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  1. The Blaser R8 is one of the best rifles for African plains hunting. Tough, accurate and reliable. I bought this package in a fund raising auction. I do not see myself making it to Africa anytime soon. This one is in .300 Win Mag. The nice thing about the Blaser's is that you can carry a different barrel and switch calibers very easily and quickly. You can get additional barrels in .375 H&H, .300 Wby., 30-06 Sprg., .270 Win., .308 Win. I have not even assembled this rifle yet. It comes with a Pelican 1700 custom fitted case and a Zeiss Conquest 2-10x42 scope. I am open to trade offers plus cash. Looking for newer Beretta O/U's. $4,000.00 $3250.00
  2. Both are used. The PDW brace has a darker spot from charging handle drag, I tried to get it in the picture. $130 shipped or $120 picked up in Columbia. Kak super sig tube has a couple of small flaws in the finish. $30 shipped it $20 picked up in Columbia
  3. An almost new Glock 19 Gen 4, 9mm hand gun. Less than 100 rounds fired through this gun. Still in factory hard box with the usual accessories one would expect. This item was well over $500 from the dealer. I am asking $325, as is, for this fine pistol. Photos soon to come. *******Item has been sold, 8-19-19 to the first reply I recieved *******
  4. I have (9) Glock Factory 22-round stick mags for .40 s&w, asking $25 per mag or $220 for all nine. PENDING I also have (8) Glock Factory G23 13-round magazines, (3) 4th gen and (5) pre-4th gen, asking $20 each or $150 for all eight. $350 for all mags listed. Located in Cordova, TN, prefer FTF. If require shipping, buyer pays +$10 to ship. SOLD!
  5. EDIT forgot to add I have the title in hand and in my name. Hey everyone hope you're all well! I am looking to sell my truck, it is a red 2004 Nissan Frontier CrewCab 2WD with full length bed, don't let the body damage fool you this is a good truck the good: engine runs strong it is a 3.3L v6, transmission shifts good, timing belt was done at 151k miles its currently at about 205k or 206k miles I will get a picture later and post it EDIT as you can see it has 207096 miles work that has been done in the last two years: new rotors and brakes new valve cover gaskets new power steering return line new plenum gasket new plugs and wires as well as cap and rotor I also have a bunch of paperwork showing the different work that was done and can get print outs of the parts i replaced above has a new driver side headlight (installed) and also have a new passenger head light (not installed) now time for the bad: body damage (duh) needs an oil change (though i will probably get this done soon) needs front suspension and by that i mean new swaybar linkages and bushings, tie rod ends, new ball joints etc etc I was planning (and I may still do it just depends on how this goes) on buying the parts and doing the work myself as my uncle has all the tools I need to do it and all the parts with a couple of extras would be about $400 and that includes shipping driver side front turn signal does not work and that is either the bulb or the harness as it did get pinched a bit from getting hit in the front it may need tires soon, there is a good amount of tread left but the truck does not get driven much anymore due to the front suspension and so the tires have gone down a bit in air but I have fixed that as I had to move it recently but it still ran good and sounded good now for price, I know I will not get the amount I want but I am semi flexable on the price $2200 but again I am flexable but I can't go down to much, if I can get over $1000 for it then I am happy as I can put it towards a car I do want. I am willing to take trades as long as they are the same price or close to it Firearms I am looking for a pre 1997 jeep wrangler or an old vw bus or bug or rabbit convertible even if they don't run as long as they are not rust buckets I may take it, the worst I could say is no so hit me up for more pictures or wanting more info or trades. Take care!
  6. ***SOLD*** SUREFIRE X300U-A 1,000 LUMEN LED WEAPON MOUNTED LIGHT. https://www.skdtac.com/SureFire-X300U-A-LED-Handgun-Light-1-000-Lumens-p/sur.723.htm This is the model that I have for sale. It is brand new, in the box. I bought two, opened both, am keeping one and am selling this one. There is nothing wrong with it, I just decided that I only need one on one Glock 19 and won't be equipping another with this. This light has never seen use, it has never been holstered, it has never been carried. Total burn-time on the LED is approximately 3 seconds. I toggled it once, confirmed it worked, then packaged it all back up. MSRP on these is around $270 everywhere online. I'll take take $200 for it local pickup or $215 for it shipped to you via USPS and paid for via PayPal. The $15 covers postage and the 3% that PayPal will charge me, which seems like a fair ask.
  7. Got a box of 1000 Rifle primers I've had for about 6 months. Bought them to load 6.5 Creedmoor but never got small rifle primer pocketed brass. 1000 count Small Rifle primers No 400 $25 Located in Nashville
  8. (pending sold) Various ammo... 45acp a little over 500 rounds. $120 223 various brands 120 rounds. $25 22lr. Mini mags, value packs, some specialty $100 30-30 Winchester 2 boxes 20 rounds each. $20 22 WMR Hornady and Maxi Mags 2 boxes of each $25 380 2 full boxes and 2 partials. $25 Everything listed for $200. Pickup in Gallatin, TN
  9. I have a lightly used 1301 tactical I have had as my bedside gun. I bought it new from Guns and Leather about a year ago. I have put 7oz loads, no4, 1oz slugs (reduced recoil) and 00 buck through it without issue. Totaling about 30 rounds. Not pictured but also included is the owners manual. Handgun permit holders only
  10. SOLD! Sometimes I do not make the smartest decisions. No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this gun. It is a superb firearm and is insanely accurate and exhibits the typically obsessive Teutonic over-engineering of any H&K firearm. There's a reason why they have such a cult following and it starts with Q and ends with UALITY. Rather, the issue here is ME. This is the second time that I have owned this exact firearm. The first time I sold it to a friend and fellow TGO'er unfired, new, pristine in the box and I bought it back from him essentially in the same condition. I think perhaps he shot a box or two of ammo through it although one really couldn't tell. But... I have. I have fired exactly 100 rounds through it which was enough to remind me that I am forever broken by 25 years of shooting Glocks and other guns with similar grip angles. The VP9 is just different enough that I found myself driving my shots low without considerable effort and focus. Muscle memory is, as they say, a bitch. So, the problem here is that the VP9 really just doesn't have a place in my arsenal. As much as I like the gun and as much as I want to make it work for me... I am cursed. Since taking this photo I have replaced the goofy Meprolight night sights with far superior Night Fision night sights with vibrant orange outlined Tritium front post and a rear sight with U-notch surrounded by two subdued Tritium vials. It's a very quick sighting system that still allows for tight accuracy when you need it, but also lets you push down on the gas pedal and run it fast when combat accuracy is sufficient. I have the Meprolights still on hand and will include them. I am into this $500 for the gun, and $100 for the sights. I will be happy to just clear the $500 on the gun, so that is what I am asking for the sale price. Local sale only, face to face, cash money. Must meet in Williamson County.
  11. LNIB, S&W M&P 9mm, 4.25" barrel, low round count, night sights. SOLD, Thanks TGO!
  12. Excellent condition. Upgraded to wood grips. Handful of original and Wilson Combat mags will be included. Original case as well. Gallatin, TN $400
  13. Sealed can plus a handful of loose packs. 440 rounds in the can... Crate included. Gallatin, TN $170
  14. 8/14/19, All SOLD Thank you REBELS010 and TGO! Folks I’ve lowered the press price for the last time, hoping a minor fire sale will assist liquidation. i have a car coming and this press is on a bench that will be disappearing to make room. so it needs to go, preferably by Friday. prices reduced..... final reduction. Else I’ll dump it on eBay. these are good prices. someone should simply come clean me out of the dillon stuff, plus I have some Wilson BR case trimmer and neck trimmer tooling, nice stuff, and Sinclair too...... come buy a “lot” of stuff and I’ll move on prices. im dealing here. Don’t ask for pics and part numbers, come lay eyes on it and blow a hole in my garage for the car. I have a Dillon 550B with very low mileage for sale, includes power case feeder with one feeder plate/caliber conversion bushing set, one 550 cartridge conversion kit and one set of dies (Dillon or RCBS). Choice include 40, 9, 45, 38/357 one one caliber included. others “may be had” for additional funds. has original box and most original packaging. Memphis area, no shipping due to case feeder. $425 firm, no trades at this time. w/o the case feeder I’ll take $350 firm. All other parts and options apply. pm me for pics or other details.
  15. SOLD. Thanks TGO I have up for sale several OEM Glock 17/34 factory magazines new in packaging. These should be Gen 3 as I purchased them before the Gen 4 guns were introduced. They remain new in the packaging as I received them. I am asking $21.00 each. I would of course prefer face to face West Knoxville, but I will ship on the purchaser's dime...that'd be USPS Priority Mail. Your call. Disclaimer: Must be legal to own and purchase in your location and of legal age etc. Thanks for looking.
  16. Looking to sell my RCBS chargemaster lite. It works really well and really takes the guess work out of reloading. Selling because it looks like I'm going to have to get some work done on my shoulder and trying to put some money away for that. I've had it for about a year and loaded roughly 400 rounds through it. $175shipped or meet up. Located in Nashville
  17. All SOLD thanks to TGO! I stumbled across an ammo can stored in the back of my ammo storage area and lo & behold I found this. It's the Norico "Yellow Box" 7.62x39 I purchased before, iirc, President Clinton and the ATF banned it's importation. (Early 1990's purchase and stored indoors in an airtight quality ammo can). I used to shoot a lot of this ammo and have even used it in 2-gun matches back in the 90's. Shipping is problematic in that it is a hassle and expensive for a regular guy such as myself...it can be done...but it's gonna be costly. So I would much prefer a face to face sale in the Knoxville area. I would also prefer to sell this in lots of 100 (that's 5 boxes of 20 rounds each). I am asking $45.00 ...drop to $40.00 per 100 lot. I won't bust the bundles/lots but I do have multiples. Current Gunbroker and Armslist pricing is around $60.00 to $75.00 per 100 as it has achieved a "Collectible" status. Don't take my word, search and see. Thanks for looking. 8/10/19 price drop...
  18. Sig 1911 Target Stainless 45, like new in box, $900

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