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  1. Like new condition, walnut, box w/ all paperwork/test target and a Mueller 8-32x44 fine duplex. Bill https://imgur.com/7ilpe5v https://imgur.com/rO4olWq
  2. I'm looking into buying a decent bolt .22lr for mostly squirrel hunting but will also be used for wild hogs under 50yds. I'm torn between either the Ruger American Go Wild or the Savage B22 FVSR. I do have some experience with Savage, I've currently got a A22 Target Thumbhole that can put 10 shots in a dime at 50yds. I've dropped many a pig with stingers and ear shots. But I'm wanting a synthetic bolt gun now for those longer hikes and the shorter barrel. Anybody using either model that can give me some feedback? Leaning towards the Ruger just because it looks sweet and itd match my Ruger American 6.5 Creedmoor in Go Wild. Looking forward to some opinions.
  3. lock n' load

    Sota Arms

    Got a friend who's brother bought a Sota Arms AR-15 at a gun show. I have never heard of them. From what reviews I've read about them, they seem kinda of hit or miss in the quality department. Anyone here ever heard of them or has one? Are they any good? Thanks.
  4. What do you get? Looking for bolt action for bench shooting and must include glass I can probably go a little over that budget if needed. Looking at potentially shooting Rimfire matches. Do you buy new or used? Any recommendations on forums/websites/places to buy? I know almost nothing about rimfire. I do have two Surefire 22LR cans, so threaded barrel is important. Any advice is appreciated.
  5. Hello, I am new to shotguns and just received mine, but I am uncertain which ammo I need for home self defense. I was trying to get through the jungle of different ammunition, but it is impossible. Can someone please tell me which I need? Maybe brand , # Shot, oz, FPS. Thank you very much.
  6. DL126

    6mm ARC

    Anyone here tried one yet? I have an 18" 6.5mm that may very well get converted if the new Hornady cartridge proves out.
  7. Picked up a couple lever guns recently. Here is the first one. Looks like a standard Marlin 336 in 30-30 with a ugly scope and see thru rings. First off I took the scope and rings off. I do need to find plugs so the screws don't stick up. The reason this is an oddball is because this model was only made for about 3 years from late '79 till about '83. This is a Marlin 375 in .375 Winchester. You just do not see many of these around anymore. One of the nice things about .375 Winchester is that you can also shoot Buffalo Bore .38-55 in it. The next one is a Marlin 336 but in .44 Mag. I also picked up a Ruger Redhawk in .44 Mag to go with the Marlin.
  8. If anyone has any idea how to age or identify my latest acquisition, i'd really appreciate the help. All I know is that it's a commercial production on a '98 action in 9x57. It's insanely light (maaaaaybe 6lb) half octagon, half round barrel & the stock is veneer thin around the barrel!
  9. I have completed the building of a; Romanian AIMS 74 Childer's receiver, Paratrooper folding stock, Engraved Eagle of Romania, Parts Matching, 5.45x39, with markings, double trigger humps, Kreb's Custom Retainer Plate, FIME trigger, one Tapco 30 round magazine. How much would you gentlemen think this is worth? I am going to fire it tomorrow, but just wanted to have an idea what people think of my first AK Build.
  10. Drill, tap, etc? Anybody local to Nashville that’s good. Thanks
  11. If LPVO’s had been popular in Cooper’s day, would he have accepted them for his scout rifle concept? One of his reasons for the forward mounted optic was to facilitate the use of stripper clips for fast reloads. The common use of detachable box mags now negates that need. He also wanted to avoid scope eye. And that may be the hang up that he couldn’t get past. But the ability to use a true 1x as a red dot but also with the most current batch be able to turn up to a 10 power scope might just change his mind. Oh, and he loved both eyes open so that goes along with the red dot too!
  12. sold pending payment Purchased new Jan 2020. Little use. The following M Carbo parts have been added to the weapon: · Ruger PC Carbine Recoil Reduction Bundle · Ruger PC Carbine Extended Charging Handle · Ruger PC Carbine Exact Edge Extractor · Ruger PC Carbine Extra Power Recoil Spring · Ruger PC Carbine Stainless Steel Recoil Spring Retainer This is $120 of upgrades to the reliability of the weapon. Also includes: 1. A quality range bag from Amazon which is admittedly dirty from insulation during the March tornado. The carbine was in a gun safe. 2. A Sig Romeo 5 Red dot which was also purchased January 2020. The box was lost in the March tornado. 3. 4 Glock OEM magazines. Two 17 round and two 15 rounders. 4. Original Ruger box, all parts, wrenches, and papers $ cash for all. TN drivers license or carry permit required for purchase. I am in the Nashville area. Please contact me regarding any questions or need better pictures. Thank you for your time.
  13. I've got this little old Remington Model 7 my Papaw left me when he passed away a few years back. He bought the gun new around 90-91 and loved this little rifle. It was my go to gun growing up as a kid and have took plenty of deer with it but missed a bunch too. I've not hunted with it since before he passed away and now I got it back out and was shooting it a little bit. I'm just wondering what kind of accuracy people is getting outta these little Model 7's? Because this one wont group at all. I've not cleaned the barrel and honestly dont know when the last time it had been cleaned. It's looking a little dirty. I'm hoping that's the cause of the poor accuracy. I'm going to clean it up good tonight and play around with it some more in a day or two. It's the CDL Model with the 18.5in barrel and iron sights. Just wondering if I'm expecting to much outta this short barrel.
  14. Ladies or youth over/under, 12 ga, 30" barrel, Capacity -2, Excellent condition.Asking $2250.00
  15. Semi Auto/AR, Model XR 15, 5.56 Nato, 24" Stainless, Fluted barrel, Capacity - 5, 10, 15 & 20, excellent condition. With Nikon M-223 3/12 X 40, Ballistic Turrets, Burris P.E.P.R. mount, Harris Bi-Pop. Asking $1500.00
  16. Anybody know the laws on putting a folding brace on a Mossberg Shockwave? If you can or can't? Thanks Jeff
  17. Bought the Ruger and fired it for the first time yesterday. First mag .223 had 3 malfunctions. Easily cleared no problem. Second mag also .223, first round chambered and the bolt locked forward. Had to mortar it to clear the round. After cleared emptied all 30 rounds with no malfunction. All this was done straight out of the box, no cleaning, no extra lube etc. Do you think this may a serious problem or just a break in issue. I’m new to the AR platform so any advice from the experts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bo
  18. Greener but not any meaner...Remington has rebadged it as the R2mi https://www.breachbangclear.com/remington-r2mi-50-caliber-rifle-bolt-gun/
  19. Brothers n Sisters... Another mania has struck me... I am thinkin about roundin up a double barrel coach gun of some flavor... Recommendations, thoughts, and observations are appreciated... I ain't picky about the gage, but most likely a 12 due to ammo availability. Please think about it a bit and post your thoughts. Thanks in advance, Scattergun leroy, the ancient desparado.
  20. One1

    Remington 597

    Grabbed one of these today for $99 so couldn’t pass it up. Top questions: (1) headspacing good enough to dry fire if i am ever without snap caps? (2) lower power ammo like CCI QUIET - any issues? (3) whats the biggest magazine available? (4) anything i NEED to do to improve any issues the gun may be known for? So far they look to be a solid choice. Thanks!
  21. I have the Little Badger. Basically, it is a single shot survival rifle. I think I seriously need a RUGER 10/22
  22. Hi all! I’m new here,I apologize if I am posting to wrong forum. I have marlin 22 model 60. I have tried 2 different rods both of them have same issue. The loading tube rod will not let me turn it to lock the rod in place. I hope this is clear and will appreciate any help. Thank You Matt
  23. I own one AR type rifle. But I'm really not much of an AR guy. I know very little about them. Recently I saw an ad for a Colt 6920 at $1000. In the past I've noted that this particular model seems to always be priced high. Sometimes over $2000. I'm not interested in buying one, just curious. What makes the 6920 model so special?
  24. A while back I picked up a couple of barrels and receivers for 50 dollars total from an estate sale. I have one barrel still sitting in the parts drawer and gave one upper to a friend. The other barrel and upper I decided to throw a gas system on and finish out. So this project started with wanting to finish a 25 dollar barreled upper. I had a flash hider sitting in the parts drawer already so I needed gas block, tube and crush washer. I knew that I wanted an a2 front sight because I wanted simple and it matches the carry handle nicely. A lot of people will hate it but instead of dealing with taper pins, I converted the front sight block to set screws by drilling and tapping a couple of holes. I also dimpled the barrel to keep the block a bit more secure. I also broke a tap so that was fun! After I started getting the upper near complete, I kind of got challenged to see how cheaply I could put together a complete rifle. I started looking at parts that I had at home and what I would need to complete a lower. I found a decent deal on a lower so I picked that up. I determined that from the parts that I had at home, I had probably given away enough parts that I was better off buying a complete LPK rather than just try and get missing pieces. So shopping I went for the cheap stuff. The last part came in last night for the entire build and here it is. My set screw install. And my broken tap. So here is how the cost for this rifle breaks down. Some parts will be listed together because they were part of one order. All prices include shipping and tax and are rounded up to the nearest dollar. Lower - $60 Upper receiver and barrel - $25 Crush washer, gas tube, hand guard end cap - $20 Front sight block - $10 LPK and buffer tube kit - $75 Charging Handle - $10 BCG - $88 Set screws - $1 Total - $289 for a complete rifle. I'm really happy with my sub 300 dollar AR. However, there are a few issues. The first is the completely unknown barrel. It has no marks on it anywhere which is incredibly inspiring. So I intend to do a chamber cast before shooting. I'm also going to throw a set of headspace gauges on it so that I can ensure that it won't blow up and kill me when I try to use it. This was a really fun exercise and I have no doubt that it can be done even cheaper. I had several people offer me parts for free but as part of the challenge to myself, I didn't want to accept free parts but there are quite a few things on the list that could be had from someone else's spare parts bin for nothing. As a matter of fact, I probably have some parts that I'm going to donate to someone else who is going to be trying something very similar soon. But at the end of it, I've got another usable (I HOPE) rifle that I can use as a beater/loaner. It's by no means my go-to/hard use rifle but it will do in a pinch for something. Also, I got in some parts that allowed me to finish piecing this together. I love Ruger's laminate stocks. This thing is cool.
  25. This is a fun video of Jerry Miculek and another guy blowing stuff up with 4 big bore ARs. 450 Bushmaster, .458 Socom, 50 Beowulf and 500 AutoMax.

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