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Found 152 results

  1. .380 Corbon DPX 80gr View Advert 10 - 20 round boxes of .380 Corbon DPX 80gr (200 rounds) Nashville area $75.00 Sold a few boxes but have 10 left. Advertiser DBTN Date 04/28/2017 Price $130.00 Category Gear Classifieds Manufacturer Corbon Type of Item 0
  2. ProMag Magazine AR-15 9mm Luger 32-Round Polymer Black ** NEW PRICE** View Advert I'm too lazy to take pictures but I will post a link to just what they look like... HERE I have 16 Colt style 32 round AR mags. Some used very very little and some brand new. I couldn't get them to work with my upper so they've been sitting collecting dust. I will sell them ALL for $60 Shipping on the buyer. (math is $5 a mag) retail is $14 at Midway Text me @ Six One Five - Eight Zero Four - Five Eight Five Four Advertiser TerryW Date 05/16/2017 Price $60.00 Category Gear Classifieds Manufacturer ProMag Type of Item 1
  3. The Great Holster Sale is Here. All of these holsters have had very little if any use and are in excellent condition. Prices shown are for FTF sales only. Please add $3.00 if shipping is required. Prices are Firm. No Trades Please. Cash or Money Order Only Please. NO PAYPAL. Thank you for looking. 1. Galco Leather Concealable Belt Holster for Glock 20/21 - 45.00 2. Crossbreed SuperTuck Holster for Glock 20/21/41 - $45.00 3. Blade-Tech Holster for Sig Sauer P226 - $45.00 - Sold 4. Blade-Tech Holster for S&W M&P 45 4.5 - $45.00 7. Forbus Holster for Ruger LCR - $15.00 7. Single Magazines Holder for Glock 20/21 - $10.00
  4. This is gathering dust and needs a new home. It has the dedicated top cover for an Aimpoint Micro or Vortex Sparc. Mounted on the rifle only, a couple of the screw heads are bugared up a bit from install but should still be usable. Available from Midwest for a few bucks if it bothers you. $75 OBO, will ship for that price or can meet in the Nashville area for pick up. Will take cash, USPS money order or paypal gift. Just like this one: http://www.midwayusa.com/product/2344154239/midwest-industries-us-palm-2-piece-railed-handguard-ak-47-ak-74-with-aimpoint-micro-vortex-sparc-or-primary-arms-micro-dot-top-cover-optic-mount-aluminum?cm_vc=ProductFinding
  5. I am selling a brand new Harrison Design Novak Rear Sight. I am asking $40 FTF sales or $43 shipped. The sight has never been used or mounted. Cash or Money Order only please. NO PAYPAL. Thank you for looking. https://shop.harrisoncustom.com/hd-004-extreme-service-rear-sight The HD-004 is made to the standard .325" blade height and will easily replace other brands of the same height. Also available in T1 and T2 night sight configurations with "Stealth Dot" lamps. My HD-004/005 rear sights will fit the popular Novak LoMount ® dovetail, which is found on fixed sight 1911s offered by Les Baer, Ed Brown, Colt's XSE, RailGun and Gunsite models, Nighthawk Custom, Rock River, Springfield Armory, Dan Wesson, Wilson Combat and others. My HD-004 / 005 sights will fit your slide with minor hand fitting of the sight, if the correct sight cut is already made; otherwise your slide will need to have the .495" X 65 degree sight cut machined.
  6. Selling my DBAL I2. This has a class 1 IR laser and a red visible laser. Originally purchased from TNVC. Like new condition. Only taken it out a few times to coyote hunt. 650 obo
  7. Optic was bought new from Gander Mountain in February of this year for $459.99. Lowest current price I can find is on Amazon for $399. It was mounted on a .22 and used a couple of times at the range. In perfect condition. Has some minor marks from the rings. So minior I couldnt get a picture of them. Have the original box and manuals. Also the receipt from Gander mountain if you needed it for any warranty work in the future. Looking to get $325. Willing to ship. Would need $10 to cover shipping. Will accept paypay with +3% to cover fees, or a friends and family payment. Can meet in Henderonville area, or I work in downtown Nashville during the week. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!!
  8. Here is a list of everything I have for sale so far. I will update periodically with additional items as time permits. i also ask for a few things about contacting me on items. 1.Live in Wilson County and work in Nashville area so able to bring items to Nashville as needed for a buyer 2.Best way to contact :please Text or call between 8am -9pm at 615-815-5919 as I don't get on the site very often currently. 1 Dillon D-terminator II Scale ( Used) $60.00 1 Redding Match Grade 3br Powder measure $100.00 2 Redding Model RS-6 bench Stand $15.00 2 Lee Die Set 223rem $10.00 1 Lee 45acp Crimp Dies $10.00 1 Lee 9mm Crimp Dies $10.00 1 Lee 308 Crimp Dies $10.00 1 Redding 308 die set w/taper $15.00 1 Hornady Handheld Priming Tool$25.00 1 Lee Deluxe Die set 308 $20.00 1 Lyman Universal case trimmer $15.00 1 RCBS Case prep center $40.00 1 Lee Die Set 9mm $15.00 1 Lee Die Set 45 acp $15.00 2 Alliant Powder reloder 10x 5# $80.00 1 Alliant Powder reloder 25 5# $80.00 1 IMR 8208 XBR 1# $15.00 1 IMR 4320 1# $15.00 1 IMR 7828 SSC 1# $15.00 1 IMR 4227 1# $15.00 1 VihtaVori N165 1# $25.00 1 RCBS Bullet Puller Hammer Type $15.00 1 Flint River Bullet Starter .45 to 58 cal $6.00 1 Thompson Center Polymer extd Jag .50 $5.00 1 Hornady Lock n load stright OAL guage $25.00 1 7mm Ultra Mag honrady case for OAL guage $25.00 1 338 lapua Hornady case for OAL guage $5.00 1 308 Win Case OAL guage $5.00 1 wheeler scope ring alignment ad lapping kit 1" and 30mm $40.00 1 Pachmayr Master Gunsmith 277 Piece screw kit $20.00 1 Wheeler Trigger pull scale $15.00 1Tipton Rapid Deluxe bore guidekit $20.00 1 Pro Mag Hammer and Punch kit 14 $25.00 1 Tasco scope guide No 290 1974 $5.00 1 Pro Shot Adjustable Bore Guide The stopper $20.00 1 Wheeler Gunsmithing screwdriver set 72pc $30.00 1 Lot of 500 roller Pins $15.00 1 Redding Competition Shellholder Set size port #11601 $45.00 1 Lyman Powder Pal Funnel Pan $5.00 2 RCBS Shellholder #2 $5.00 1 RCBS Shellholder #14 $5.00 1 RCBS Shellholder #11 $5.00 1 Redding Shellholder #5 $5.00 1 Redding Shellholder #6 $5.00 1 Lee Lock Rings for Die 2pack $5.00 2 RCBS Military Crimp Remover $10.00 1 RCBS Primer Pocket Brush large $5.00 1 RCBS Decapping Pin 5 Pack Large $5.00 1 RCBS Decapping Pin 5 Pack small $5.00 1 RCBS Stuck Case Remover $10.00 1 Lyman 10 pack Decapping pins $5.00 1 Lymandeburring tool .17 to 45 cal $10.00 1 Lyman replacement cutter head for lyman trimmer $10.00 1 Lyman Turbo Flash Hole cleaner $8.00 1 Lyman Flashhole Uniforming Tool $7.00 1 Lyman Primer Pocket Cleaner $5.00 1 Forster Product headspace gauge 243,308,7mm-08,GO $25.00 1 Forster Product headspace gauge 243,308,7mm-08, No - GO $25.00 1 Can Hornady Case Lube $5.00 1 Can Frankford Arsenal case lube $5.00 1 Lyman bench Wrench $5.00 1 Imperial Media Dry neck Lube $5.00 Bullets 40 Barnes 30cal 165gr MRX BT $25.00 100 Barnes 30cal 168 Tac-X BT $60.00 100 Hornady 30cal 168gr AMAX $25.00 68 Hornady 30cal 150gr interlock $20.00 200 Barnes 30cal 168 TSX BT $60.00 250 Nosler Comp 30cal 168 HPBT $65.00 113 Sierra Match King 30cal 168 $30.00 200 Berger 30cal TargetVLD 168gr Match $90.00 100 Speer Target match 30cal 168gr HTBP $25.00 200 Speer Gold match 30cal 168 gr BT $55.00 200 Sierra Match King 30cal 175 SMK $65.00 200 Berger 30cal Target BT Long Range 175gr match $90.00 100 Hornady 338cal 225gr SST $40.00 92 Nosler 338cal 250 gr Spitzer $50.00 100 Barnes 6.8mm 85gr TSX $40.00 100 Barnes 6.8mm 110gr TSX $40.00 50 Barnes 270cal 140gr TSX $20.00 100 Barnes .310 762x39 123gr TSX $60.00 100 Barnes .310 762x39 108gr RRLP $40.00 100 Barnes 308 30cal 140gr RRLP $55.00 40 Barnes .357mag 140gr XPB $30.00 40 Barnes .357mag 125gr XPB $30.00 40 Barnes .355 9mm 115gr TAC-xp $30.00 40 Barnes .45cal 185gr TAC-xp $30.00 50 Speer 45cal Plastic Trainings bullets $10.00 50 Zero 9mm 115gr Jacker RN $5.00 Primers 97 Federal Gold Match GM210M Large Rifle $5.00 93 Federal #215 Large Rifle magnum $5.00 2000 Winchester WLRM Large Rifle Magnum $60.00 1000 Federal GM205N Small Rifle Match $35.00 700 Winchester Large Pistol $20.00 1200 Remington 7 1/2 small rifle benchrest $40.00 Brass 100 Winchester 308 virgin Brass $30.00 149 Federal Premium 308 Once Fired Brass $25.00 100 Federal Primed 45acp + P nickel brass $15.00 630 Once fired 9mm brass $15.00 100 357sig brass once fired $6.00 200 45acp Brass once fired $15.00 315 223rem brass once fired$20.00 380 308 brass once fired $40.00 Factory Ammo (quantity is boxes unless otherwise stated) 1 Remington 20ga 2 3/4 7 1/2 shot express LR $10.00 1 Winchester 20ga 2 3/4 7 1/2 shot $10.00 1 Federal Powershok 20ga 2 3/4 Rifled slug HP $5.00 1 Federal Vitalshok 20ga 2 3/4 truball Rifled slug HP $5.00 1 Federal Powershok 10ga 3 1/2 magnum Rifled slug HP $5.00 4 Silverstate Armory 5.56 63 gr $15.00 1 Hornady 223rem 75gr TAP FPD $20.00 1 American Eagle 5.56 64grTactical tracer $10.00 60 Rds remington 223rem 50gr HP $40.00 50 Rds FN 5.7x28 27gr HP $25.00 27 Rds FN 5.7x28 40gr Vmax $10.00 11 HSM 6.5x284 142 gr HPBT match $35.00 1 Nosler Custom 6.5x284 140gr Norma 120 Ballistic Tip $45.00 2 Norma 6.5x284 140gr Nosler Partition $50.00 2 Remington 7mm Ultra Mag 140gr Core-Lokt PSP $45.00 2 Winchester 6MM rem 100gr PowerPoint$ 22.00 1 Federal 6mmrem 100gr Soft Point $22.00 2 Hornady 444 marlin 265gr FTX $30.00 3 Wolf 5.45x39mm 60gr $20.00 2308 tracer 147gr Orange Tip $20.00 1honady 454 Casoll 240gr XTP Mag $22.00 1Ultramax 45 Schofield 180gr Round Nose FP $35.00 4HSM 480 ruger 400gr Jacker Flat Point $30.00 Misc. 1 50mm Sun Shade for Scope 2pcs 5" and 3" $15.00 2 Frankford Arsenal Pure ground Mica 4oz $6.00 7 Nc Star RB01 1" weaver scope rings $10.00 4 NC Star R013 1" weaver scope rings $10.00 1 NcStar RB11/2 1" weaver $10.00 2 NcStar RB33 1" med high weaver level lock $10.00 1 CAA Ergonomic Pistol Grip AR G27 $5.00 1 Magpul MOE Grip Dark earth AR $15.00 1 Magpul MOE trigger guard Grip Dark earth AR $7.00 1 Never Quit Grip AR magwell grip $18.00 64 5.56 stripper clips w/3 mag specd loaders $6.00 1 ak47 mag speed loaders $5.00
  9. $750 with BCM BCG and CH. Upper only. BCM 14.5" 5.56 1:7 twist with a pinned and welded Lantac Dragon and a Rainier keymod rail. FSP was chopped but wasn't done very well. Needs a few minutes to make it pretty. Upper has had a 20 round mag ran through it. $675 shipped. Will throw in the Primary Arms red dot for $50. Located in Jackson.
  10. for-sale

    The first is a new Uncle Mikes belt holster for the Beretta 92/96 series. RH carry. Has adjustable draw tension. Will not fit pistols with accessory rails or Brigadier models. $22 shipped. Also a used Fobus paddle holster for SIG P226 & P228 models. RH carry. Adjustable angle of carry. $15 shipped. P-pal "gift" or USPS MO accepted. Located in Scott County.
  11. I have 195 rounds of yugoslavian 7.62x54r that I'm letting got. FMJ with sealed primers, passes magnet test so ok at indoor ranges. $150 located in Nashville.
  12. This is a 7.5 inch 5.56 Anderson AR barrel. It is used with some minor scratches from installation and handling. I do not know the round count on it. Also, there is a 7 inch free float light weight keymod hand guard. It is also used, but near perfect. Comes with free float barrel nut. Pistol length gas tube and low profile gas block. Asking $150 Shipped
  13. All are in excellent condition hardly used. Open to all offers Magpul light pressure switch mount M-Lok - $10 Surefire Rear cap with pressure Switch - $70
  14. for-sale

  15. I have 2 more Vintage Schrade Old Timer 34OT 3 blade knives for sale. I was going to keep these, but both cars have had issues in the last 2 weeks. These are new in box and made before Schrade left the USA ( I think in 2004). Never used. I will sell shipped for $40 each or $75 for both at once. Payment via Paypal if shipping.
  16. for-sale

    640 rd sealed tin 7.62x39 124gr FMJ $150 ftf I believe it's WOLF.
  17. Since I've sold my Ruger Mini-30, I have a lot of 7.62x39 reloading supplies that deserve no place on my bench anymore. Update: All Non-Hazmat items sold. NON-HAZMAT ITEMS (Can ship to you) Dies Lee Pacesetter 7.62x39 3-die set, includes shell holder, dipper and two expander/decapper stems (.308 & .311) --$20. Lee 7.62x39 Quick Trim Die --$10. .308 dia. Bullets 70-count Nosler 125-gr. Boattail Ballistic Tip (#43980) --$15 70-count Hornady Interlock 150-gr. BTSP (#3033) --$20 100-count (full box) Hornady 125-gr. SST (#3019) --$35 Brass 54 pieces of 7.62x39, cleaned and sized to .308 diameter --$10 156 pieces of 7.62x39, uncleaned --$15 HAZMAT ITEMS (Face-To-Face sale in Maryville) One pound of Accurate 1680 --$25 800 Winchester Large Rifle primers --$25 7.62x39 FACTORY AMMO (Also FTF Maryville) Hornady 123-gr. SST/ 50-round box --$30 PMC Bronze 123-gr. FMJ/ 20-round box --$15 Fiocchi 123 gr. FMJ/ 20-round box --$10 PPU 123 gr. SP/ 20-round box --$10 Sellier & Bellot 123-gr. SP/ 20-round box --$10
  18. I love this scope, but I never use the variable power. My loss is your gain. $700 for scope with ADM mount. Will send pictures on request.
  19. For Sale: Brand new, mounted, pics taken and then unmounted Vortex Venom 3 MOA red dot. Includes everything as new: sight, picatinny mount, cover, tool, micro fiber cloth, battery Perfect. $200 cash FTF in or around Clarksville, can ship CONUS with PayPal FF please. Thanks! <a href="http://s931.photobucket.com/user/lanceputnam/media/926396A7-E25C-41B7-AA71-4D4D76B34E87_zps9wgqwk4n.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i931.photobucket.com/albums/ad153/lanceputnam/926396A7-E25C-41B7-AA71-4D4D76B34E87_zps9wgqwk4n.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 926396A7-E25C-41B7-AA71-4D4D76B34E87_zps9wgqwk4n.jpg"/></a>
  20. Never used. $35
  21. for-sale

    Non weighted Dawson Precision ICE magwell. Came off a Gen 4 35 $55 cash local $60 shipped with paypal "gift" Nashville area
  22. Any interest in any of these, presents I got that are not for me or redundant in my gear. Small Gerber blade, Medium Gerber blade both for $25, Radio $30. All prices shipped Paypal F&F or +4%. Take it all for $50 shipped.

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