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  1. AU aka Jim to his friends is a great guy to deal with.
  2. I have a friend that has an MG42. I hope to shoot some day. The closest thing I’ve got to fire was a Bren.
  3. ShaunM looks like Rutledge wood with red hair. Nice birds Shaun! Wish I could get me a rio.
  4. Yeah they cancelled my hunt but send out emails letting everyone know to get out and enjoy the outdoors. If you don’t hunt turkeys don’t start. It’s more addictive than deer hunting. Being a route driver I’ve seen a bunch of them in full strut for the last month.
  5. I got drawn for Oakridge for tomorrow’s hunt but it got canceled. Thanks coronavirus!
  6. I have one in .270 that my dad got me for Christmas when I was 18. I have Failures to feed failures to eject so I make the first shot count. It has cost me a9 point and a few coyotes. It makes dad happy to see me hunt with it though.
  7. Chuck, are you the one from Burn notice? That was a great show. You can always use the guys down at Knoxville range. Formerly Coal Shaft Armory. LOL! That’s where Bob got started back when it was Guncraft. I’ve never used those guys but they all worked with Bob and seemed to be pretty good.
  8. My last was a G-19. Before that was a Springfield ultra compact v-10. Love both but still want a full size 1911. I think the 357 sig is bad ass and never cared for the .40. The 10 mm is pretty cool and wouldn’t mind having it in a 1911.
  9. Actually I realized after I wrote that, I meant hwy30.
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