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Found 8 results

  1. I saw an ad for a gun and knife show this weekend in Knoxville. Evidently it's put on by Smoky Mountain Gun Collectors. Any one know if this show would be worth the time and $8 to go?
  2. I don't see any new threads on this, but there is a new range in Knoxville called Shoot Point Blank Range and Gun Shop. They are having give-aways of memberships, guns and stuff Fri-Sun (today). I went yesterday. It was a neat, clean, very friendly, safe and comfortable experience for all. Bring the wife and kids! I used the pistol range, it was great and there is always a friendly RSO present. There are lots of guns for sale in the store. From what I heard, they had a rush on Friday so supplies are a little low. They will be getting more in and also listening to what kinds of guns the locals want to buy so they can get a more specific selection in the store. Here is the address: Shoot Point Blank Range & Gun Shop 620 Corporate Point Way Knoxville, TN 37932 Shoot Point Blank Website Info
  3. Anyone attending the survivalists prepper and gunshow at the expo center in knoxville this weekend? https://rkshows.com/event/knoxville-tn-survival-expo-gun-show-9917/ Just wondered if its going to be more prepper than guns...?
  4. Who is going to the show at the Expo this weekend? I am planning to go, will be in a wheelchair, and am looking for a couple of guns in 44 caliber and a couple of different lever guns. Would be nice to meet some more of our great members!!
  5. Ladies only shooters gathering at 6:00p.m. at Stonehouse Pizza 1725 Walden's Creek Rd., Sevierville, TN. Please be sure to RSVP in advance so I know who is coming! Whether you are a seasoned female shooter or a woman who is just starting to think about getting a gun, come join us for camaraderie, food, fun and shooting related discussion! We are confident, but not boastful. We have fun, but do not gossip at someone elses expense. We can be beginners or Instructors or competitors. We can be professionals or college students. But we are all supportive of each other and our desire for increased confidence and independence. Stonehouse Pizza gives a 15% discount to anyone who has a carry permit! Awesome!!! (1725 Walden's Creek Rd, Sevierville, TN) If you ever go there on your own, mention that Andrea the NRA Instructor told you about his discount offer! In case of bad weather or lack of RSVPs, I reserve the right to cancel this Meetup. Please RSVP so I can contact you in case of a cancellation.
  6. who's going? do you think now that Trump is in that we shall see falling prices on AR parts?
  7. Just saw this article . Will have to go by and check it out. http://wate.com/2016/10/26/mom-and-pop-gun-store-opens-in-loudon/
  8. NextExit

    area-knoxville Gun Show

    Anyone go? Any deals or same different day? Didn't want to pay just to walk around showing off my TGO shirt and tumbler. (though it is tempting)

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