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  1. This am, I ordered a new gun I've been wanting for a while. Walther PPS M2 RSMc 9mm. Has a Shield red dot sight with 4MOA dot. Should be here Thurs. or Fri. Anxious to say the least. Got zeroing to do. Sights co-witness with the iron sights, if needed. The dot stays on all the time & adjusts for light. We'll see how it goes, will take some getting used to. My old eyes, and tri-focal glasses, will, I think work better than with iron sights. Ordered from Lebanon Gun Shop, on Hartman Dr.
  2. Capbyrd

    Ruger Wrangler

    Looks like Ruger is going budget to compete with the Heritage Rough Rider with a new revolver called the Ruger Wrangler. Aluminum cerakoted in three color combos to start. MSRP is $250. Looks like I'll be selling a rough rider and upgrading to a Ruger for my niece and nephew. https://ruger.com/products/wrangler/models.html
  3. I know some of you could care less where your guns are made; but many of us do; this discussion is for those members. Buy American, Hire American, America First. More and more we see guns in the bottom feeder category that are American Made. Lets face it, until the last few years the only decent American Made gun that is low cost and wasn’t (arguably) junk was the Hi Point. We have come a long way. The thread about the Stoger and the Canik (both made in Turkey) being under $300 made me think that we have better options for less money; even American Made options. So if you like to buy cheap guns, and want to buy American; now is a good time. Even prices on some of the top quality, best sellers in the Industry have dropped. The SCCY CPX we routinely see selling below $200. It’s currently made in Florida with the company in the process of moving to Tennessee. And it gets good reviews Kel-Tec PF-9 right at $200 and the P-11 just over, and made here. Diamondback at just over $200. New models like the Remington R51 (brought back after a bad start) at just over $200 and the Mossberg MC1SC at around $300; we shall see. Ruger EC9 at around $250 and Security 9 and SR9 at $300. MOSSBERG MC1SC at $300; we shall see. All the Highpoints at around $175. They have a big following… bless their heart. And even Smith & Wesson Shields at $250 and Full Size models dropping below $300!! Proven performers.
  4. I took 2 handguns to the range today and fired 50 rounds each. The first is a S&W 642 revolver. As expected, it functioned flawlessly. The second is an I.O. Hellcat II .380. It's an LCP clone made in North Carolina. I.O. primarily makes AK's and they've stopped producing this pistol. It was unfired except in the factory. I fired 44 Federal FMJ rounds and 6 Hornady Critical Defense that found their way into the bag. I had one failure in each of the last two magazines. One failure-to-eject and one failure-to-feed. I've heard that sometimes handguns need a break-in period. What would be considered normal? Thanks in advance.
  5. hughd

    P365 15 RND MAGS

    $35.99 gunbuyer.com/sig-sauer-p365-micro-compact-9mm-magazine
  6. Only an 1" difference and now 15rds of 9mm....the P365 is gonna be hard to topple. https://www.sigsauer.com/store/p365-micro-compact-15rd-9mm-magazine.html?utm_source=Sig+Emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=P365+15+Rd+Mag&utm_content=P365+15+Rd+Mag
  7. I have shot two boxes of Remington target loads through my new P365. That is 100 rounds. Of that 100 rounds I have had three light primer strikes and one failure to eject. WTH! I sold my Ruger LC9s when I bought t his Sig. My LC9s that has never failed to fire. My Glock has never failed to fire. My Colt 1911 has never failed! This is the worst experience I have had with a pistol since that Diamondback 380 (it should be called the Moneyback 380). Should I send it back to SIG or feed more ammo through it? If this pistol is ammo sensitive I will get rid of it.
  8. I have a G21 Standard and G30 standard. My hands are normal size but I never considered the newer SF versions. I found a G21SF for pretty cheap and not fired and jumped on it. WOW it is very noticeable once you wrap your fingers around the grip. I listed a picture of the 21 Standard and the 21SF together . For some reason Glock took the SF designation off of the frame near the dustcover and put it on the area where it shows Made in Austria. To me its one of the softest shooting 45ACP pistols there is.
  9. "Available July 22" https://us.glock.com/en/pistols/g48-us
  10. Picked up one of these S&W EZ 380s from Academy a while back for 329.00. This is the version without thumb safety. It does everything a .380 is supposed to but easier: 1) shoots fast to point of aim (recoil is negligible) 2)reliable 3) mags are the easiest center pistol mags I have ever loaded 4) You can rack the slide with two fingers. It is not as small as my Keltec P32 but it is so easy to grab and shoot. I can't begin to recall all the small handguns I have owned, including various ultra light revolvers. This thing beats them all in terms of ease of use. I am not getting younger. A review: https://dailycaller.com/2018/06/28/gun-test-sw-mp-380-shield-ez/
  11. I finally picked up a Glock 48 for EDC. Nice pistol, feels and fits my hand well and carries very well but the trigger, even after some work, still sucks. I have tried a Sig 365 lately and found it is a good feeling pistol abet a tad on the small side in grip length. I may have made a mistake in picking the Glock over the Sig. Anyone else compare the 2 and what did you go with. Have a Nice Day!
  12. Supposed to be available soon, MSRP $39.99. Steel aftermarket mag.
  13. I always wanted a Sig P250. I have eyed them for years and past on one or two that I later wished I would have bought. I won one on Gunbroker for what I thought was an amazing deal (about $250 OTD). It is used but in very good condition. It’s a 40 subcompact and only came with one magazine and no box. I picked it up yesterday to be surprised by the excellent condition and half-life night sights. Call me crazy, but I actually wanted a .40 since my department has vowed to stick with them for a lot longer and I am swimming in .40 ammo. I seriously have about 3k rounds with most being hollow points. Well, I went to the range today and was less than impressed. My groups were the size of my fist at 10yards, but the failure to feed rate was about 5% or about 10 failures in 200 rounds. I’m thinking it may be the magazine as the spring actually feels weak. I was actually wanting to trim a compact grip to work with a subcompact slide; some of my attraction to this model. I plan to try a Glock spring in the subcompact Sig mag tomorrow. I am tempted to go ahead and order a new compact mag and a compact grip hoping I can make it run. Anyone around Chattanooga got a P250/p320 mag I can borrow for testing?
  14. Beretta also has a $100 rebate on this, which brings it close to Taurus pricing. https://gunprime.com/product/beretta-apx-centurion-9mm-pistol-10rd-jaxq920/
  15. tercel89

    Stoeger STR-9

    Just saw that Stoeger has a new polymer pistol out called STR-9 . Looks very interesting. The internals look very Glock-like. I am very interested. I had 2 of their Cougars when they came out around 11 years ago. Seems they have a MSRP of $329 so store prices could be well under $299. We are living in some great times with all these new guns coming out and prices being lower on some like this and the Mossberg , and others. I am very interested in this STR-9 . Just thought I'd share this. Seems pretty neat to me . I know some don't care for another polymer pistol but my older Stoeger Cougars were darn nice. They were built on the old Beretta Cougar machines. But if you look close at the frames on these new STR-9's , you can see some of the Beretta APX pistol resemblance. https://www.stoegerindustries.com/str-9
  16. I have been kicking around the idea of a cowboy gun. I’ve never been a fan of single action and never owned one. It might be time for me to give it a try. I buy American made when I can. Besides the Colt, is the Ruger Vaquero the only American Made? At $1800 the Colt is out of the question. Looks like a new Vaquero would be $633 plus a transfer. A comparable Uberti is $453.20 plus a transfer. Other than being made here is a Vaquero worth $180 more? It appears Taylor and Cimarron are just importers for Uberti, is that correct? This will be a range toy; it won’t be used for home defense or cowboy action shooting (right now). I’d like to hear your opinions on these, or maybe I should be looking at others? Thanks
  17. Yes, I bought one... it is in transit. I ran a few searches here and found very little discussion on the PX4 series; I wasn't surprised. The PX4 in general seems to be overlooked in the tumultuous cloud of handgun discussions, being out-shined by it's 92 and Nano relatives. I've always been a bit of a rebel. I bought a Walther CCP when everyone hated them (or loved them... no in-between) and have no regrets. So when I was looking around for a small hi-cap DA/SA CC gun that had serious rep & quality behind it I was a bit shocked to discover the PX4 SC. I've mainly been a "Glock Guy", the wife and I have owned several over the years. But awhile back I handed down my only DA/SA firearm (a Bersa Pro UC 9) and discovered that I miss it....very reliable and accurate but a bit larger than I wanted (more G19 sized) for CC. The PX4 SC is "baby Glock" sized, tho' more rounds and a different action. Yes I know it's "chubby"...so is a G26....I have one. I tested out a rental FS PX4 at the range and was happy with the result. I think I'll be even happier with the SC version, "bat wings" and all. We shall see.
  18. Woo-wee that's neat looking. Would you ever fire it? " Biondo explained that he had to be extremely careful when he was cutting through the chunk of meteorite. “It was definitely one of those jobs where you had to go by feel and sound,” he said. “If you mix carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and throw in some diamonds, that’s what it felt like." " https://www.foxnews.com/tech/pistols-meteorite-auction
  19. bigun


    Just wondering if anyone has fired a revolver with a birds head grip. Is it comfortable to shoot? Have been thinking about a single action .45 colt and inquiring minds want to know. TIA
  20. Have heard it is the N frame in 357 or the 44 mag & have also seen the "scarce" model 18 in 22 caliber mentioned.. Who knows?
  21. NickinTN

    Dan Wesson ECP

    Picked this one up yesterday to replace the ECO I parted with to help fund a motorcycle purchase. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet but hopefully soon!
  22. Due to start shipping out to retailers the end of this month. Let's hope they've ironed out the issues from when S&W had the license to manufacture, have always wanted one. https://www.guns.com/news/2019/01/15/the-iconic-walther-ppk-ppk-s-is-now-u-s-made-and-ready-to-ship-this-month-photos?fbclid=IwAR1JOaVyT_enbwNQUKZ_BfFT_noYsIQe89vi_qVw-7AmNWAkqQYX4s5s_uI
  23. This past week I moved from VA to TN. Prior to my move, I was offered a deal I had to take. My final act as a Virginia resident was a deal I worked with a gentleman to find a new home for this beautiful, unconverted gun. Bluing is beautiful, grips are beautiful, couple nicks here and there. Nice plum color on the loading gate. Serial number 31610. Overall, very pleased with this one. This particular Old Model Flattop configuration is rare and not your average Ruger. Very excited to take this bad boy out!
  24. If you haven't been able to tell yet, I love my wheel guns! And the wheel gun that I first fell in love with was the Ruger Single Six! Have quite a few of these, but these are my favorites. This is a 1958. And this is a pair of 50's vintage. The one on the left is a flatgate 1956 and the other is a 1958. Another of the flatgate. Frame is starting to "plum". Anyone else a Single Six fan?
  25. AmmoMan

    Glock 48?

    My wife has a Glock 19 that she occasionally shoots. Her only issue is the grip is a little too wide for how small her hands are. Yesterday I let her hold and fire my Glock 43. While she loved the narrower grip of the single stack vs double stack 9mm, the short barrel and lighter slide creates a snappier kick. (which she did not like) Not to mention if she ever needed to use it in a self defense situation, the shorter sight radius and 6-round magazine could be a disadvantage. I think the new G48 might be the best of both worlds for her - longer sight radius and barrel, heavier slide, and a 10 round magazine. It just might be the perfect combination of the G19 and G43. However, she doesn't want me buying one for her until she can shoot a few rounds through it along side her G19 to make sure it is exactly what she wants. Does anyone around the Crossville area have a G48 that she test fire? We do go to Nashville and/or Knoxville every now and then too, so that could be a possibility.

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