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  1. The last time it was held here you could park at the Holiday Inn on West end and a NRA bus would pick you up and drop you off at event for FREE.
  2. NRA announced today that the Annual NRA Meeting scheduled for Nashville 4/16-18 has been canceled due to dang virus. https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2020/3/13/2020-nra-annual-meetings-exhibits-canceled/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=insider&utm_campaign=0320
  3. There were probably 150 in my backyard today. I think hunting season ended today.......they always seem to know,
  4. Looks more like a high end razor.
  5. Dang I want one........whaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  6. Gran, you and Sybo have real talent and are hitting it out of the park!!!
  7. Purty......and made in Gallatin, TN none the less.
  8. Next auto consider Protech........best bar none
  9. So is that a total of 4 mags? GLWS....wish you were closer.
  10. I did this also and totally concur.....BTW if you renew your drivers licence by mail they will date it by when they receive it and not from renewal date. In another note......Since I have received my lifetime CCP, I almost always get TSA precheck at the airport.....just an added benefit
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