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  1. Most dangerous thing I ever saw in the Passage (water steps) was some guy flopping around in the pool at the bottom with a colostomy bag.
  2. I have never seen any signs,years ago they used to have gun shows there.
  3. I’ve been reloading since 91.First in an out building and now in an old shotgun shack my great grandfather built in the mid 50s.Neither were climate controlled except a space heater or fan depending on what time of year it was.I have always kept my powder and primers there and never had a problem.
  4. Best quality will be a Garrett.They are Kydex lined with leather but they are pricey.$80-$110 and they are made to order so there will be a wait.I have a G-Code for my G17 it’s a good quality holster.Ready Tactical and Comp Tac are other good holsters.Expect to pay at least $60 for one.Blade Tech still makes holsters of Kydex but you have to order it from the website.The $30 ones they sell through vendors are injection molded plastic.
  5. I have that place and several others earmarked when I win the lottery.You should see the spots I have picked out in New Mexico.Landwatch is a great website to pass the time and dream.
  6. I cut out TV completely at home.Yeah it means no more UT football games but that’s what radio is for.
  7. I had one of those that I shot USPSA with for years.Never had a problem or malfunction in over 20K rds.
  8. et45

    Glock 19x

    The 19x and the 45 is Glock’s version of the 4.25/4 inch “Commander” 1911s.I too have wanted one of them since they were announced.The balance is perfect and since I have a 17 and a 34 I won’t have to buy different mags.
  9. et45

    Go Tigers!

    Bama got by out scoring opponents into submission this year.You can see that Lamponi is not as good a defensive coordinator as Pruitt.Saban is going through coaches and coordinators left and right now , no continuity.It may be the first chink in his armor.
  10. Montlake has a monthly 22 Steel match.Details are on their Facebook page.
  11. 47Ds are good mags. I have never had a problem with them reliability wise but they do tend to fail to lock back on the last rd after a while, just replace the follower and problem solved.The 47D is really the mid range Wilson mag now. They sell a $20 7 rd mag and the higher priced ETM variants as well as a new mag called the Elite Tactical Mag.Wilson bought CMC last year so it sounds like the Elite Tactical might have been a new CMC design they were working on.
  12. Montlake and Dead Zero are accepting new members with no waiting list.Of course they charge double what CRC and CHRPC do.....
  13. I don’t read the books but I follow them, in them Rick cuts Negan’s throat but he doesn’t die. The next threat is The Whisperers, people who skin Walkers and live among them.Negan helps defeat them.FTWD is good.The first season was slow because it showed how it all started. Season 2,Walking Dead Mexico sucked donkey balls but Season 3 knocked it out of the park. This first episode in season 4 with the main players showing up in the final scene is obviously a time jump that will be told in subsequent episodes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Nice! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. It’s reached the point where the spinoff FTWD seems to have a better storyline moving forward.Last season of FTWD was actually pretty good. The only thing I like about this season of WD is Daryl’s new outlook ( kill em’ all ). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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