15

    i mostly shop for ammo when i need it, there is three gun stores where i live (i havent been to the third as it is still new) but academy is the easiest to get too
  10. luke9511

    my first full AR-15

    i recently bought this https://www.outdoorlimited.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=AB223100CASE not bad of a price imo for ammo i plan to shoot only at the range
  11. luke9511

    my first full AR-15

    hey everyone i hope you're all well, i finally have a ar-15 i still have finished the one i was putting together but i went out a couple of weeks ago to academy sports and picked up one of these https://www.springfield-armory.com/products/saint/ have not yet taken it to the range but will try and do so soon, i also picked up a 92fs finally so its been a good year for guns for me lol
  12. luke9511

    free Free to a good home

    still searching
  13. luke9511

    free Free to a good home

    still got him and he is doing very well still contacting as many rescues as i can find on google
  14. luke9511

    free Free to a good home

    still got him and his UTI is gone!
  15. luke9511

    free Free to a good home

    he has only been around a dog once or twice and didnt like it so long term i have no idea, i am also going to post this up top, he has a vet visit tonight 2/19/2018 at 4:30pm and i will post an update about his UTI

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