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Found 311 results

  1. SOLD: Stealth Gear USA "Ventcore" IWB holster for CZ P-07. Right hand carry, belt clips. Worn maybe four times. No longer needed. $50.00 shipped to you via USPS to the contiguous Lower-48 US States. Anyone wanting it sent to Alaska or Hawaii will pay actual postage. PayPal preferred. No trades. I have this listed in several places so act quickly if you want it.
  2. Looking for a stripped Colt M4 upper in like new condition to use on a current project. Thanks
  3. I'm unsure the exact gen that these are. They are mostly unused, potentially completely new. It does seem I removed a number of them from their packaging and stuck in my range bag, never to be used. They seem to all be cut for the left/right side magazine catch, so I'd assume Gen 4. $145 Shipped via USPS Priority.
  4. I'm offering up for sale a used but not abused Lone Wolf 9mm barrel for a Glock 17 barrel. As you can see from the photos, it is not threaded. Glock 19 barrel sold. 8/27/18 These LW Glock barrels have required no fitting to function well in several Glock 19's and 17's. I rarely shoot lead bullets any more and therefore have no need for them. The tolerances are definitely tighter than OEM Glock barrels, but I have OAL and load data for 147 gr bullets if you want to PM me. I'm asking $75.00 Local pickup West Knoxville (Farragut area) or USPS Priority insured for $8.50. Paypal OK (PM for email address for account. If not "gift" then please add 3%). Postal Money Order OK, but no personal checks. Thanks for looking. Jamie
  5. Placed on Ebay for lack of interest here at TGO. This holster needs a Surefire X300 Ultra to properly secure the pistol (the holster "snaps" onto the light, the pistol is "loose" if it doesn't have a light attached). I used it with the Surefire X300U-A (500 lumen version). I do not know whether the newer 600 and 1000 lumen versions of the X300 are the same physical size. The rail-lock version is about $175 or so. This setup is well tested by me. I purchased this January of 2013 and the combination has been 100% dependable since day one. Use Loctite™ when changing the screws and everything stays perfect. There are cheaper lights and there are smaller lights, but this Surefire is built like a tank, performs well, and in my opinion the controls are perfect (push/hold for momentary on, slide/twist either side for constant on). $100 - Raven Concealment Phantom LC (Light Carrier) Glock 19 w/ Surefire X300 Ultra Model Includes IWB Soft Loops (shown attached in photo) Includes "Tuckable" Hardware (shown attached in photo) Includes OWB Hardware Includes Extra Screws This will make a very, very nice carry setup for someone wanting in the "pistol light" game. Once you start carrying with a weapon light attached, all of a sudden carrying without a light seems primitive. The only reason I'm selling is because I'm switching up carry lights and thus holster.
  6. Grayfox54

    ad closed Closed

    Ad closed
  7. 7 Used Glock 22 ,40 Magazines. 15 round capacity mags are used but in good shape and fully functional. Nashville area $45.00
  8. Scattergun Technologies Remington 870 Sidesaddle. New in packaging. Nashville area $25.00
  9. Eberlestock Bang-Bang Range Bag - Coyote color. New in plastic wrap. I can post pictures but there are plenty of better photos online if you Google it. I can text or email photos to anyone interested. Available in the Nashville area. $90.00
  10. The Legion

    ad closed Sold

    Sold - Thanks TGO
  11. cknight98

    ad closed Sold

    Up for sale here is a few scopes that are extra for me right now I’m selling them to buy a Vortex Viper, so if you have one to trade I’d talk about trading them....it must be an MOA reticle though as my brain just can’t hsndle MIL. ***SOLD*** 1. Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14x40mm side focus matte finish BDC reticle. This one is new in box, never been mounted or taken outside even. This one was almost $280 new, it’s not the newer cheaper Buckmaster II line, this are the original good ones. Asking $250 OBO ***SOLD*** ***SOLD*** 2. Nikon ProStaff 3-9x40mm matte finish BDC reticle. It’s in great shape, it’s mounted in a Weaver Tactical one piece mount. I mounted this on my hunting AR and sighted it in, then quickly realized I wanted more power then a 9x so it’s seen very little use. Asking $150 OBO ***SOLD*** ***SOLD*** 3. Bushnell Elite 3200 10x40mm Mil Dot reticle with target turrets. This was mounted on my bolt rifle, took to range and sighted in one time then I replaced it with a variable. It includes the scope caps. Asking $150 OBO ***SOLD***
  12. I have a variety of 12g ammo (Bird, Buck & Slugs) for local sale. West Knoxville area. I don't want to bust up the lots to one box at at time ... so I'll list pricing accordingly Federal 12g Field & Range. 25 round boxes: $6.50/box or $30.00 for the lot. Winchester "Universal" 12g #8 shot. 25 rd boxes x 4. $21.00 for the lot. Winchester 12g 00 buck "hunting load" . 5 rd per box x 4 boxes. $16.00 for the lot. Wolf 12g 00 buckshot. 5 rds per box x 5 boxes. $20.00 for the lot. Remington 12 g 00 buckshot. Two 5 rd boxes of 3" and three 5 rd boxes of 2 3/4". $20.00 for the lot. Federal 12g slugs. 5 rd per box. I have 19 boxes of these and would consider splitting into 2 lots ... 10 box and 9 box lots... $4.00/5 rd box or $70.00 for the entire lot of 19 boxes. Wolf 12g slugs. 5 rds per box. 6 boxes of 5 rds each. $23.00 for the lot. Remington 15 round "Slugger" "Value Pack" 12g slugs. 3 packs at $12.00 each or $32.00 for the lot.
  13. WTS: Like new - Glock 35 KKM 40SW to 9mm conversion Match barrel w/one Glock 9mm high capacity round magazine I ran 20 rounds through the new unused barrel to ck accuracy and reliability in my Glock 35 before I sold it. No longer need it it and would like to sell it local before it goes to Ebay. $150 or best reasonable offer- prefer local sale Nashville area See pics for like new condition
  14. Its gone. I have 69 rounds of 7mm mauser 140gr FMJ ammo. Headstamped F.M.E. CHILE with various dates in the 1970s. This was left over from my late friend's estate. I did fire a few rounds to test a rifle that has already been sold. It shoots good. Well, it looks like I can't sell it or trade it, so I might as well just give it away. If you want it, send me a PM and we'll arrange a meet. FTF in the Memphis area. No shipping.
  15. luvmyberetta

    ad closed SOLD!!

    H&K USP 45 magazines have been sold!
  16. Selling a Brand new never used Black Dog Machine Magazine S&W M&P 15-22 22 Long Rifle 50-Round Drum Polymer Smoke. I am asking $60.00 FTF sales or $70.00 shipped. I prefer payment in Cash, Cashiers Check, or USPS Money Order. "NO PAYPAL" Thanks for looking. Sold - Thanks TGO
  17. Selling a Brand New EOTech OPMOD EXPS2 Holographic Sights Reticle: 65 MOA Ring and single 1-MOA Dot. I am asking $450.00 FTF sales or $460.00 shipped. The sight has never been used just the battery placed in the sight. I prefer payment in Cash, Cashiers Check, or USPS Money Order. "NO PAYPAL" Thanks for looking. Sold - Thanks TGO
  18. $30 shipped for both of them.
  19. I have two cases of #8 12ga. The Federal case is unopened and the Rio case has 9 boxes. I am looking to sell or trade for some 20 ga dove loads. Federal - $50 Rio - $45
  20. The Legion

    ad closed Sold

    Selling a LNIB Patriot Ordnance Factory ARCHANGEL AMBIDEXTROUS CHARGING HANDLE .223/5.56. I am asking $50.00 FTF sales or $53.00 shipped. I prefer payment in Cash, Cashiers Check, or USPS Money Order. "NO Paypal Please" Thanks for looking. Sold - Thanks TGO

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