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  1. I’m gutty and carry a Glock 43x in a no name eBay kydex iwb just in front of my hip,after you get used to it it’s not uncomfortable.
  2. I’m glad that I’m at the age now where my little head doesn’t out think my big head.
  3. The best gun shows are at Camp Jordan but they only have them 3 times a year there.Memorial Day,July 4th and Labor Day weekends.Ranges you have Chattanooga Rifle Club with a 2 year wait to join,Cleveland Hunting Rifle and Pistol club with a 1 year wait,Montlake and Dead Zero,not sure on their memberships.Depending on where you live any of the clubs mentioned could be a great choice or not distance wise.Gun shops of course you have GT,Carter’s,Anthony’s,but don’t sleep on the pawn shops.US Money Shops has 3 locations and Big Bucks has 2 and they have a great selection of guns.There are several good shops in Cleveland too. If you are into competitive shooting there is NRA High Power,Bullseye,IDPA,USPSA,Trap and Skeet offered at several clubs.
  4. Pre pandemic the 357 1894s were bringing more money than the 44s usually $2-$300 more. I’m seeing the 44s in nice shape going around $900 on GB last I checked.
  5. et45

    Gen 5 Glock 19

    Glock quietly fixed the brass to face problem without acknowledging it. I had a Gen 5 19 for a while but I have wide hands and didn’t like the flared mag well.If I get another Gen 5 it will be a full size frame.
  6. et45

    Glock 45

    That’s the same configuration a Colt Commander has and it was considered the ultimate carry gun for a long time
  7. I liked the old location better.No traffic and convenient to get to.Not a fan of the layout for the guns either.Its a gun store not a museum but I can see where it would cut down on groups of people hovering around the counter. I took my daughter to the range,it was nice and reasonably priced.Disappointed to hear they aren’t selling reloading supplies anymore.
  8. The 4 Kings.Hagler,Hearns,Leonard and Duran.There will never be an era like that again.RIP Champ
  9. I went to the Murfreesboro show today.Gun prices were about average,9mm and 5.56 ammo were extremely high.$1 a rd for 5.56 but the shocker was primers.$300/$340 a thousand.Powder was around $80 a lb. I stayed about an hr,too crowded for me.
  10. Me too. I have a lot that I have acquired over the years both blued and stainless.All were bought or traded for less than $15 apiece.After Wilson bought them out they go for $30 + depending on the model.That’s Wilson money and I have quite a few of them too.To the OP, I did the trade in for the EB mags last year with 5 no name mags I had.Upon receiving them I saw they were Checkmate mags,same as the mags that came with my Sig XO.They work fine
  11. I was at GT Distributors today.They are sold out of Blue Label Glocks but you can order one and they will call when it comes in.I don’t know the other Blue Label Dealers policy.GT is in Rossville,Ga but the building is on the state line,they built a room in Tn to handle those transactions.
  12. Per Glock:Honorable Discharge DD214 holders now qualify for regular Blue Label pricing at a local Blue Label supplier who is on the Glock dealer locater.Prior to this Glock only offered the Blue Label pricing between Memorial Day and Veterans Day for holders of an Honorable DD214.This is only from a Blue Label dealer and not directly from Glock.
  13. Smaller knife I presume.Last year at the checkpoint a guard noticed my Spyderco Para Military clipped to my pocket.They measured it and I had to take it back to the truck.
  14. An 8 rd single stack 45 acp from Glock would be nice.A 36x they could call it


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