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  1. Sounds like I have not been missing anything
  2. Be there and done that got the scars to prove it.  Mine was done back in the "old" days and it was rough.  Todays methods are a bit kinder.  Get well soon and give us a range report.
  3. This show has become way lame, I am tapping out. :surrender: 
  4. yeah like they never have any problems http://www.japanesesportcars.com/recalls/toyota
  5. not really sure they should? looks too much like a toy.
  6. True what the Finns did to make the m39 is far better than any 91/30.  However this batch from Classic is most prolly all the returns from the last  PR fiasco they had just a few short months ago. 
  7. A gun shop can refuse the sale of any firearm for any reason. simple as that.
  8. Outstanding work, I even learned something :up:
  9. love it! he burnt a flag???!!
  10. please explain this picture? did you bury that car?
  11. thanks, I got weak and just tried to order some and it is now sold out :up:
  12. Passing this on to fellow members. I don't need any and you'll be doing me a great service if you help to sell this out before temptation gets the better of me. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/produ...ammo?a=1551247 Not in any way affiliated with sportsmansguide.  Won't last long at this price
  13. M39 and SKS are great choices! I used to be a fan of Classic but after the last round of BS and people not receiving the guns as described I have lost all faith with this company.  A quick Google search of hand picked M39 will provide hours of horror story's.
  14. I say absolutely pay off the principal as much as possible. By doing this you will decrease your monthly interest payments dramatically, you will also pay off your home much sooner.  Unless you enjoy making most of your payment go towards interest that is. 
  15. Another BIG fan of DT.  I used to buy from the Springhill shop all the time. Always fast, great customer service and prices.  One time I was there watching them like usual and I noticed an employee with concern with my L/R lug nuts.  He called the service guy over who then proceeded to change my lug nuts without asking me first!  I was ready to give them the once over for changing my nuts without my permission (thinking how much this will cost) To my surprise he showed me the issue with the threads and promptly told me no charge sir.  I was blown away!  Only wish they would open a store in my new location.
  16. That's a very young mama monster. Definitely very impressive vocals.
  17. :eek:  :stare:  :surrender: Wow talk about a reality check
  18. She definitely did a better job than the last time Roseanne Barr attempted it.
  19. I hope he was a serious threat to society. They sure placed a lot of innocent lives in jeopardy that chase.
  20. I too could have remove several open carry guns from individuals.  I have no problem exercising your second amendment rights but please do it responsibly.
  21. So you tied it to the grate and now gonna have yourself a barbecue?


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