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  1. Terry J

    New Toys!!

    Hey I posted an article asking about this gun a couple days ago well its now mine. I traded my Kimber for this and a S&W SW99 40 cal so I think i came out ok. Please let me know what you think. I know the barrell is an earlier model cause of the marking and the mag is an earlier model as well. The finish Im not sure about and its hard to get pics of it But if you look at the pics of the sites i think its been reblued but i cant find any evidence of it in the lettering. Im posting a link to my web page since theres alot of pics. figured it would be easier and take up less space. Http://www.bigtjohnsons.com/1911.htm
  2. So far I cant find any rebuild marks just original stamping from when it was first built. It does not have the original barrell. The markings on the barrell indicate its from an earlier model as well the mag is from a first gen serial number model so those are not period correct. Both of which could be understandable due to wear and tear. The fact that it dosent have any rebuild stamps Intrigues me.
  3. I had seen what it was called today in my research and when i was typing this i couldnt remember for the life of me what its correct name was. LOL thanks.
  4. I havent placed my hands on it yet but it from the pics i have I dont think its a black army edition. I do believe its all original. mag even has string holder on the bottom of it. Some pics it looks blue/black some look brown depending on the side you look at. I also dont see any stamps from where it might have been redone either. I am only looking for a ball park and I do know its hard to value a gun like this without looking at it. I would post pics but im not sure how the owner would feel about it and I dont want to try to promote it for selling as like i said this is between a friend and me. not a public sale.
  5. Hey guys and gals. Got a question. I have a guy wanting to trade me a colt 1911 military issue 1918 year model according to the serial number. It is in alright shape maybe 40-50% and original from what i can tell. Just wondering what the value is of these pistols. All the pricing ive looked at bounces anywhere from 300$ on the low end to 3000$ on the high end. Serial number is in the 560000 range. The trade is for my kimber eclipse 10mm in pristine condition. Note: I am not trying to sell my kimber by the way in case anyone asks. This is just a deal from a buddy of mine im looking into.
  6. I have found on mine that if you use round nose the bullet seats to far into the case and falls in. I run 115grn Hornady xtp hollow points cause of the flat tip. I load mine with AA #9 cause it fills the case and helps with setback and I also use the lee factory crimp die to make sure they will not setback during chambering. If i remember correctly I am using 12.7grns of powder. Could be wrong though. all my load data is on my home computer.
  7. What is up with primers???? Everytime i go to order some nowadays no-one has any. Getting low here and could really use some.
  8. I have a 7mm/08 as well and its normally what i use.
  9. Yes it is!! Seems like all the land around here is already leased and the clubs are full.
  10. well the one club I hunt on around here you practically have to. That is unless you want to walk the mile or so to the stand. The WMA's do not allow it though.
  11. I second this!! although i prefer the mark V.
  12. Hey everyone!! I live in Tipton County and I'm looking for a lease or club somewhat close by. I normally go with my g/f's dad to his but last year i got a nice 8pt opening weekend and had to hunt chickasaw WMA the rest of the year. Their only allowed one guest deer on the club. Does anyone know of anything available or upcoming? Thanks in advance. Terry J.


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