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Found 412 results

  1. I have several handloading (reloading) components as well as some gear and ammo for sale in this ad. It is partially consolidated from previous ads I’ve listed. Any ammo, powder, and primers would need to be local, FTF, sale in West Knoxville. Cash please on local items. Gear can be shipped and therefore Paypal is an option. I would need to mail USPS Priority mail. PM for details. Flat Rate USPS for heavier items. I will indicate when items are sold and update when there are changes. I will be adding and/or removing items at times and I will post to this portion of the thread when I do so. Please PM me with questions. Thanks for looking. Jamie #1) One Eight (8) pound container of Winchester 231 powder (at least as far as I know it’s 8 pounds as I don’t recall using any of it). Price: $125.00 (price drop) #2) One (1) pound container of Alliant Unique powder. Price: $22.00 each. Six (6) one pound containers available. #3) One (1) pound container of Hodgdon Titegroup powder. Price: $23.00 each. Only one pound available. #4) One (1) pound containers Alliant Bullseye powder. Price: $23.00 each. Two one pound containers available. #5) One (1) pound container of H 335 powder. Price: $21.00 each(price drop). I’ve had exceptional results using 55 gr fmj bullets for 5.56 ammo. Four one pound containers available. #6) Winchester Small Rifle Primers. 1000 primers per box. Price: $27.00 per box of 1000 primers. four (4) boxes available. SOLD #7) Winchester Small Pistol Primers. $27.00 per box of 1000 primers. Five boxes of 1000 each available.SOLD #8) Condor Plate carrier with AR mag pouch. New condition. $45.00 #9) AR 500 Patriot Plate set. Anti spall coated front plate, non-coated back plate and 2 side plates. These are flat, not curved. These plates are “Patriot Plates” purchased from Main Gun and “Doc” was my POC when we purchased these in a group buy. The link provides some info and has some videos of him/them shooting and testing the plates with various ammo. The plate setup in the Condor carrier weigh in at 25 pounds…that weight is carrier with plates. https://www.maingun.biz/Body_Armor_Steel_Patriot_Plate_p/patplatepair10x12.htm I am asking $95.00(price drop) for all 4 plates. (Front, back and 2 side plates). #10) 7.62x39 Wolf ammo. 640 round SPAM can with opener. One available. $135.00 #11) Sealed "Battle Pack" 5.56 South African ammo. 300 rounds each. Stored indoors in sealed ammo can since purchased early 1990's iirc. $70.00 each(price drop). Two available. #12) TDI knife blunt trainer with NSR belt sheath. New condition. $50.00 #13) Federal 12 g 00 buckshot with Flite Control. LE 133. 5 rounds per box, 10 boxes per tray or 50 rounds each tray. $40.00 each tray/flat of 50 rounds. Two available.
  2. I have for sale my Alpha Wolf 9mm conversion barrel for the Glock 22 (.40) to make it shoot 9mm. I bought it new this year and have only shot one box of 9mm target rounds through it. I have the original box and all . It is a simple drop in barrel with no fitting required. I bought ti to shoot 9mm in my old duty Glock but I have decided to keep my old service Glock original and put it up for my son . So I am selling this conversion barrel for $79. I am in Middle Tn near Ashland City and Clarksville area but may be able to meet a little father depending on my schedule. Thanks for looking.
  3. Mounted but never used. $150 shipped.
  4. lanceputnam

    for-sale Inforce APL Gen 3 black

    Like new used for one range session. $90 shipped to your door. PayPal please, thanks-
  5. Three HYVE plus 2 base pads for 9mm M&P Shield. Used with some wear but fully functional. $45.00 Available in the Nashville area.
  6. A.R.M.S low mount - used but great shape - $45 GG&G cantilever Mount. - uses but in great shape - $45.00 Available to meet in the Nashville area.
  7. 1911alltheway

    for-sale Couple holsters for sale

    I have a few holsters for sale. These holsters are new and ready to ship. I usually don't premake holsters but occasionally I will make some up to get pictures. I make my holsters out of the finest Hermann Oak Leathers and hand-bone and precisely mold to fit the firearm perfectly.(Not a one size fits all holster.) The holster is a modified pancake design with a reinforcement panel. This style holster is extremely comfortable and conceals better than any other holster design as the spacing between the belt straps allow for a flatter profile and more comfort, even with larger guns. Most any gun can be completely concealed under a loose-fitting T-Shirt. Holster body is contoured to the shape of your hip and features a rear leather guard around the back of the gun so that it does not dig into your side. It is canted to be worn in the 3:30-4:00 position for best concealment. Belt loops have black Pull The Dot snaps and fit a 1 1/2" belt. The first on is for a 1911 Micro with a 3" barrel. The second one is for a 1911 Commander. Price is $100.00 each shipped to your door. I also have the same style holsters for a Beretta NANO, Springfield XDs, and a Kel Tec PF9. Thanks for looking.
  8. Badger Ordnance 34mm rings. Available in the Nashville area. $75.00
  9. lanceputnam

    for-sale Huge Reloading Lot!

    Everything you see in one lot! Im moving and no longer reloading. First $80 cash FTF near Exit 11 on I-24 gets it all! Lyman Turbo 2500 Tumbler RCBS separator 10lbs of cob Three die sets (see picture) .308 WIN SB T/C, Lube die #2, 3-Die CARB TC 9mm LUGER RCBS lock rings (5) case prep kit .308 case gauge RCBS 9mm and .308 shell holder 600+ winchester pistol primers 995+ shotgun primers 1lb of 888 powder RCBS reloading holders (5) lots of storage boxes and more!
  10. Two DeSantis LEFT HANDED holsters. Both are forward cant, OWB, unlined, black leather. Both are in excellent condition. Designed for SIG P938. DeSantis Model 019 37, mini scabbard DeSantis Model 001 19, thumb break scabbard I am in Crossville but frequently in Cookeville and west Knoxville and can bring them along. A P238 fits well in both holsters but the thumb break strap on the 001 19 fits loosely being a smaller gun.. Being sold as a pair only, $40 for both. OFFERS?
  11. Brand new Mft minimalist stock in Scorched Dark Earth (SDE) for a MILSPEC TUBE. Put it on a rifle for a day or two and decided to use a different one. This color matches magpul FDE. $35 Located in Green Hills/Cool springs
  12. Used B5 Bravo stock, good as new as far as I can tell. $40 shipped OBO
  13. Up for sale is a lightly used tlr1 hl has some signs of wear asking 100 obo. Also a streamlight protac hl x with cloud defense mount. It's is painted. Asking 150 obo. Will make a deal if you take them together.
  14. AuEagle

    for-sale Gun Cases

    4-Cordura Scoped Rifle-Red-M77 Embossed-48" Length- $12.00 Each or 4 for $40.00SOLD 4-Cordura Shotgun/Single Rifle-50 & 52" Length- $12.00 Each or 4 for $40.00 2-Cordura AR Cases-Black-5 Mag Pockets-42" Length- $25.00 EachSOLD 1 Contico Hard Double Rifle/Shotgun Case-52" Length- $45.00 Boyt Canvas & Leather Cases 1 Scoped Rifle-50" Length-Some Surface Soiling- $45.00 2 Shotgun/Single Rifle-1 50"- 1 52"- $55.00 Each 3 Vintage Browning Leather CasesPending 1 Scoped Rifle-45" Length- $40.00 Pending 2 Shotgun/Single Rifle-46" Length- $40.00 Each Cases have initials in magic marker on back side.Pending 1 Tactical Rifle Case-44" length-Mag Pouch-Olive Green- $60.00 I believe I have a few Browning Leather Pistol Rugs, will list them if I find them. Cash, PM's. Won't ship. Thanks for lookin'.
  15. I have 594 pcs of Once Fired 6.5 Creedmoor Brass. Most of the brass is Hornady with a few Winchester. I am asking $160.00 FTF sales or $170.00 shipped. I also have 375 pcs of .308 Brass. Most of the brass is Winchester. I am asking $45.00 FTF sales or $55.00 shipped. Brass has not been deprimed or cleaned. I prefer payment in Cash, Cashiers Check, or USPS Money Order. Thanks for looking.
  16. Yes, you read that right, mid length. This was a “can we make it work reliably” project. The barrel started life as a 14.5” gunner profile...basically a government profile behind the gas block and pencil foreword of the block. I cut the barrel down in the lathe, then our very own Dolomite Supafly threaded it 1/2x28, making sure the threads were concentric to bore. Parts list: -Blitzkrieg tactical 1/7 barrel -Odin works adjustable gas block -PSA blem upper -11” KeyMod rail -AAC 51T flash hider -BCM Keymod QD sling attachment point Running brass cased ammo would be best in this upper. You can run steel cased ammo but the gas adjustment will be absolutely wide open, and even then I would be afraid if it got the least bit dirty it wouldn’t have enough pressure to run it. The absolute best case scenario for this upper would be running it suppressed, but it runs just fine unsuppressed with wolf gold brass case. Selling simply because I’m consolidating all my firearms and uppers. $120 picked up in Columbia. Essentially the price of the gas block and upper **** will include AIM nitride BCG and strike industries extended latch charging handle for a total of $200****
  17. 7.62x39 640rnd FMJ Spam can -> $160 7.62x39 400rnd Wolf MC HP and 360rnd Wolf MC FMJ with milsurp .50 cal ammo can -> $175 7.62x39 1000rnd Wolf MC HP -> $200 7.62x39 500rnd Wolf MC FMJ -> $100 1000 rnd PMC bronze .45 ACP -> $285
  18. WTS an excellent condition Spyderco PM2 Blurple edition. It has been carried a handful of times, cut a few pieces of paper for fun and then put away. $125 Shipped
  19. I have for sale a 54.6 Lb Box of 223/556 Mixed Headstamp Once Fired Brass. There is a Handful of pistol Brass in the Box and I am allowing just Over 1/2 Pound for that and will subtract .6 of a pound from the Box for that. I am going to guess that in 54 pounds of Once Fired 223/556 Brass, 500 pieces weighing 7.20 Lbs. There are approximately 3,750 pieces of Once Fired Brass in this Box. I’m not sure what the going price is for this much Brass (other than a place in Clarksville that sales it at Twice the price, on Sale) I’m going to ask $100.00 cash for the Box of Brass, local sale preferred but shipping could be worked out too.
  20. Brasschunker

    for-sale Elcan 5.56 blk

    For sale is a like new Elcan Specter Dr 1-4 blk. This is the new version with upgraded battery. Comes with box, ARD, and flip caps. If interested I will get you pictures. Price 1650 Tyd or pick up in Memphis/Bartlett area
  21. Lapua SK Standard Plus - 500 round bricks $45/brick. 10 available. Excellent 22lr ammo. Cheapest I found was $54/brick plus shipping, etc.
  22. itchytriggerfinger

    for-sale 223/5.56 brass

    Been collecting dust for a while. It's a mix off 223 and 556, mostly from an indoor range. There are a few 380 and 300blk inthere because that is how it comes out of the sorter. Update - 8/21 - one bucket left $100 per bucket. Will also trade for 45 acp brass or toward RTS style optic.
  23. Meprolight M21 Reflex self powered day/night sight Bullseye reticle No box No idea of age Used very little and in excellent shape. $375 FTF in east tn preferred but I travel so meeting elsewhere is possible. I will also ship on the buyers dime. No trades at this time
  24. lanceputnam

    for-sale Kelty Redwing 44

    Kelty Redwing 44 Milspec Pack, Brand new. $60 Cash FTF in/around clarksville, TN. Thanks!
  25. Hodgdon H4895 8 lb jug. Several years old, but stored indoors climate controlled. Label is newer 'Extreme' (temperature stable). I bought a jug as a back-up when Varget was hard to get, but I never used this. Was $156.99 + tax a couple years ago, it looks like most places now are $189- 230 ish online. Asking $125 and meet in Nolensville / Brentwood / Cools Springs / Franklin area Thanks, Tim

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