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  1. saw this on youtube and thought y'all may find it interesting, i know i did.
  2. they are my go to for 7.62x38r as they are the only ones who have it
  3. hey all i plan to try and go deer hunting this season with a buddy and plan to take my mosin and am looking for non fmj ammo and was wondering if anyone here as used this or something else https://www.sgammo.com/product/wolf-or-wpa/20-round-box-762x54r-200-grain-soft-point-wolf-wpa-hunting-ammo-made-lve-russia
  4. took the hand gun crash course and it was great! learned a lot and how to properly fire and hold a handgun and my aim was a lot better because of it! and i highly recommend this class to anyone who feels like they need a refresher course! i also learned i want a glock 17 lol
  5. if you still want a VW this is my go to place to find one https://www.thesamba.com/vw/classifieds/search.php?submit=yes&keywords=&type=text&stype=all&username=&yearfrom=&yearto=&pricefrom=&priceto=&model[]=&section[]=1&section[]=3&section[]=5&wanted=show&zip=&zipdist=0&state[]=Tennessee&usaregion=&country=&sort=date&sort_order=DESC&submitButton=Search
  6. and they were asking 8grand? if the paint was good etc maybe 8 but with the paint i would say 3500
  7. yeah he does and i cant help talking to my screen trying to point out something he missed lol
  8. i am also subscribed to mustie1 and cant praise his videos enough!
  9. i love me some vw's i have a bunch of diecast vw's, i am in the same boat i recently sold my truck and am currently trying to figure out what to replace it with and would like something i could work on and tinker as i like that sort of thing! and if you get it please post pictures!
  10. i know how to wear them, ive been wearing them since i was 13 but still they cause me enough discomfort that i cant wear them all the time like i would like to
  11. i have to ask cause i think it fits in here, i am supposed to wear regular glasses but my issue is that they are always uncomfortable on the nose wether they have those little nubs or the ones with out them, how do you get around that? mine feel heavy on my nose and i cant stand to wear them more than 10 minutes
  12. i am a member of GOA and refuse to join the NRA with whats going on with them and the fact they dont really fight for our rights like the GOA is
  13. adding pictures of the interior, if anyone wants me to send more pictures or certain pictures of the truck please feel free to message me or post here!

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