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  1. I am indeed sorry for your loss, but it had nothing to do with my post.
  2. Thank you, Gorden. As noted in the Benefactors thread, this is why I rarely post (anymore).
  3. Y'all are amazing. <sigh> - SO.... will a mainstream media outlet do (as listed in the link I provided)? https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/10/department-of-justice-moves-to-ban-bump-stocks-classifying-them-as-machine-guns-under-federal-law.html
  4. <sigh> - SO.... will a mainstream media outlet do (as listed in the link I provided)? https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/10/department-of-justice-moves-to-ban-bump-stocks-classifying-them-as-machine-guns-under-federal-law.html
  5. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/03/daniel-zimmerman/breaking-doj-reclassifies-bump-fire-stocks-machine-guns/ Five fails in one blunder - Defied physics, prior BATFE classification and ruling on the device, National Firearms Act of 1934 criteria, and congressional oversight (not to mention betrayed his voter base... congrats DEMS, you just won the 2018 mid-terms without lifting a hand...., MAGA will stay home in November)
  6. Shhhheeeeeet. Y'all obsessing over the Crapper Barrel.... Me, I'm heading straight to Red Lobster for the fire-wood, rope, pulleys, buckets, crates, slat-traps, lanterns, boats & obviously.... the liquor cabinet. Next stop will be Long John Silvers for the imperishables in the warming trays.
  7. So, I went by Clinton Walmart today (getting tires put on the Xterra). Not much in fishing line - SpiderWire was about it in 6 lb test. Trilene XL - 20 lbs. & up. Walmart is not even trying to cater to fishing (but their Clinton tire services are downright excellent).
  8. Thank you. I thought there would be a preferred braid. Can you suggest a vendor with decent pricing? (1000-3000 yds.)
  9. Be aware, that Rossi classifies the Circuit Judge (that they sell in the Americas) ... as a rifle. I am not sure how the TN game wardens view it, but it may be worth finding out before one is in the field with it on a turkey hunt. Me, I would love to take a turkey with a regular ol Judge pistol w/ .410 load ... point-blank range, of course (I don't think we can do that either). B.
  10. So, after more years than I like to admit, my 3000-yd. spool of forest-green Berkley Trilene XL is running out. What is the go-to line nowadays for light tackle ? (I was using 6-lb test) Thanks, Bert
  11. Hi All, Our old late-1990's era fish-finder is no longer with us. Given a $100 - $250 budget what should I be looking for to replace it? Thanks, Bert
  12. The horse on the bottom of the stack does not look very happy.
  13. "~~ what is on the end of the chain?" That is little brother, who is also the photographer.
  14. OK. It finally said "identify pictures with walls". So, I am awaiting email. <whew>.
  15. I guess I am just blind and stupid. I will try again in a few days. A half-hour of frustration so far on Captcha. Make the photos bigger or something.
  16. You need to dial back Capcha. The resolution on some of those photos suck. I am now on try #3.
  17. Without reading beyond the summary, were the AR and the Uzi *actually* full-auto?
  18. "I told my wife".... I understand. .......and my wife would take up the offer... and it ain't worth the hassle. I'm old enough that I very much like serenity over drama and legal fees. So, I reckon it's easier to grumble about Dollyweed once a year or so, and maybe play cat & mouse with them when able.
  19. apparently. and certainly understandable.
  20. It is posted. They *do* wand, sometimes more aggressively than others. Experienced a few times in 2017. The less the crowd in line, the more likely to be wanded. It is ultimate security kabuki.


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